5 Best Group Games you can Play with your Phone

With the Holidays right around the corner, you might find yourself with a house full of kids and family members looking for fun games to play when you’re bored. Perhaps you’re traveling with the family and will be looking for things to do while on those long car rides, or waiting at your gate in the airport. Especially for those of you with teenagers who just can’t seem to put their cell phone down for one full conversation. We’ve put together a list of the best group games you can play with your phone that you can enjoy with your friends and family over the holidays.

5 Best Group Games

Psych!best group games

To see who has the most wit and can get creative, take a spin at playing this fun and interactive trivia game. With each question, the players write in their own funny and unique answer choices. The real answer is in there somewhere… but whoever is answering the question has to pick the right one amongst all of the fake options. It can be competitive with a dash of endless laughter for those very silly write-in answers.
Download here

Heads Up! best group games

You have probably seen this game on popular television shows, such as the Ellen show. There’s a reason someone like Ellen is playing this fun game with many of her guests. Heads Up is sure to get everyone involved and excited to play with each other. With a bit of competition mixed in, and literally flipping your phone up and down on your forehead (because why not?), everyone can jump in and enjoy this game.
Download here

Who Can’t Draw best group games

This app was created out of the topic of screen addiction and antisocial behavior that can be caused by cell phones. If you have a teenager who would rather fight to the death than give up their phone for some family time, this could be your perfect family game night app. It’s easy to play and gives everyone a chance to get involved. The nature of the app has you constantly passing the phone from person to person, and each player has a significant role to play in everything coming together.    Download here

King of Opera best group games

Talk about a hilarious and fun app! With this game, you’re all playing on one screen together and competing against each other. You can play with 1-4 players in various gaming modes, so it keeps things interesting and exciting for everyone involved.
Download here

5 Second Guessbest group games

Looking for a game that gets everyone thinking quick on their feet? 5 Second Guess is the game you’ve been searching for. Each player gets the opportunity to list things that fall within a topic in the game they’ve been given, but only with 5 seconds on the clock to do so. With the pressure of answering quickly, the answers can get both ridiculous and hilarious!
Download here

Whether you’re looking to kill time during those all too familiar long travel days, or wanting some extra family time after dinner before everyone runs back to their devices, the above apps can help bring everyone together. Here at Republic Wireless, we’re all about quality time together. If there is a way for you to use your Republic Wireless phone to make that happen, we’re here to help.
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Budgeting for kids

Interested in games you can play without using WiFi or data? Check out our post 30 Game Apps You can Play without WiFi. 

What fun gaming apps have your family and friends loved playing together? Share them with us!

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Notable Replies

  1. Here is a good standby that I keep bookmarked as a quick play adventure:

    It may test friendships as everyone shouts techno-mumble-jumbo at each other but it is still nice free multiplayer challenging game.

  2. swall says:

    Oh nice! I hadn’t seen this one before. I’ll definitely be downloading that prior to my upcoming family Thanksgiving festivities :turkey:

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