3 secrets about unlimited plans

The three biggest secrets about unlimited plans that cell companies didn’t want you to know…

Everyone seems to be talking about Unlimited Plans these days! At first glance, unlimited cellular data plans seem like a great deal — unlimited access into cyberspace and security against overage fees, what can be better than that? The truth is, unlimited plans aren’t always unlimited and they don’t always protect you from added fees. Here are the three biggest secrets about unlimited plans that cell companies didn’t want you to know:

1. Unlimited plans aren’t unlimited

The truth is, unlimited plans may allow you to use “unlimited” data, but cell companies control the speed of your connection to that data.

This is called throttling. After you’ve used a certain amount of cellular data, your provider will begin limiting your data speeds which will result in longer loading times and increased delays. In addition to throttling, cell companies also practice something called data deprioritization. Similar to data throttling, deprioritization is a way for cell companies to limit the speeds of your data. This is done during peak hours when usage is heavy and could mean slower speeds when streaming music on your ride home or using Google Maps to find that new lunch place everyone’s talking about!

2. It’s just an excuse to charge you more

Transmitting data doesn’t cost your carrier any additional money…so why are they charging you more for it?

Unlimited data plans are needlessly expensive and the only time carriers pay for transmitting data is during periods of congestion (and they limit your data during those times). Although data overage fees are eliminated with unlimited plans, a number of other added fees are likely to pop-up on your next phone bill. In addition to locking you into a multi-year service contract, the big cell carriers will charge hidden fees such as:

Activation fees
Administration fees
Early termination fees

These fees will cause a big difference between the advertised cost, and the actual amount that you’ll pay each month.


3. You don’t need unlimited data anyway

According to  a 2015 study by Mobidia, U.S wireless consumers use 1.8 GB of data per month on average.

Perhaps the most surprising thing cell companies don’t want you to know about unlimited plans is that you probably don’t need unlimited data anyway. Have access to WiFi at home or in the office? You can significantly reduce your monthly cellular data usage by utilizing WiFi, saving you money!

Rather than pay for an unlimited plan that you may not need, why not get a plan that better fits your lifestyle? 

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