UPDATE: 9 New Phones Are Here!

new phones at republic


Our most epic release yet is here! We’ve added not one, not two, but nine top-tier Android™ phones from four different manufacturers to our “good, better, best” portfolio. We’re offering multiple phone options at each tier: Budget friendly phones and top-of-the-line latest premium models too! There’s something to fit anyone’s smartphone needs. This lineup of new phones, along with our top-rated plan prices, and our patented Adaptive Coverage™ technology makes Republic the winning choice in wireless. Learn about the features of the new phones below or start shopping NOW!

UPDATE: Joining the lineup Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus! Check them out! 

Here comes the really FUN part…

We promised an epic year in our What’s New in 2016 post, and we weren’t pulling your leg! WiFi calling is about to hit prime time in a BIG way… You’ve NEVER seen a phone release like this at Republic before! We’re adding not one, not two, but seven top-tier Android™ phones from four different manufacturers to our “good, better, best” portfolio. It’s real and it’s happening this July! We’ll offer multiple phone options at each tier: Budget friendly phones and top-of-the-line latest premium models too! There’s something to fit anyone’s smartphone needs. This lineup of new phones, along with our top-rated plan prices, and our patented Adaptive Coverage™ technology makes Republic the winning choice in wireless.

To all who have helped us offering great insights – THANK YOU!!  We wouldn’t be here today with the most awesomest, best customers around. We listened. We heard. And, more importantly, we will deliver. So, without further ado …


Moto X Pure Edition – Motorola’s “Best in class.”

  • 5.7” Quad HD IPS Display
  • 32GB Capacity w/ SD slot
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 21MP Camera
  • Colors: Black & White / Moto Maker

The Moto X Pure is “best in class” featuring front facing speakers, turbo charging battery, and a 5.7-inch display.  It comes with a 21-megapixel (f/2.0 aperture) rear camera and 5-megapixel (f/2.0 aperture) front facing camera with flash, for crisp and beautiful shots every time.

You will still be able to enjoy features of previous Motorola phones like Moto Assist and expandable memory! Our personal favorites are the quick action gestures like chop to turn on the flashlight and the twist to quick launch the camera.


Nexus 5X by LG – “Hitting the sweet spot”

  • 5.2” FHD Display
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 12.3MP Camera
  • USB Type-C & Fingerprint Sensor
  • Color: Black

The Nexus 5X by LG offers top­ performance in a lightweight and compact phone that fits nicely in your hand. Capture stunning photos, even in dim light, with the 12.3 megapixel camera. View them on a beautiful 5.2-inch display.

Unlock your phone or make purchases on Android Pay™ with a speedy fingerprint sensor found on the back of the phone.  The Nexus 5X comes with Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow right out of the box.


Nexus 6P  by Huawei – “Elegantly designed, pure Android”

  • 5.7” Quad HD AMOLED Display
  • 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB Capacity
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 12.3MP Camera
  • USB Type-C & Fingerprint Sensor
  • Colors: Aluminum & Graphite

With an all-metal body, the Nexus 6P is beautifully designed. This phone is equipped with loud, front-­facing stereo speakers, a lightning-quick processor, and fast-charging 3,450mAh battery.  Not to mention, the low­-light­-loving, 12.3 megapixel, camera has a fast­-movement­-capturing lens for flawless photos.

The Nexus 6P by Huawei features a 5.7” display, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, to help you keep your phone scratch-free. It also features a  fingerprint sensor, found on the back to unlock your screen and make purchases with Android pay.

Nexus 6P comes loaded with all the Google apps that you love and comes running Android Marshmallow.


Samsung Galaxy S6 – “Thoughtful smartphone design.”

  • 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED Display
  • 32GB Capacity
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 16MP Camera
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Color: Black Sapphire

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has blazing fast processing speeds, a great 16-megapixel camera (f/1.9 aperture) with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), heart rate sensors for fitness tracking, and the ability to charge your phone wirelessly. With premium performance and top-notch design, Samsung puts its best foot forward with the Galaxy S6.


Samsung Galaxy J3 – “Reliable. Smart. And designed for you.”

  • 5.0” HD Super AMOLED Display
  • 16GB Capacity w/ SD slot
  • 1.5GB of RAM
  • 5MP Camera, 2MP front facing
  • Removable Battery
  • Color: White

The Galaxy J3 comes with a 5.0” Super AMOLED HD display and offers amazing clarity at an affordable price. Store all your music, pictures, and more with expandable memory up to 128GB with a microSD card slot. And, the removable battery ensures your phone lasts as long as you need it to.


Samsung Galaxy S7 –  “Rethink what a phone can do.”

  • 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED Display
  • 32GB Capacity w/ SD slot
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 12MP Dual Pixel Technology Camera
  • Water Resistant & Wireless Charging
  • Color: Black Onyx

Charge your phone faster than ever with the Samsung Galaxy S7. This phone features fast wireless charging with a large 3000mAh battery. The 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED display shows crisp, vibrant images. The S7 is also dust proof and water resistant for up to 30 minutes in 1.5m of water. There’s even a heart rate sensor for your workout! The Samsung Galaxy S7 also has one of the best cameras ever put into a phone, featuring a bright F1.7 lens and Dual Pixel Sensor, which captures more light for sharper, more details photos.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – “You defined the possibilities and we redefined the phone.”

