$100 Bucks to Chuck: Self Improvement

100 bucks to chuck: self improvement

We’re back with our $100 Bucks to Chuck series that finds ways for us to save money on what we buy the most. We’ve covered Entertainment and Groceries so far and learned a lot about living on a budget. While top of the line spas and exotic vacations are fail proof ways to take time for yourself and relieve stress, they can also be pretty costly. We’ll share some ways to feel refreshed, learn something new, and improve your quality of life on as little as $25 a week.

This week we’re focusing on all things that contribute to your well being (and general sanity). It seems most of us don’t take much time for ourselves in the ways that matter the most. Sure, we treat ourselves to the latest tech, fashion, and toys, but all that is just stuff. Truly, focusing on you is tuning into that inner voice and finding balance with the everyday hustle and bustle of your life.   

You’re only as good as you treat yourself.

As much as we want to believe we’re all super heroes we have to level with ourselves, we can’t do it all without taking the time to care for ourselves. Our mental and emotional health is key to accomplishing the goals we set forth. They’re also vital to building relationships and being present and supportive for our families, friends, and peers.

And honestly just taking some time once a week to be downright selfish is good for you (and this doesn’t included sitting on the couch binging out on Netflix and wine, trust me I’ve tried this method)! Take time each day to regroup and process your thoughts and feelings. Be straight up with yourself, what do you need to change in order to be more satisfied with your lifestyle?


Relax Your Mind

If I let it, my mind would never stop. It doesn’t want to, there are so many things to plan for and worry about, and remember. My mind also likes thinking about everything all at once, which can be really stressful. Once my boyfriend convinced me to unload everything I was thinking in a moment, after he just stared at me for a minute or two and replied “You have to learn to relax”. My reply was “I am relaxed”, I’d gotten so used to my racing mind that stress was my new normal. So now I’m focused on taking time each day to hush my thoughts. Here are some ways you can calm your thoughts and clear your mind:

Read everyday

Reading every day not only quiets your mind by having something to focus on, it keeps you sharp, and up to date on what’s going on outside of your world. You can go old school (which I prefer) with an actual book, or download an interesting title from the Internet. With websites full of free content you can read everyday for as little as $0. But always check Amazon for used copies of bestsellers and your local used bookstores will have plenty of gems too.

Add eucalyptus to your shower

Eucalyptus is known for being therapeutic and helping with breathing. Hanging eucalyptus in your shower will stimulate your mental alertness giving you a refreshing bath. You can find fresh Eucalyptus for as low as $7, or you can grown your own for as little as $3!

Learn something new

Taking a class or starting a project from Pinterest is a great way to destress and clear your mind of your daily responsibilities. Projects and classes give you a true  “living in the moment” experience along with the satisfaction of completing something. LivingSocial and Groupon as you know are my go-tos, there are all types of classes from painting to dance that range from $17-$30. Find something that peaks your interest or you always wish you tried. Or, if you’re lucky enough to work someplace awesome, like Republic, then your employer may provide free classes for you! Just ask your human resources person. We have dozens of classes available to sign up to take in our spare time.

Stimulate your brain

There’s a new trend of adult coloring books that I’m in love with. Why did we ever stop coloring anyway? Coloring along with puzzles, brain teasers, and word searches are awesome for your brain. It’s another time to destress and really focus on one the task at hand. Challenging yourself with brain teasers, and difficult puzzles keeps you ability to learn new things strong. You can find adult puzzle books, apps, word searches between $0-$0.99. Most grocery stores have full puzzle books for $0.99

Rejuvenate Your Body

Your body can hold onto stress as well, with relaxing exercise and care you can relieve the tension of stress. Treating your body to more energetic exercise can increase your energy tremendously and also reduce stress. We rely on our bodies for everything so they should be a top priority (preaching to myself). We all know this is the only body we have, let’s treat it as such. We’ve found some affordable ways to keep your body a temple.

