Please Read the Important Info Below

Thank you for being a member with Republic for over a year! We couldn’t have gotten to where we are without you. As you know, we’re always working to make our service even better. We’ve made some recent improvements, and as a token of our appreciation, we wanted you to try them out first, for free, at no extra charge.

For four (4) months (until your bill cycle date in July), your plan will switch to the (normally $10) WiFi + Cell, Talk and Text plan at no extra cost to you! At the end of that time, you’ll be automatically switched back to your familiar $5 WiFi only plan, unless you choose to stick with the $10 WiFi + Cell Talk and Text plan. You won’t be charged any additional amount during this period and you’ll see the changes to your account either immediately or on your next bill cycle date.

That’s it! Enjoy the sweet savings of WiFi with the excellent support of cell when you’re not connected to WiFi! Perfect for those early summer trips to help keep connected with your friends and family when you’re on the road or away from a WiFi connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the unlimited WiFi + Cell talk and text plan include?

WiFi + Cell Talk & Text (Base Plan): $10/month (plus taxes and surcharges)

Talk and text on WiFi and cellular, plus access to data on WiFi only. Optimal if you’re a WiFi-only person but may need access to your phone for calls and texts when not at home or work.

Do I need to do anything/make any changes on my account to be a part of this trial?

Nope! We wanted to make this as easy as possible for our members. If you’re qualified for the trial period, your service will automatically upgrade (at no extra cost) to the $10 Cell, Talk and Text plan. Don’t see the change within the next two days? Get in touch with our Help team and we’d love to help you out!

I’m happy with my $5 WiFi plan and don’t really need cell coverage. Can I skip out on this?

Not interested? That’s fine! You do you with your WiFi devotion! Submit a ticket to let us know you’re good with the plan you have and don’t want to take part in the special.

So, I’ve got the cell backup for calls and SMS texts, what about apps?

You’ll still have all the WiFi data you need for apps, plus you’ll now also be able to make non-data texts and calls over cell as well.

Okay, I’m in. I’m taking the family to the beach in July and won’t have WiFi there. When will my plan go back to WiFi only if I need to text over cell?

Your plan will switch back automatically on your July bill cycle date. Don’t know when your bill cycle date is? Check here to find out!

I’ve been pretty happy with my WiFi-only plan. What are the benefits to the $10 Cell, Talk and Text plan?

If you’re on the WiFi-only plan, you’re pretty familiar with being a WiFi ninja and making the most out of your local networks but sometimes, there (sadly) just isn’t WiFi nearby. For those situations, it’s nice to know there’s a safety net to get in touch with friends and family over a cell network. The $10 Cell, Talk and Text plan takes the foundation laid by the $5 WiFI plan and builds up to make calls and non-data texts over the Sprint network. So, getting a ride to the lake and need to let your friends you’re running late and to go without you? With the $10 Cell, Talk and Text plan you can let them know right that minute to meet you there and avoid any spoiled picnics!

What if I’m traveling abroad? Does the cell network work overseas?

Please note that cellular talk and text does not work outside the U.S., but you can use WiFi for making calls and texts back to the United States.

So, what’s the catch?

No catch! We’ve made huge progress in the past year at improving our WiFi to cell experience and wanted to share the bounty with our loyal WiFi-only members. That means you:

    1. Won’t be charged any extra for the trial period, including any applicable taxes.
    2. Will be able to have unlimited calling, texting and date on WiFi and unlimited cellular talk and SMS off WiFi until your bill cycle date in July, 2016.
    3. When your bill cycle date rolls around in July, you’ll be automatically bumped back down to the $5.00 Wi-Fi only plan unless you want to upgrade. Click here for information on how to change your plan.

This isn’t like when I get a “free” subscription and then pay for it if I forget to check my email, is it?

Nope! We’re not fans of so-called “promotions” that rely on customers having to do more work to spend less money. Where’s the promotion in that? With this trial, you don’t have to worry about any extra charges to your account unless you want to stick with the $10 Cell, Talk and Text plan in July. To stick with the $10 Cell, Talk and Text plan, the account owner will need to make the necessary changes here.

Still have questions/ need help? Our Help team is here for you! Get in touch here!