  • 5.5” Super AMOLED Quad HD Dual edge Display
  • 32GB Capacity w/ SD slot
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 12MP Dual Pixel Technology Camera
  • Water Resistant & Wireless Charging
  • Color: Silver Titanium

The Samsung S7 Edge has a vibrant 5.5” Quad HD Super AMOLED display that reaches to the edge of your phone. Smart notifications and feeds display on the edge of this dynamic screen. You can even set your phone to “no interruptions” while gaming. The S7 Edge features a heart rate sensor for fitness tracking. The phone is dust proof and water resistant to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes.


That’s not all either… You can buy these phones at Republic  starting in July. And we’re still not even done yet for this year! There is still more to come. You don’t want to miss out, so be sure to sign up to be notified first of each phone’s release.

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238 thoughts on “UPDATE: 9 New Phones Are Here!”

  1. Wow! I’m really impressed that you’re enabling customers to bring their own device. I switched from Republic Wireless to Project Fi late last year so that I could get the Nexus 6P, but if I can bring my current phone back to you I’m TOTALLY going to do it! Will I be able to do that in July, when you start providing the phones? Or will BYO be available sooner/later?

      1. Good to hear Shannon, I too have just switched to Fi because I wanted the 6P. I miss Republic and would love to bring my device back with me. Please make it happen 🙂

      2. I took advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day and purchased a Nexus 6P. Got it yesterday and initialized it without the Republic Wireless SIM. Actually a good thing to do, as Android had 3 updates to do as well as a lot of synching with my Google account & apps. Now I am ready to order the new SIM as soon as it is available. Oh yes, I highly recommend this Nexus configuration as there is no “bloatware” that usually comes from the carriers.

  2. SUPER excited about the BYO – I bought a Moto X Pure when it released in the Fall, but after a few months of overpaying to use it on other networks, it’s just sitting around collecting dust as I use a very outdated Moto G. It’s ITCHING to get back in business!

    I am interested to learn more about the new payment structure, though. I like the refund since I only use 10 – 15 mb a month…

  3. If i’m reading this right, We can bring any of these devices you just listed to republic starting July right?

  4. Question regarding the BYOD option. As long as one of the mentioned phones is GSM capable were safe to buy one externally for use in July?

    1. Hi, yep! Here are the approved models:

      Moto X Pure Edition (XT1575)

      Nexus 5X by LG (LGH790)

      Nexus 6P by Huawei (H1511)

      Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (SM-J320A)

      Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T)

      Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U)

      Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935U)

          1. If that is the case, will any of these new phones support CDMA on republic (sprint)? Are these new plans GSM only?

      1. Hmm. I meant THE Nexus 6 — the one prior to the Nexus 6P and 5X — which was the original phone used by Project Fi at launch.

      2. I think @Tad Bixby:disqus was talking about the Motorola Nexus 6, not the 6P. Based on needing to have each phone certified, I’m guessing you won’t be able to bring the Nexus 6, at least right away.

  5. Do these Nexus phones get updates directly from Google? Or will there be some additional work done by RW or the carriers?

    The big benefit of the Nexus is fast updates. Will this continue on RW?

  6. I knew that when Republic said that they can allow updates without getting carry’s permission that they were talking about BYOD. I’m glad that I was right. My only question (so far) is: “Does this many that (at some point that) any Android running at least 6.0 will be allow to use Republic Wireless?

    I also assume that this means that when we leave Republic Wireless that these new phones can be use on a different network. Or resold. (Because locked phones will have a very small resale value)

    Looking forward to one day getting a new phone.

    1. We plan to add additional phones to the BYOD option and will provide updates as they are certified. All of the Republic Wireless 3.0 phones are unlocked, meaning you can take them to a different provider as long as the phone meets the new provider’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirements.

  7. The Nexus phone have duel sim card slots. Will a be able to run my Republic phone plan and my work phone (Verizon) on the same phone??

    1. this is generally up to the SD card rather than the reader. the fastest cards around are nearly always slower than the internal buses used to interface with those cards.

      cards are classified for speed: high class means higher speed, at least on average.

      1. I understand all that. I was asking if these phones can support the full speed of the high-in SD Cards. Like 90 MB read and write. Or is the card reader only able to read at USB 2.0 speeds like a lot of embedded SD Card readers on notebooks.

        1. interesting. I’ve not heard of any phones ever having such a limitation. can you share a link describing this issue affecting a phone?

          now that usb if not an efficient internal bus; i see no reason the sdcard would be connected internally in a phone via usb.

  8. Thanks for this. It is really a great thing to know when upgrades will come down the pike to us. Thank you for letting us know, and I’m looking forward to a new phone 🙂

  9. Nice jobs RW! I just switched to Fi, but assuming BYOD goes according to plan, I’ll definitely consider coming back with the phone I just purchased from Fi (Nexus 5X).

  10. Two questions:

    1) Will BYO definitely be launching simultaneously with the new phones, or is there a possibility of a delay between the release of the phones and the advent of BYO?

    2) Is there a particular model type for the Moto X Pure, if I wanted to bring my own? I have a 2015 Pure XT1575, would that be compatible?

    1. That’s the plan smalldrop! We can’t promise at this point there won’t be any snags that may delay that date, but that’s what we’re working towards. The Moto X Pure Edition (XT1575) is compatible.

      1. Thanks for the reply! I understand that the release date may be delayed, but what I’m asking is, is BYO intertwined with the new phones in such a way that they will definitely launch together (whenever that happens)? Or is there a possibility that you guys will start selling them before BYO is up and running?