Hot yoga classes

Groupon people! Can’t say it enough, it’s a treasure chest. You can find great deals on hot yoga classes, especially at new studios on Groupon and similar websites. Yoga encompasses the mind, body and soul. You’re stretching out your muscles, which relieves tensions, while clearing your mind and focusing on your inner self. I found a deal for four hour long hot yoga classes for $25.


Going for a walk or run is absolutely free, we love it! You can go alone or join a club for support. Community pools aren’t that high usually $1-$2 per visit, if you have access to a free pool even better! Getting your blood pumping is great for your body and you’ll feel the difference in your mood too.

30 day challenge

Create your own 30 day challenge. Give up something you know is a bad habit or start a new habit that will help with your self improvement for 30 days. We’re calling this our money saver idea. If you give up beer, then that beer money is in your pocket. If you start each day with a walk, that’s absolutely free and time for you to sort out your upcoming day.


Massage options are also plentiful on websites like LivingSocial. You can find a 30 minute massage as low as $15. If you have a significant other you can both learn massage techniques and treat each other to a massage. Get some relaxing essential oils ($4 at TJMaxx), dim the lights, and commit to not talking for at least 30 minutes during the massage.

Nourish Your Soul

Essentially, this section is for focusing on your inner being or peace. That part of you that connects to your purpose and centers you. Being able to have that stable inner-peace is vital for accomplishing all we set out to achieve, while facing the unexpected challenges that life throws our way. This peace money can’t buy, working on your soul is an inner thing, so this section is just how we like it, mostly free!


Quiet time is essential for inner peace. Finding the perfect place to meditate can be challenging in a busy house. Try to find a spot near moving water, away from noise, at a local garden, or create your own meditation room at home if you have the space. It’s not easy to silence the mind and sometimes it takes a while to really focus. So, I like to meditate in a dark room, close my eyes and focus on a scripture, mantra, or visual. $0.


Start a journal and just get all your thoughts out. This is true therapy in my opinion. Letting it all out is the key for letting is all go. I find just writing out everything that comes to my mind without correcting it, or analysing it, or deciding if it’s right or wrong before I put it down on paper is as amazing stress reliever. I like a good ol’ pen and paper, but an online journal is just as effective and free. Notebook $1.


We live in a very competitive world and we’re hard on ourselves. When you need a pick me up there’s nothing more powerful than self-affirmations. Remind yourself of who you are, what you’ve contributed, and how you’re making a difference in the lives of your friends and families. You can either write your affirmations down or say them. If you’re feeling nervous about a big project, remind yourself you’re capable, outloud! It may sound coo coo, but it really helps and, who cares how silly you look when you’re alone screaming at yourself in front of a mirror (not that I do that…). You need to have #noshame when it comes to yourself!

Staycation Weekend

his one I learned from one of our team members. I asked her what her weekend plans were on the way out one Friday afternoon and she replied “We’re going to the beach!” It was winter so I found it a little odd she was so excited. She went on to explain that her family wasn’t really going to the beach but they were planning on staying in all weekend, adding some beach decor around the house and wearing their beach gear. She also shared they’d be changing their names for the weekend, talk about a fun creative way to escape. I loved the idea so I tried it myself. This can be done relatively for free, set the ambiance with music, fragrance, and move the furniture around. Keep the TV and phones off and commit to your character. You can find decor at Dollar store, budget $10 to set the stage.

Week 1


Eucalyptus shower, Crossword/Puzzle: $3.99


Yoga, 30 Day Challenge (no soda):  $6.25


Meditate: $0

Week 2


Painting Class: $25


Yoga, 30 Day: $6.25


Meditate, Affirmations: $0

Week 3


Start a new book: $10


Yoga, 30 Day, Walk: $6.25


Meditate, Affirmations, Journal: $1

Week 4


Coloring book: $7


Yoga, Massage deal:  $23.25


Meditate, Affirmations, Journal, Staycation: $10

We’ve done it again $98.99! Spending money on your personal wellness is an investment in you. In order to continue to be the rockstar you are, it’s imperative that you put money back into your prime asset, yourself. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as we have and learned some helpful tips too.


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