The 5 Best Apps for Finding the Best Prices

One of the best uses of your smartphone is to put it to work to find deals on the things that you want to buy. We’ve listed a few of the best apps for finding the best prices and delivering you peace of mind that you’re shopping smartly.

1. ShopSavvy

shop savvy appLocate low prices and trending sales

ShopSavvy is a great shopping companion when you’re in a retail store. You can scan barcodes to find the lowest price on the item you want or search for an item to look up the best prices at top retailers and shops nationwide. The app will also alert you to new price cuts on things you’ve already searched.

To find and keep track of the latest sales relevant to you, ShopSavvy’s tag-based searching and its Sales tab deliver promos updated daily. You can even set a “SmartAlert” that notifies you of special deals that fit a particular profile you’re looking for.


2. Slickdeals

slick deals appFind the best deals on the web

Slickdeals is the largest deal-sharing community on the web, aggregating the best prices available from a wide variety of sources into a single place. Covering everything from electronics, clothing, groceries to local sales, if you’re looking for a bargain on something particular, there’s a good chance that Slickdeals has it.

And Slickdeals doesn’t just look for big discounts – they also look for combos where you can stack a deal with a promo or coupon code, free shipping or rebates to make your deal even better. With the ease and speed of the Slickdeals app, you’ll be ready to act fast before a hot deal runs out.


3. Amazon

amazon appCompare in-store prices to deals on Amazon

The Amazon app makes comparison-shopping incredibly easy. Just use your smartphone’s camera to take a picture of the product you’re interested in, or scan its barcode to compare online prices on Amazon and other merchants — as well as look up customer reviews. You can even use voice to search for products by clicking on the microphone icon.

If you find the best price on Amazon, you can use the app to immediately order it – or put it on your Wish List for later.


4. Skyscanner

skyscanner appCompare cheap flights

More than 30 million people have downloaded Skyscanner, an award-winning flight comparison app that will help you find the best deals on flights in a matter of seconds. Its Price Alerts function will also notify you right away, should the price change on your chosen flight.

Once you find the best price on the flight you want, you can book it right away by transferring to the airline or a travel agent – with no additional fees.


5. GasBuddy

gas buddy appLocate the cheapest gas prices

Gas prices can vary wildly – even just down the street from one station to another. To help you ensure you’re finding the best deal, GasBuddy uses geolocation technology to deliver the cheapest prices on gas in your surrounding area.

Whether you’re driving cross-country or just around town, use GasBuddy to help you find the best gas prices when it’s time to fill up.

(Disclaimer: may cause issues with WiFi networks)

With your smartphone in your pocket and the right apps by your side, you’re just a few clicks away from finding the best deals on the things you want to buy. By using price comparison apps and planning ahead, you’ll have the up-to-the-minute data you need to shop smartly and save more.


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15 thoughts on “The 5 Best Apps for Finding the Best Prices”

  1. As someone who came to Republic partly to stop giving my money to crony-capitalist mega-corps, I’d love to see an app listed here for checking out the ethics of the companies behind things I’m about to buy.

      1. this is done already for many charitable organizations.

        perhaps the ethics conclusions could be left to the consumer – specific types of spending habits could be tracked without imposing a definition of good or bad behavior.

        things like:
        – ratio of revenue to profit
        – ratio of spending specifically on lobbyists/etc
        – indicators of corporate charity spending
        – whether the company participates in industry standards groups
        – whether a particular product is managed to the inclusion of end-of-life disposal (e.g. does the company reclaim materials, offset the effect of toxic materials, or otherwise fund programs which do so)
        – etc

        it’s certainly not an easy service to provide, but i see both the validity of the idea and the potential for it to be realized. i’d love to use such a service myself.

      2. Who will define negative/positive ethics? I am capable of that myself. I think the idea is to provide details and allow people to make their own judgments. Stop being so paranoid.

        1. Um. at least 5% of the population are sociopathic, and unable to even comprehend ethics. What a sociopath desires is what is ethical to them.

          Also, actually determining how ethical a modern mega-corp is, requires far more research than most individuals can afford to do, so, like with representative government, we depend upon the past history of those who DO take that time.

          Like movie reviewers, chose the one which seems to best reflect your personal ethics.

  2. I like Slickdeals, got a few $10 dollar smartphones (were $80+) for the kids that they use for games and wifi calling/txting apps like magicJack…

    there’s a boozilla app, which is like a gasbuddy for booze, wish it had more data

    another one is Brickseek where I found a 55″ Samsung for $200 (was $900, and you have to call the store to make sure they have it in stock before you go)

    Walmart also has a inventory checker app – “made for associates” that shows prices and stock in any store…

    Bensbargains is another good one…

  3. I’m a big fan of GasBuddy but that relies on user posting the prices when they visit that station. Many times they only post the prices for the grade of gas they are purchasing. When I use it I make sure to post prices for all grade levels of gas…including diesel.

  4. CamelCamelCamel is a great one to track deals on Amazon – it will email you when the price drops on an item you’re tracking.

    1. Ooh, that’s really nice. Amazon is typically pretty good about refunding you the difference if something you very recently purchased drops in price, too, so an app like that could benefit you even after buying an item.

  5. You forgot the best one –! This one has people behind it who, when you register as a Preferred Customer on their site (which is FREE), will not only find the best price at over 3000 stores, but will give you cash back (from 2-50%) on your qualifying purchase! Try it at “” and I’ll be your Shopping Consultant!

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