        1. since RW is out of the ROM, they likely won’t (or can’t) differentiate between a BYOD and one they sell directly.

          I see zero reason to fear they would launch their own sales before BYOD. in fact, it sounds like it would be better for RW themselves if BYOD launched sooner.

  11. I read that you getting rid of the Refund Price plan (for you users). Does that many (with the plan) that any data you don’t use you lose, or will it rollover like with T-Mobile?

      1. Because he, like me, may have wanted the option of a better phone. I had a Moto X for about 3 years and loved it. It won’t boot into Android now and I had to get a Moto G (which I was less thrilled with) the day before they announced the new phones. I’d love the option of getting a newer phone. I plan on returning my Moto G in a couple weeks before my 30 days is up, parking my phone number at https://www.numberbarn.com, and buying either a Moto X Pure or Galaxy S7.

        1. Shame he couldn’t have waited just a little longer. It was known that RW was going to come out with more options soon.

  12. Awesome! I think this is the major post everyone was waiting for.

    One BIG question looms in my mind, though. Lenovo is set to announce the next Moto flagship phones in less than a month. Will Republic support, or be looking to support either of these new phones?

    I love that the Moto X Pure Edition is supported on RW now, but I’d hate to invest in it just to have the next Moto flagship come out in a couple months and then be a generation behind again. I also prefer the speculated new phones’ 5.5″ screen size to the larger 5.7″ of the Pure Edition.

    Please say yes! Haha.

    1. No pleasing some people. You will always be behind on the latest by nf since technology moves on. Buy want fits your needs now.

      1. Haha, I understand how my comment might come off as a bit stingy. However, I’m simply a tech enthusiast, so I like to keep up with the latest as much as I can. You might argue how that is simply a more expensive lifestyle choice, and how being on a less expensive carrier means some sacrifices of luxury must be made. Aaand you’d be right. Haha.

        Anyway, just thought I’d ask!

        1. You know from Republic that because of their wifi calling features they will always be a bit behind. So if you want the absolute latest minute phone then you need to go elsewhere.

  13. So if I get a nexus 6P on Google Fi, I should be able to bring that same device over to RW once these plans launch in July/August, correct?

  14. This will stop those bores who kept complaining before. However I will day it – there is too much choice. I want a good, better and best. Not sure which one here is a Moto E replacement or Moto G. Most seem high end.

      1. Thanks. It makes sense as most people who complain Ed about the lack of phones wanted the best option. They are now well covered.

  15. Am I correct that we will not be able to use our old plans with new phones?
    A previous post for 3.0 indicated we would be able to keep our old plans but the comments here seem to indicate otherwise.

  16. I see a few people have asked this question, but I didn’t see any answers yet. What about cheaper phones? I really liked the Moto E price point. Will Moto E still be the main ‘cheap’ choice? Great news, otherwise!

  17. when it was announced that we would be getting hardware options that were “new, exciting, unlike phones we’ve seen before”, I thought there would be truly innovative, or more niche/unique choices; like a OnePlus, Huawei P9, Oppo, Xiaomi, Sony, HTC, or even the Nextbit Robin. I mean, these announced phones are new options & a relief for people to buy, like myself, who have been living with dying Moto’s on their last leg, but this isn’t exactly new. These phones have been around for awhile and there is not much that is new or exciting about them. Who doesn’t have an Iphone or a Samsung in their pocket? Hopefully, this is just the first batch of phones to be certified for BYOD and you will actually get more unique & innovative phones like the Nextbit Robin for GSM BYOD. Marry an innovative service with some innovative devices.

    1. Oh my goodness. You wanted new phones and they deliver seven, including one at twice the price of the Moto X. So they cover the full range of price. They also all you to bring your own and you still complain. They are not forcing you to use Republic.

  18. Will the cheaper Moto phones still be available? One reason I wanted to sign up with Republic was so that I didn’t have to drop hundreds of dollars on a phone.

    1. Hi Jeni, we still have the Moto G and Moto E for sale on our website. We’ll continue to replenish each tier of our “good, better, best” portfolio.

  19. Any information on the ability to make international calls with the new phones/plans? Both to/from US as well as international local calling.

      1. That is a shame Shannon. I saw Google Fi allows international texting and calls. I would like to see an I ternational plan offered by RW in time. But thanks for the new phones.

  20. With GSM support being added, is Republic Wireless considering adding the Moto G (3rd Gen) GSM model with 2GB of RAM?

    1. RW will not offer the GSM Moto G 3rd Gen with 2 GB RAM until the CDMA Moto G 3rd Gen w/ 1 GB RAM is sold out from inventory. Motorola does not offer a CDMA Moto G 3rd Gen w/ 2 GB of RAM b/c it is a power play; i.e., it is Motorola’s hope that more U.S. providers will switch over to GSM network technology. This was a smart decision on Motorola’s part since this will benefit U.S. consumers in the long run: most of the rest of the world uses GSM technology!

      1. I assume that you mean sold out from RW inventory, not Motorola inventory, right? I knew about the CDMA being limited to 1GB, which is why I haven’t bought the current Moto G (3rd Gen) that is available, and was hoping that the better equipped 2GB GSM version would be available at some point. It’s the best bang for the buck.

