5 FREE Apps to Organize Your Health and Fitness Goals

Most of us want to work out and be health-conscious but sometimes it seems so hard to keep up! Keeping a calorie log, an exercise log, learning what to eat, how to prepare meals… it can be extremely overwhelming for a life that already has too much going on.

Here are some apps I found to simplify the experience of staying healthy and eating right. From exercise plans, to calorie counters, to monitoring how much water you drink daily, these apps will keep you organized so you can stay healthy and happy enough to power through every busy day.


1. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

• Huge food database with 6+ million foods in the database
• Barcode scanner for easy tracking and calorie counting
• Choose and create a goal and start changing your habits immediately
• Log your exercise and steps
• Choose from 350+ exercises and workouts
• Share your progress

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Best part = barcode scanner. With this feature, you can automatically pull up almost any food for nutritional information. Everything you need to stay healthy and active is at your fingertips, making it so easy to stick to your fitness plan!


2. Simple Workout Log 

• Organizes and tracks your workouts
• Requires a minimum user input so you can spend more time working out
• Keep track of your past exercises
• Make life easier at the gym by eliminating paper workout journals
• Great for tracking cardio and weight-lifting exercises

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This app is exactly what it says: A simple workout log. This app lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that some of these other apps have (like healthy recipes, personal trainers, etc.), however, it does an incredible job for its intent: keeping track of your workouts. Whether it be cardio or weight-training, this app makes it easy to view past workouts, making planning for your next workouts a breeze.

One thing this app is highly commended on is its simple, easy-to-use interface. The app has little to no learning curve, so someone who is at the gym could pretty easily download the app on the spot and be able to use it without much, if any, confusion or hesitation!


3. 30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout – Lose Weight

• Scientifically proven workouts to help improve health and fitness
• Syncs with Google Fit to monitor burned calorie data
• Reminds you to workout every day
• Detailed video guides
• 30-day abs, full body, and butt challenges

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The 30-day ab challenge was the first “30-day challenge” I had ever done. What I love about these is that you work your way up each day. You never start out doing anything overly challenging or strenuous. I always thought that I would call it quits before I reached the full 30 days but the gradual build-up keeps me motivated to continue through the whole month.


4. 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer

• Quick workout routines
• Healthy meal planner
• Allows you to work out anywhere, anytime without any equipment necessary
• Time efficient 5-20 minute workouts
• Lifestyle coach to help you create healthy eating habits

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My favorite part about 8fit is that it has everything in one app! You have your meal planning, your exercising, and even motivation! Having all of my health goals organized and tracked on one app makes my life so much easier. I also love that 8fit’s exercises don’t require any equipment! Going to the gym takes so much time out of my day, not to mention how expensive a membership is! Now, I don’t feel obligated to go because I can workout at home and feel just as good about my workout as I did when I would leave the gym.


5. Lifesum: Healthy Lifestyle App

• Create personalized plans based on your health and fitness goals
• Learn how to eat healthier
• Get exercise tips to train better
• Track your progress
• Red meat tracker
• Syncs with other fitness apps to offer extended features

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Lifesum is a great start to training yourself on how to eat healthier and tailor your habits to reach your goals. Through this app, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to exercise to get the results you want. I personally love that this app tracks your water intake and lets you know when you need more. I have found other apps that do specifically that, Daily Water Tracker, but with this app, you are also given other really great tools to help you learn how to start and maintain living a healthy lifestyle.


If you read last week’s post, you now know what apps can help you choose what to eat as well as the best workout apps. With these apps, you should be on your way to living a happy, healthy lifestyle, all while staying organized by putting your workout and cooking plans in your daily calendar app!

If you’ve tried any of these apps in the past, tell us about your experience in the comments below! Do you know of any other great health-tracking apps? Post it here for others. The best part about apps is how easy they are to use and share. Share good health by sharing your favorite apps!

Check out next week’s blog to learn about the greatest apps for organizing your apps.

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