3 Reasons your Budget Cell Plan might be a Ripoff

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Are you being ripped off?

A smartphone service shouldn’t have to cost a lot, so why are so many providers weighing down their monthly bills with hidden fees? When seemingly low-priced plans turn into a headache of added charges, it can be difficult choosing a cellular provider that will work with your budget. Although budget cell plans sound appealing at face value, are you getting the most bang for your buck?  Here are three reasons why your budget cell plan might be a ripoff:

1. Your budget carrier doesn’t include voice roaming:

What is voice roaming? Do I use it? To put it simply, voice roaming is continued calling and texting service when you go outside of the geographical coverage area of your cellular provider. If you are not on a WiFi connection and are out of your provider’s cellular range, you can trigger voice roaming by making or receiving a phone call.

Some budget cell providers don’t provide voice roaming meaning if you’re roaming, you will not be able to make a call or send a text at all!

Don’t settle for less – Republic Wireless provides free voice roaming which allows users to make and receive calls wherever they have cell signal. Cellular voice roaming works automatically, no managing necessary. You’re free to make and receive calls using our numerous roaming partners that span across the country.

2. You budget carrier makes you pay for data used for picture and video messages

Data usage can quickly add up when you’re not connected to WiFi, forcing users to upgrade to a costly plan that will supply more cellular data.

Some cellular providers make YOU pay for the data to send and receive picture and video messages, even if you already pay for unlimited texting.

Don’t miss out on sharing your prized moments!  Republic Wireless does not make you pay extra to send your meaningful pictures and videos – it is included in your unlimited texting plan.

3. Your budget carrier might have hefty overage charges

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect. Life takes over and you quickly forget about that reminder from a couple of days ago saying you are out of data. Next thing you know, your monthly bill skyrockets to an amount that was never agreed upon. Republic Wireless does not have any overage fees – when you hit your maximum cellular data allowance for the month, your data will then be turned off. But don’t fret, you can easily purchase additional data to get you through the month!

Fortunately for you, Republic Wireless values our members and we don’t believe in hidden fees or surprises.

It’s easy to feel like your phone provider isn’t looking out for their customers when you are being charged a list of hidden fees that weren’t mentioned when starting your service.  With Republic Wireless’ no-contract plans, members are a priority and hidden fees are thrown out the door! Don’t get ripped off by a provider looking to get money from you in every way possible. Instead, invest in a company who believes savings belong to their members. Our goal is lofty: To be less of a phone company and more of a phone community. If you’re into transparency, honesty, collaboration and trust, check out Republic Wireless.