        1. Correct, I meant RW inventory. I just can’t see RW offering up a Moto G w/ 2 GB RAM, *until* they’ve cleared out their current inventory of Moto Gs crippled w/ 1 GB of RAM. If it makes you feel better, I’ve seen 2 YouTube reviews that claim that a Moto G 3rd gen w/ only 1 GB of RAM still performs admirably when compared to the model w/ 2 GB RAM. Lastly, let’s hope that RW will support the GSM Moto G w/ 2 GB RAM as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). “Best bang for the buck.” Roger that, partner; I’ve seen all those awesome reviews on YouTube!

  21. Hi Shannon! Glad to hear about the explosion in phone choices. I’ve been signing the praises of Republic to friends for years, but many didn’t want to limit the choice of phones. Hopefully there will be lots of new converts! The financing plan is an enabler as well.
    I’ve seen it asked here several times, with each reply being something along the lines of “continue to replenish good, better, best”, so I’ll ask it more directly.
    One of the big reasons we started with Republic so many years ago (joined as a Beta tester in Sept 2012!) was that not only was the monthly rate the best deal going, but the phone was not outrageously priced either.
    Nearly every prior new phone release from Republic included a soon-after discontinuance of an older model (not surprised, nor disappointed – very pleased that you continue to support the old phones), and I fully expect Republic to discontinue selling the Moto E and G by the end of the year, if not sooner (I’m not opposed to that, mind you).
    What I am concerned with is the lack of offerings in the <$150 range, which has been a Republic hallmark from day 1. I've been seeing rate creep on the initial price points in the latest few rounds, but this new splash kind of goes over the top, with the least expensive offering at $179 (over $200 with title, taxes, and tags). All 4 of my family members use thier Republic phones heavily, but for basic services…phone calling, texting, some e-mail, take a picture now and then, Google maps occasionally to find our way, Google some obscure word, thing, or place to find out some info, and listen to some music. For that kind of usage, we absolutely cannot justify blowing 3, 4, 500 or more on a phone…we purchased laptops for less than that. What several of your commenters (and I) are hoping for is at least one model that harkens back to the good 'ol days that has a 4.0-4.5" screen and price points in the $99 to $129 range (only my daughter likes the larger 5.0" & up screen sizes!).
    Perhaps the solution is the upcoming BYOP rollout, but to be honest, I'm a bit nervous that BYOP's won't have the full-blown Republic experience that we've come to know and love. Sorry for the novel, but I thought perhaps with a bit more background and feeling, you might offer up a more thorough answer.

    1. Hi Kevin! I understand your concern and we still hold true to our value of fair prices at different tiers. We can only provide information about the phones that have been approved so far. We are looking at adding more phones at lower price points but all phones must go through certification to make sure they’re the right option before we share them. We wouldn’t want to get you all excited about a phone that doesn’t pass certification. So, we don’t have any more to share about lower costs phones at this time.

      1. Thanks Sharon! Looking forward to the updates in the future. With the new phones, new network, payment plans, and what I’m hearing will be even better pricing on plans, I really think this will be the tipping point between Republic being a niche player with a cult following to a major force in the industry…looking forward to that!
        One additional question – can you share yet if our phones will work on both the Sprint and the soon-to-be added network? Or do we have to choose one or the other? If they work on both, and can flip from one to the other based on strength, that would make Republic’s effective network the best in the industry!
        Thanks again,

          1. but will the new phones hop between Sprint, the new carrier, and wifi seamlessly or are the new phones solely on the new network provider?

          2. I’m expecting that the new phones are GSM (T-Mobile and ATT). I believe that the Sprint (and Verizon) service is CDMA. These are two very different standards so phones are built for one or the other I believe. Since the phones are unlocked you will be able to switch GSM carriers by changing the SIM both here in the USA and overseas. I purchased a UK SIM for about $15 when I was in the UK and had an unlocked GSM phone. Current (locked) RW phones use CDMA.

          3. None of this matters for 4g LTE, as this is shared among the 4 major cell providers. Keep in mind that LTE is a GSM standard, even though it is used by CDMA carriers like Verizon and Sprint. This is why Verizon and Sprint phones with 4G LTE have SIM card slots.

            As for global Standards most contries never offered CDMA.

      2. Any chance of a smaller phone? I’m still using my ancient Defy XT, and desperately want to update to a newer operating system that supports today’s apps, but don’t want a huge phone. Even the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, while still a bit bigger than the Defy XT, would be smaller than the huge 5″ screens offered here.

      3. Shannon, trying to get a (semi?) official response. Since there is only one version now, can we purchase a Moto X Pure (great rebate right now!) now and then activate it in July?

      4. Hi Shannon

        Can you tell me what exactly the requirements are?

        Like dual band, what frequencies are required 2G, 3G, 4G aso…
        I just wonder cause there are phones out there that have it all for a small price.


  22. If I bought the Jonathan Adler Moto Pure now while they’re clearing it on motorola.com, would that work with RW come July?

    1. I’m not a representative of either Motorola or RW, but I thought I’d comment anyways…

      According to several leaks/speculations, a new Moto X (or two) will be announced on June 9th, with a release date sometime shortly after that. Given industry trends, the price of the Moto X Pure will drop a bit (at least on third-party sites) when the new ones are released.

      And since the RW support for the Moto X Pure won’t be available until July anyways, you *might* be better off waiting until then. That’s what I’m planning on doing at this point. Of course, that may not work out in the end, but I thought I’d share anyways.

      1. Motorola doesn’t really seem to have numbers that are formatted the same as XT1575 on their website. The woman in chat help last night said it was XT1575.

