6 Ways to Get Support at Republic


Get your questions answered on your time with Republic. We don’t want to keep your life on hold, get the support you need with the tools you already use.  Choose one of the options below to get help or contact us.

1. Help Center

Need a fast answer to a general question? You can find answers through our helpful how-to’s and guides within our Help Center. These articles are written by Republic team members and provide you with answers on topics from getting your phone set up to managing your account. We add updates and new articles to our Help Center daily, start here when you have a question.

Visit our Help Center


2. Community Forums

We have a robust space for our members and potential members to interact with and get assistance from each other.  Ask a question in our Community Forums to get help from other Republic Wireless members. The Community is also a space to get to know members in your area, stay up-to-date with the latest Republic news, read unbiased phone reviews, and share phone-life balance successes and techniques with other savvy Republic members.

Visit our Forums


3. Chat

Do you have a quick general question or simply need clarification on something?  Chat is a great way to get the answer you seek. We have two different groups you can communicate with over chat: 1) Other Republic members (not staff) who understand our phones, policies, and service and 2) Support agents from the Republic team.

Chat with a Member Expert

Get real-time advice from our dedicated Member Experts who are ready and excited to speak with you. Expert chat is often the second fastest way to get your questions answered next to the Help Center. There is no need to have an account or Republic Wireless login to begin chatting with a member expert – simply click the ‘Message Now’ button towards the bottom left of the Help Site page to start chatting.

Chat with a Support Agent

Do you have a quick account-related question that you need answered?  Start a chat with a Republic team member. To do so, be sure you’re logged in your account on the Help Site and click the blue ‘Chat Now!’ button towards the bottom of the page.

Chat with us


4. Help Ticket

For questions specific to your account or if you have a more detailed question, open a Help ticket and one of our team members will get back to you. You can view your existing and past Help tickets in your My Account portal. For instructions on how to open a new Help ticket, please read How to Open a Help Ticket.

If you are unable to log in or don’t have an account, you can email us directly at help@republicwireless.com.

Open a ticket


5. Social Media

If you want a really quick answer about a promotion or general information about our phones and service, send us a direct message through our social media channels. We love to hear from you! So, if you’re scrolling through Facebook and see a post from us, leave us a comment and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


6. Raleigh Pop-up shop

If you live near Raleigh, stop by our pop-up shop to meet us in person. You can schedule an appointment with a technical assistance team member to get one on one support.  You can also get a personalized recommendation for a new phone, purchase, and get it activated all in store. Any questions you have are welcome at the pop-up. We have a kitchen area loaded up with local snacks you’re welcome to enjoy during your appointment.

Schedule an appointment


What’s the primary way you like to receive help from us? Let us know in the comments.


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Notable Replies

  1. Most businesses would be unhappy that 9% of their users are not satisfied with their “help”. Seems like you have written off a significant portion of your users. I was apparently mistaken that your “questionairre” was to solicit for ways to improve, rather than for typical “marketing” data misuse.

  2. Hi @highduster, we’re always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction and most certainly care about the 9% of members that weren’t as satisfied with the help they received. That score is a member-to-member support metric which is fantastic that our members are dedicated and empowered to help each other. We’d love to hear your ideas for improvement, what do you have in mind?

  3. drm186 says:

    it is impossible to make every one happy, there will always be those that had a misinterpretation of how something works (or how they think it should work) and when informed of how it actually works will leave dissatisfied
    support (even member to member support) will try to improve the % with the goal of 100% they will never hit it (91% is impressive alone)

  4. First of all…just accept that Republic is and will not be compatible with the major carriers. Enjoy the financial savings and no fake suicide needed to get out of a contract. Otherwise step up and pay 1k for an eyephone.


  5. Count me as one of the 9% unhappy that there is NO phone support, even with a gatekeeper filter. Yes, when I signed up with Republic, I knew that part of their business model is to offer no phone support. I took that negative into consideration. When I signed up for Republic, I did so based on the rate plans that were in place at the time, plans that are no longer offered. Now the rate plans are different (and more expensive for us), but the lack of phone support is the same. So, while we continue to be Republic customers for now (the phones are already paid for, after all), my enthusiasm for the company is zero. When asked, I never recommend Republic to friends.

  6. I’m definitely part of the 91% of happy customers. The support with RW is excellent! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

  7. Hi @richardp.1bueq5,

    I’m discouraged to read that you’re unhappy with our support model, but we greatly appreciate that you are a member.

    We do actually offer support by phone. We find a lot of support situations do not require a call and are easier to remedy with written instructions, self-service support documentation, or peer-to-peer, members-helping-members friendly advice. Things like, “How do I access my voicemail” shouldn’t require a highly trained technician and 30 minutes of on-hold time, when a support document or quick answer from another member online can get that answered with no problem.

    However, when a support ticket would be better solved with a one-to-one conversation between the member and our technical team, we handle it one of two ways. We’ll either give you a call, or we’ll send a call-in invitation through the ticket, allowing your call to be routed to a technician who answers with the context of your issue right in front of him (or her).

    Having the majority of our support issues in a ticketing system allows us to review them for opportunities to better serve our members. So, for example, I just reviewed your ticket history to see what might have left you feeling that your support experience has been negative, and how we could improve. I noted your most recent ticket holds an excellent suggestion, something our billing team has, in fact, requested from our developers, and I’m sending that ticket to the billing team so they can include your comments with that request. So thank you for taking the time to open a ticket to let us know of something we could be doing better.

    I hope you won’t experience a phone issue that would end up in a call with our technicians, but if such an issue arises, please do rest assured that support by phone happens all day, every day, and we’ll make sure you get the help you need.

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