Man, everyone is talking about unlimited plans these days! If you’re like me, you probably think the best thing you can do is just fork over the money for an unlimited data plan. Unlimited Plans may seem like a great deal — selling peace of mind and  security against overages, but the truth is they aren’t always unlimited. Unlimited plans are sold as the solution to fit all your needs, but they aren’t short of hidden fees and stipulations. These are the three biggest secrets about unlimited plans that cell companies don’t want you to know.

1. Unlimited plans aren’t unlimited

The truth is unlimited plans may allow you to use “unlimited data”, but cell companies control the speed of your connection to that data.

This is called throttling. Throttling happens when you use up a certain amount of data and the cell companies start to limit your speed. In addition to throttling, the cell companies also practice something called data deprioritization. Similarly to throttling data deprioritization is a way for cell companies to limit your data speed. They do this during peak hours where usage is heavy. This could mean streaming music on your ride home or using google maps to find that new lunch place everyone’s talking about.

2. It’s just an excuse to charge you more

Even though transmitting data doesn’t cost your carrier any more money (they only pay to build cell towers), they use it to charge you more. The only time carriers pay for transmitting data is during periods of congestion, and they limit your data during those times. In addition to locking you into a multi-year service contract, the big cell carriers will charge hidden fees such as:

– Activation fees
– Administration fees
– Early termination fees

These fees will cause a big difference between the advertised cost, and the amount that you actually pay every month.

3. You don’t need unlimited data anyway

According to  a 2014 study by Mobidia, U.S wireless consumers use 1.8 GB of data per month on average.

Perhaps the most surprising thing cell companies don’t want you to know is that you probably don’t need an unlimited plan anyway.
Chances are you fall into this category. Rather than paying for an unlimited plan that you don’t need, why not get a plan that better fits your lifestyle?

Republic Wireless looks to change the way that cellular companies do business. Rather than forcing you into a plan that makes you overpay for things you most likely don’t need, Republic Wireless offers simple straightforward plans to better fit your usage. We don’t hide behind the guise of “unlimited” plans and we don’t sell you on things you don’t use. We offer simple straightforward plans that are easy to understand. If you’re tired of being overcharged for a plan that you don’t need, or if you just want to see if the grass is greener on the other side, give Republic Wireless a try.

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