        I was really disappointed the Republic Wireless was only selling black & white back when I got my first gen. Moto X. (I really wanted the mint and they don’t offer mint now in the Pure.) And now it looks like you’re only offering black & white again.

    1. Hi Ethan, these phones will not be locked to RW. If you decide to choose another carrier you would need to be sure the phone meets their requirements.

    1. Hi Travis, it needs to be GSM and one of the following models:

      Moto X Pure Edition (XT1575)

      Nexus 5X by LG (LGH790)

      Nexus 6P by Huawei (H1511)

      Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) (SM-J320A)

      Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T)

      Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930U)

      Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935U)

      1. So just to verify… If i have an unlocked S7 that runs on a GSM network, but it is not the exact model. for instance, SM-G930T (TMobile) or SM-G930A (ATT) would I not be able to bring in one of those devices? I am trying to keep my eye out for a good deal in the next couple months, so i just want to make sure that if I get something, it would work.

          1. The Galaxy S6 looks like it’s T-Mobile’s variant. So long as it’s unlocked, and the correct model, if I brought it to RW after July (or whenever the new GSM phones go live), I can just download the RW app from the Play Store and use the phone on RW?

      2. I just got a Moto X Pure Edition (XT1575) for $249 “New Open Box.” Now it will burn a hole in my desk as I wait to be able to activate it.

        How will the activation of BYOD work?

        1. Hey Travis, I spoke with an expert in the community about this and all you’ll need is a Republic SIM card (not released yet). You’ll insert that into the phone, log into your Republic account and it’ll be good to go.

  23. Very exciting news, way better than I expected!! I have a few questions on how this will work:

    1. If I buy one of these new phones in July and find that the GSM provider doesn’t have good coverage in my area, will I be able to use the same Republic 3.0 phone on the Sprint network once Sprint gets on board with this?

    2. Will the new phones use the android dialer like the current phones do or will there be any difference in the experience aside from losing the data saver tools? I’m not clear on what Android M allows that pushed republic from ROM editing to a standalone app.

    3. If I decide to leave RW, do all these phones have the ability to go to all other carriers regardless of network type? I didn’t know if all of these phones can do all networks (like the Nexus 5x and 6p do).

  24. i’m all for new phones, but most of these are more like phablets. how about something smaller like in the 4 inch screen range.

  25. I can’t help eyeing that sweet Moto X. It would be a shame if RW did not offer up Moto Maker to go w/ it. I’d love to up my game w/ a 64 GB upgrade and a color of my choice. If no Moto Maker, then at least support the Moto X as a BYOD.

  26. Hello will any of the current moto phones be able to be brought over from another carrier.

  27. I am very excited about these phones and excited that the Moto X Pure Edition is among them. But I keep reading “GSM” — is there a coverage map available? I’ve always known that my small rural town doesn’t get a T-mobile signal. The local cell phone vendors will even tell you so. Yes, I have WiFi in my house, but how far will I have to drive in my car before I get a signal?

    And, what’s this about new price plans??? Are we going to be disappointed? I love, Love, LOVE the rebate plan. I very rarely use cell data, but I like to have it available if I need it. I’ve been averaging about $1 a month, but was glad to have extra when we went on a trip so I could use GPS. Your price plans are one of your best features, please don’t change those so much that we’re all disappointed!

      1. Their coverage is pretty bad. I got a new phone, and I loose data and calling abilities all the time, both in and out of town where I live. This never happened with Sprint. When/if are they planning to fix this? I will only be able to stick around a little while longer (loyal customer since 2013)…without coverage, the phone is all but worthless. Possibly hazardous.

        1. Not sure where you’re located, but I’m surprised that Sprint’s coverage was better. I do know that RW is working on getting Sprint added to the “Republic network” and I’m anticipating phones with a dual sim tray (Moto X Pure for example) will be able to operate on both networks simultaneously and will take the best signal available (like Project Fi).

  28. I have a Moto X 2nd Gen with RW. If I upgrade to a Galaxy 7 Edge, will I be able to keep my same RW cell number? And then give the Moto X to someone in my family who can then set up a new RW account?

    1. Hi Cerfer, yes you should be able to do both! Be sure to chat with us or search in our Community when it’s time to purchase the Galaxy 7 Edge for instructions on how to ensure you have the same number on your new phone.

  29. Finally!!! You almost lost me to Google Fi since I’ve been trying to upgrade my 1st gen Moto X for months now, but this announcement means I will most definitely be staying!! I just hope my phone makes it until July…it’s literally on the verge of self-destruction!!

  30. Shannon,

    I was about to purchase a Moto X Pure through moto maker (Moto Maker | Motorola ) in anticipation of the July BYOD. There is a $5 add on option for a sim card through various service providers like ATT, Sprint, Verison, T-Mobile but NOT RW. So, do I buy a sim card for one of these providers or will RW provide a sim card when I activate it with them in July?

    To clarify – I do not want to activate it with any other provider – just RW.

  31. This is some of the best news I have heard in a long time! When I had republic wireless, I loved it. Unfortunately, I was unable to have wifi for a time and left for T-mobile’s unlimited data plan on an unlocked Moto X pure. I love the phone(Went from a RW Moto G 1st Gen, which is also a good phone), but do not like T-Mobile’s price. Nor do I like straight talk, which I recently switched to. I now I have wifi again and am overjoyed at the thought of bringing the Moto X Pure that I already own to my favorite carrier, Republic Wireless. Thanks Republic, keep being awesome and I’ll see you in July!!

