5 extreme places you can use your phone

If you could use your phone anywhere in the universe, where would you go?

Here at Republic Wireless, our patented technology combines one of America’s largest LTE networks with the power of WiFi to keep you covered just about anywhere. Here are some of the craziest places you could get coverage with Republic:

1. In Outer Space

Did you know that the International Space Station has WiFi? It’s true! Using radio communications from the ground, the ISS “Crew Support LAN” gives astronauts on board the ability to browse the web, check email, and even tweet! And, with Republic Wireless’ patented WiFi-calling technology, you could even send a text or get a phone call on board!

Now if we could just convince NASA to send a few of us up there to test it out…

2. In Wall, South Dakota

Wall Drug in the remote town of Wall, South Dakota, has been famously advertising free ice water to thirsty travelers since 1931. But ice water isn’t the only thing you’ll find there! At Republic Wireless, our nationwide LTE networks stretch into some pretty remote locations. And, yes, that includes excellent coverage in Wall!

3. In the Air

Ever wanted to send a text to a friend or family member while on a plane? With more and more airlines adding in-flight wifi, a Republic phone will let you keep in touch in the air without violating FAA regulations. It’s great for passing the time on a long flight, or letting somebody know to come pick you up! Just be sure to listen to the flight crew and respect your fellow passengers.

4. On Your Tablet or Computer

We don’t think your text messages should only live on your phone… so, with Republic Wireless, they don’t! Our Republic Anywhere app lets you send and receive text and picture messages from your tablet or computer – just like you would from your phone. Everything is automatically synchronized in real-time, so you never miss out on any messages. And it keeps working, even if your phone is off, broken, or lost!

5. Right Here

We think it’s cool that our technology works in crazy places like Outer Space and Wall, South Dakota, but we know the most important place to have coverage is where you’re using your phone right now. And that’s just what our patented technology is designed to do. By combining one of America’s largest LTE networks with free WiFi that’s all around you, we’re able to keep you covered at the mall, in your car, or even in that dark corner of your basement where cell signal usually doesn’t reach.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it — check out Republic Wireless’ automatic coverage check tool or look at our coverage map to see if our coverage is a good fit for where you live!