4 Common Mobile Phone Scams & How to Avoid Them

Phone scams can be a bit unnerving to think about. When it comes to keeping your personal information protected and avoiding those scammers we all know are out there. Being mindful of these common mobile phone scams can be easier than you think. We’ve compiled a list of phone scams to be aware of, and how to avoid them.

Common Mobile Phone Scams:

 1. Stolen Phone

Of course, you cannot control if your phone gets stolen, but it’s wise to be prepared if the situation were to ever arise. Often times we keep more personal information on our phones than we realize. Because of this, scammers could have quick access to a lot of the things you want to keep protected. To avoid this, consider taking a few of these proactive steps:

  • Use a unique passcode on your phone.
  • Know what type of “Find My Phone” feature your phone has & how to use it.
    Find out more information on how to utilize this feature on your Android phone here.
  • Do a rundown of any sensitive information you may have on your phone. Consider removing vital information or utilizing apps that can keep it secure.

2. Text Scams

Ever gotten that random text you just weren’t sure about? Better to leave it alone and delete it if it seems fishy in any way. A common text scam can be someone posing as your bank, and notifying you that fraudulent activity may have occurred on your account.

They want to get your attention quickly so you act fast. We advise you pull back the reins to assess the situation before making any moves.


These scammers and others like them may give you a link to click or some phrase to text back with. Do not follow these instructions and contact your bank directly to confirm the legitimacy of this communication.

3. One Ring Scam

Sometimes you’ll get that suspicious phone call that only rings once. The strange call was likely intentional to get your attention and make you curious to call that number back. This number may proceed to leave you a voicemail prompting you to call them back.

Best next step? You guessed it! Don’t call them back. Better to make this judgment call and protect your information.

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4. Unfamiliar Callers

This may be one of the most common phone scams everyone experiences. In this age of spam calls, it’s best to be more cautious than not when that mysterious number pops up on your phone. If you do happen to answer one of these unfamiliar calls be aware of what the caller is asking you.

Do not give out personal information over the phone if you are not confident about who you are speaking with.


Scammers now have the ability to mimic your area code and the first 3 digits of your phone number, making answering that call all the more enticing. Resist the urge to do so!

If you feel more comfortable with answering those random phones calls just in case it may be someone you know, that’s totally fine. Perhaps you’re waiting for a call from your doctor’s office, or from the mechanic.

Here at Republic we’ve been building and testing solutions for unwanted calls.  With more unwanted phone calls coming in by the day we’ve built a spam blocking feature you can manage right from your device. To learn how you can better utilize this feature on your Republic Wireless phone visit our forums.

Have you run into any phone scams? If so how did you handle it?

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Notable Replies

  1. This article and the mobile phone industry as a whole seems to be missing the most obvious thing they could do to pretty much eliminate the most common and overwhelmingly annoying phone scam - screen for and block robo calls!!! I have contacted Republic tech support about this issue and even suggested they message their CEO about the possibility of having Republic truly distinguish its service by blocking robo calls (including calls that spoof numbers). Should be a relatively simple task - bots are dialing out 100s or 1000s of calls over a shot period of time making their calls easy to spot. Sure, you will lose billable call time BUT - think of the free PR you would get by being the first carrier to do this! But I feel like a voice in the wilderness. And I have more important things to do besides enter a robo call into my Mr Number block list. Just writing this because robo calls are by far the most common phone scam.

  2. Blocking robo calls. Seems simple, but…where I’m located, doctor’s use them for appt. reminders, pharmacy uses them for refills, etc.
    I amswer all calls. Even if I’m SURE it’s fake! I just block the garbage as soon as I confirm it’s ■■■■!
    My phone is the way my customers reach me. I don’t want to lose sales because I didn’t answer.
    I say “hello” wait for a response and if it’s weird, come back with " with whom do you wish to speak?" They usually hang up and I block them. Annoying, yes. But I’m old enough to remember the rotary phone on the kitchen counter before answering machines and NOT being allowed to answer during dinner and having no idea who to call back!

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