  32. Shannon,

    I was about to purchase a Moto X Pure through moto maker (Moto Maker | Motorola ) in anticipation of the July BYOD. There is a $5 add on option for a sim card through various service providers like ATT, Sprint, Verison, T-Mobile but NOT RW. So, do I buy a sim card for one of these providers or will RW provide a sim card when I activate it with them in July?

    To clarify – I do not want to activate it with any other provider – just RW.

  33. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but will the Nexus 5x and 6p get updates with the other nexus devices? I know that the current republic devices have to have a modifies OS for wifi calling and it is a feature I love so I was just curious how that would work.

  34. I know I am going to sound old school, but I miss flip phones. I mistakenly dial people or end calls when the screen touches my face while I am talking. Any flipvphones?

    1. Hi Berit, you’re not alone. I miss having the feeling of a good “phone slam” flip phones give you. 🙂 We’re only offering the phones listed above at this time.

  35. Will the Samsung J3 2016 model but the SM-J320M work? We’re leaving for europe in about a month and I’d love to use a local smartphone with a prepaid card there, and then once I get back I’d start using it on republic. But unfortunately republic won’t sell theirs until about when we get back, so that would not work. The SM-J320A is listed as compatible, but I can’t find that on amazon, can only find an unlocked SM-J320M. Also that seems to have one more GSM band (although only 8gb … but with a memory card that’s not such an issue).

  36. I currently have a 1st gen Moto X. If I buy the new Moto X can I keep my existing service plan or will I be forced to change to the new, far more expensive plans?

  37. Thank you for the quick response Shannon. I just replaced the battery and back cover on my Gen 1. Looks like we will be doing more mileage together. I still love RW but I believe the rate creep will come to haunt RW. Especially when combined with not being able to take the number I brought here with me if I change providers.

    1. Hi Stephen, we allow you to transfer your number to another carrier. The number just needs to be be compatible with that provider in order for the transfer to be successful.

      1. As I understand it my number was changed from a cell number to a land line number when I moved it here. Taking it back to a cell number was not possible at that time (approx 3 yrs ago). Is it now possible?

  38. When you say something like “32GB Capacity w/ SD Slot”, does that mean we can add memory UP TO 32GB, or does it mean the phone comes with 32GB and can then be expanded with the slot?

  39. Moto X Pure Edition (XT1575) is selling for $299 on Motorola and Amazon sites. Will RW adjust their price to match it?

  40. tried reading the other post but what about those that have the old plans will upgrading to a new phone require the new plans?

    1. The Moto X Pure will be one of the new phone choices. We’ll have more details on the process to receive a SIM once we’re closer to the date they’re available.

    2. Several people have said that is the only one Motorola has in the U.S.
      It sounds like you might have to buy the sim. Cost for most carriers had been reported at less than $10.

  41. I have a concern about the new carrier. I am left to assume that T-Mobile is your new carrier. I have not experienced equivalent coverage to what sprint has (not even close). They say they have extended coverage but the S6 and Nexus 6P are the only phones that show they work with this extended coverage. I want to upgrade my phone but have had horrible coverage from t-Mobile via Metro PCS. Can the coverage of all of these new phones be confirmed? Sprint doesn’t have this “coverage depends on your phone” thing.

        1. Everything up to and including 2.0 is sprint if I understand correctly. T Mobile is (unofficially) the 3.0 carrier, but they are supposedly working with someone (sprint or a company with similar technology) to cover both GSM & CDMA.

      1. I just talked to T-Mobile about their requirements for “extended LTE coverage”. The phone must have 4G LTE Band/Channel 12 (700MHz). Looks like all of the new phones have this band in their 4G LTE spec provided by Republic. This includes the just announced Moto G4 and G4 Plus.

        1. All I know is that when I had my moto g 3rd gen cdma phone and sprint I never had issues with signal or cel coverage. I bought a moto g4 plus and the cell provider changed from sprint to (I’m certain) T-Mobile and I can’t even get one bar in my house now. I love the phone, but the coverage sucks. I’m going back to my moto g3.

  42. Hello. Best Buy has the Moto X Pure Edition unlocked on sale for $299. Could I purchase that Moto X pure and be able to use it on Republic Wireless when the new phones are available? Thank you.

  43. What about if I get a phone that is not listed in there?
    A random example, I got an unlocked iPhone, Can I use republic wireless for it?
    I am already a member of Republic Wireless.

  44. Please give us a small phone choice, yes! I also am on moto X for the size factor. Any phone bigger than the moto X becomes a 2-handed task for me. I tried the moto g and it was too big for me. I mostly text and call; 95% of my use is text and call. Pretty pretty please, a small phone!

  45. I can’t find both water resistant and a replaceable battery without buying two phones. Moto guaranteed minimal life span of the X series by not selling any replacement batteries. You can find batteries on Amazon but when delivered they are used. Without those two features I’m forced to leave.

    1. Why would you be forced leave? Donau any of the other phones have a replaceable battery. And if the batteries on Amazon aren’t labeled used, just ask for your money back.

  46. I know the new phones will be available in July… and I’m willing to wait but can you be any more specific? First half of July? Near the end of July? My son’s birthday is at the end of June and we are planning to upgrade his phone to the Nexus 6P, and I’m hoping to tell him how long he has to wait for it. The vagueness of a whole month is a big window for a teen waiting on his dream phone.

      1. Kind of bummed they billed it as July then put the date at the end of the month. It would have been nice if they started with late July.

  47. Are the new phones, offered through republic wireless, Unlocked phones? I worry about buying a phone that costs well over 500$ and not have the flexibility of taking my phone with me If I decide to switch providers. we have been with Republic for over a year now and love the service, but we really have missed our old S5 phones. We are excited to hear that the S6 and S7 are coming to Republic, but want the flexibility of being able to take our phones with us, and as far as I can tell the Republic prices seem to be more affordable than other retailers.

    1. Yes. These phones are unlocked and, as long as you get the correct model numbers, you can purchase them from anywhere you like.

  48. Is there going to be a pre-sale of the new phones? Im getting very excited and anxious on the new arrivals. I have looked around for the model numbers provided in another post, but can not find the exact models and I feel that the BYO phone may take longer to establish than the ones provided directly from RW.

  49. Is LG-H791 the correct model for the Nexus 5X? It has a nice rating from Consumer Reports, right up there with the Samsung S-6, but at a somewhat friendlier price. Also, are more Samsung models likely to be added? The Galaxy S-5 seems readily available as a refurb at some very approachable prices, and is much better reviewed than the J3.

  50. My phone was stolen yesterday. I need a new phone ASAP, and I would to be able to buy one of the new ones scheduled for July, instead of settling for the Moto G. Is there any way to get on of the newer phones now?

    1. Have you considered buying a used one on eBay or swappa? You likely could turn around and resell it for about what you paid for it. I’ve done that once or twice to get by when they didn’t have any new Moto x phones.

    1. A few people have commented that they typically run less than $10. I don’t think I found one for more when I searched online. I don’t think they would price them much higher.

  51. The article says that we can bring our own phones starting in July… does this mean Republic Wireless no longer has special modifications to the hardware? You can bring in an old Nexus 5x from T-Mobile for example?

    1. Right now your can only buy the specific phones listed (from anywhere) and they will work.
      More byod information will be forthcoming.

  52. I am just wondering why there are so few color options. I am looking at the Pure Edition, so I thought I would look at the reviews. There I see zillions of colors, and just the color to match my baby blue car. Is there some reason we always have two non-color choices? Won’t the blue ones work on the RW network, so if I buy elsewhere will my phone work or not? Or are the other colors more expensive? What’s going on with that?
    Also, is the phone from RW loaded with apps that won’t come with a phone bought elsewhere? Well, sure, I assume RW software would be missing, but what else?

    1. Timbo, read through the comments and faq. All this information is covered. Basics: As long as you order the listed model number (which there is only one of) you can customize it how you want. You’ll either need to order it from the with a a RW sim (once they are available) or you can get one now and get the sim once they are available from RW.
      The Moto phones don’t come with a lot of bloatware. You will need to add the RW app though since these are now standard unlocked phones.

      1. Thank you very much. I was wondering if I was to get the right one as the one was over 50$+ less watch then what RW was offering .

  53. Hello, if I get a new Moto G4 when it is available with all the other new phones, will I be able to get the current Moto G $10/month plan with it, since it is still a Moto G? Or are all the old plans being discontinued for new phones once they roll out?

  54. so what do we do with our old republic wireless phone?
    Do I get a discount for changing my phone and purchasing the new phones listed here?
    I am not willing to throw my old phone in the trash….
    is it possible that i transfer my phone number to one of the new phones here? and unlock the moto x that i have and use a SIM card from a different phone plan company?

    1. RW phones have a nice resale value on ebay and swappa.

      You can transfer your new number.

      You cannot reuse your RW phones on another carrier. The phones have special software” baked into them which makes that impossible.

    1. Since the phones won’t go for sale until the 28th, I wouldn’t be surprised if the prices were adjusted a little by then.
      I don’t think cards should cost anywhere near that.

  55. Hi Herman47 here. I have been a Republic wireless customer since its inception with their Beta phones. There is good news and bad news. The good news is the price and phone reliability. Yes i still drop a lot of calls going from wifi to the land line. I know that I cannot be on the phone inside the house using the wifi and go outside. The calls just drop. I grit my teeth and let it go because of the price. And yes, it takes longer to connect to the internet on the cell system and to make calls. A lot of times, I have to turn off the wifi to make the cell lines activate. Again, I just know to do this and grit my teeth when i forget to do this function. Now that is the good news. Durability… The bad news. While the Gorilla Glass is good being scratch free, Under no circumstances drop this phone. I bought this phone in October 2015, it is now July 2016 and I am on my third cracked digitizer. (Cracked Screen) The Authorized Motorola Service Center said that because of the thin design, they get a lot of complaints with cracked phones. They even offered to replace the phone with a thicker body phone which they claim is better. And the final kicker… When I got my phone back for the third time, it lasted two hours and a full charge and i got the flickering and then the white screen of death. So naturally, I immediately went back to the service center, and this is the best answer ever.. The new screen was defective and they are out of stock. “Sorry for the inconvenience sir”. Now my question is, how much money am I saving by having to constantly replace the screen. And, they ran out of phone cases and the new shipment has not come in yet (since the first time I was there). But then they said, that they do not always help. Well that is my story, and I am sticking to it. Again, the phone works great. Just be careful with it and if somethings happens to it, you know what to expect! If possible, forward my issues to the Motorola Quality Assurance Depart and let them research this issue and improve the durability of their future generation phones. Thanks for your time.

  56. Please make a post about the BYOP. I think a lot of us here have questions about the details and availability of the BYOP. Are we still to expect the same launch date as the new phones? How much will a SIM card cost? and what are the basic requirements to run the RW SIM and App?

  57. I think it’s good to have the time to research the phones beforehand. My focus will be on quality and ease of use. I am glad that RW is improving call quality, my wife is always complaining and I have had quite a number of dropped calls. We carry on because of the great service price and the data refund feature of v2 software. Of course the refund option will be gone in v3 but then the price only went up by $5 to $20 for 1GB of data. It’s still a great deal when you compare to other carriers.

    My current RW Moto X is 5.25″ diagonally. I wouldn’t want a bigger phone. I will also need to buy a new case which is not cheap. Since the finance charges are quite high it might be a good time to apply for a new credit card with an initial no-interest option. It’s good to know I can shop around for the best price as long as I get the unlocked version of the phones. I have family in the UK so the GSM standard will allow me to buy a UK SIM when I visit the UK.

    We plan to stick with RW. They have revolutionized mobile phone service and made it possible for my wife and I to afford having a phone each, finally canceling the expensive land line in our home. We are retired so we are very careful about any spending we do. Thanks RW.

  58. Motorola is offering the unlocked pure edition Moto X for $299 and no money down with no interest for up to 18 months. You can also return within 30 days and no shipping charges. Sounds good if it’s the phone for you. They will trade in phones also although I’m not sue if the RW phones will qualify since they have been modified.

  59. A quote (see below) from PC Magazine (Feb 2016). I did not realize that some CDMA phones may be equipped with SIM slots that support GSM. Good to know.

    “Many Sprint and Verizon phones now have SIM cards, but that isn’t because of CDMA. The SIM cards are generally there for Sprint’s and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks, because the LTE standard also uses SIM cards. The phones may also have SIM slots to support foreign GSM networks as “world phones.”

  60. Engadget Review Scores for the following phones

    Moto X Pure Edition – 90
    Samsung Galaxy S6 – 89
    Samsung Galaxy S7 – 90
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – 90

    The Galaxy S5 is listed (By Engadget) as one of the top 15 smartphones you can buy however it’s not on the RW list for now.


    Moto X Pure Edition – $299 (Motorola with no interest for 18 months)
    Samsung Galaxy S6 – $405 – $549
    Samsung Galaxy S7 – $450 – $669.99 (JamTech, BestBuy)
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – $769.99 – $779.99 (BestBuy, Samsung)

    The Moto X Pure Edition would appear to be a pretty good option for the price and free credit option from Motorola but I will also look at the other models to get a complete picture. I quite like the Engadget reviews. They appear to be quite thorough. Also user comments on Amazon are sometimes helpful. I would love to hear what others think.

  61. I wish you would offer just one simple non-smart phone for those parents who would like to have safe phones for their kids. I don’t want to have to find another provider for my kids to have a phone with no internet access.

  62. From what I understand the new phones will require a Republic SIM chip. Is the chip included in the price if you purchase the phone from Republic or is it an extra cost? If you are bringing your own phone how will you order the chip and what will its cost be?

  63. Hi Shannon, does bringing your own phone from another carrier apply to the iPhone? If not when will Republic Wireless offer the iPhone? Is it possible or does Apple have an exclusive contract with Verizon etc. My oldest would come over to Republic, but not if he can’t have his iPhone. Kids would rather pay more I guess.

    1. Eric,
      I SUSPECT that they should be doing so soon, but only the listed phones are available so far.

      It has been mentioned by some RW reps that they are working on more phones, but they can’t elaborate. I’m sure if they add Apple products, they will get an influx of customers.

  64. Hello all,I’m already have a republic account using a first Gen Moto G, got a Moto G 4th gen from amazon and I would like to know how to get it on my account and cancel the old one plus transfer old contact list etc.,can someone steer me in the right direction? Thanks

    1. You may want to post this in the help section if this doesn’t help, but you contacts should sync in Google. Motorola also (I think they still have it) transfer software when you first setup the phone.

      Keep in mind since the G4 doesn’t go on sale until the 28th like the rest of the phones here, you probably can’t do anything until you get a SIM for it.

    1. It’s frustrating when your need to replace your phone in those seemingly loooong stretches when it’s replacement isn’t available. That’s happened to us a few times.

    1. The 28th is the first official day, but you still need to get a SIM card. I’m not sure that would be possible unless they do pre-sales where you can order it but just not activate it until the 28th.

  65. Slightly less than 48 hours to go! I have decided to stay 100% loyal to RW and buy my new phone from them. The new plans are… … different but we are in a would of data, data, data so, going with a 20$ plan should not be too much of a “Wallet Buster”. The only issue I foresee is that on the 28th RW will have TONS of orders from phones to sim cards. I am just hoping that the shipping time will not be as bad as the delay in waiting for this all to happen. Thank you RW and keep up the great work.

  66. No Republic for me . Maybe when they add more phones to there list I might. I have a new Nextbit Robin and an LG 4 and a Nexus 6. The WI-FI hybrid has been fascinating, but in actuality I can’t justify the cost. I have the family plan at Tmobile 10 gig per line and 4 phones for 120.00+ taxes.

  67. So all new phones are GSM? Why have you all left CDMA? My location GSM doesn’t work well. I’m still on the original plan 1.0 I love it and like to keep it with a new phone. Any way to buy a unlock CDMA and use it??

  68. I know that I can bring certain devices to Republic and that it is ok. If a phone on the list of acceptable phones to bring to Republic was bought from Verizon, will it still be usable?

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