7 Shopping Apps to Save you Time and Money

In last week’s post, I told you the next post would help you save even more money! This category is my favorite of all: Shopping! There are so many retail apps out there. Which ones actually save you money without being an added hassle? Here are the 5 best shopping apps that will keep your wallet happy.


Step 1: Scour the pantry, refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets to discover what groceries you need.
Step 2: Make a list of everything you are running out of.
Step 3: Look through ads for deals and clip coupons
Step 4: Finally get to the store to realize that you forgot your list and your coupons

Forget about how you used to shop in the past. You no longer need to worry about double-checking your pantry, writing out (and then forgetting) your grocery lists, or trying to clip coupons to save a few pennies!

From clipping and organizing coupons to keeping lists, to saving you money, your life will become a whole lot simpler.

1 Flipp

•Get weekly ads from stores near you
•Allows you to virtually “clip” coupons, organize them, and add them to your shopping list
•Quickly & easily  compare prices between all your favorite stores
•Saves time and money
•Reminds you when you have coupons that are about to expire or when you’re passing a store you have coupons for.

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Flipp is one of my new favorite apps because it makes everything so easy! I no longer feel the need to get the Sunday paper (since I reluctantly admit that I only looked at the ads anyway), which saves money. I mostly use Flipp for my grocery shopping, but it saves in SO many other ways too!

The amount of time I save myself from searching through print ad after print ad, cutting the coupons, organizing them, and finally remembering to use them really adds up! Having all these great deals and ways to compare prices from stores I go to the most really allows me to spend my time and money as wisely as possible.


2 Retail Me Not

•Super easy access to deals and coupons at stores near you
•Scans coupons directly from your phone
•Has such a wide selection of coupons and discounts there is always money to be saved!
•Easy to use while out and about.

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While Retail Me Not is similar to Flipp in the coupon aspect, the user experience is quite different. RMN saves so much time and is something I often will not even pull out until I step foot into the store! RMN makes it so simple to just search the store I want and discover what deals they have going on at that very moment.

When you sign up for the app, it automatically asks you which store you are interested in and will notify you whenever deals become available! And redeeming the coupons requires just as little effort! The cashier simply scans the barcode RMN provides when you click on the deal you want… how convenient is that!?


3 Out of Milk

•Allows you to create multiple shopping lists (and to-do lists)
•Share shopping lists with others via e-mail or text
•Gives access to deals going on at stores near you
•Easily scans barcodes to add items to your list
•Shopping history to remember the items you frequently

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4 Grocery Shopping List Ease

•Allows you to easily share coupons and lists across mobile devices
•Barcode scanner for easily adding items to your list
•New coupons added daily
•Multiple shopping lists
•Easily add quantities, measurements, prices, and additional notes to help keep your shopping organized

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Out of Milk and Grocery Shopping List Ease are the perfect planner apps to bring to the store with you!

One of my favorite features both these apps have is that instead of typing in every single product detail, you can easily scan the barcode of the item and it will add it to your list! Not only that, it also keeps track of how much the items in your cart equal up to.

The only real downside I can see to either of these apps is the inability to scan coupons directly off your phone. Deals will sometimes be applied automatically, however, coupons must be printed in order to use. But isn’t that what those couponing apps earlier were for?!

With these apps, coupons are just an added bonus compared to the number of other helpful organizing qualities. Best of all, you won’t forget these lists at home!


5 Slice

•Connects immediately to your Amazon account to keep track of your orders
•Searches your e-mail for past and present receipts
•Tracks spending habits


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I discovered this app after having had a very frustrating encounter with a delivery service. One of my packages that I ordered from Amazon (which should have been to my home in 2 days) wasn’t there after a whole week and my tracking number never worked! I downloaded this app with the sole intent to track my packages and avoid a similar frustration. At the time, I didn’t realize that Slice does so much more than just track packages.

It is a great tool for monitoring what you spend your money on when shopping online. Not only that, but it organizes your past purchases by putting them into categories so you can easily recognize your habits and discover more ways to save!

These final two apps provide you with an easy way to compare prices so you don’t have to waste hours running all over town to find the best deal. These can come in handy, especially when shopping in-store to compare in-store prices to online prices. These apps are so much fun, you might just find yourself scanning products around your house (I may or may not be speaking from personal experience…). Either way, these comparison shopping apps are a great way to save you time and money. Highly recommend!!


6 QR & Barcode Scanner

•Simple to use – just aim your camera at the code and it automatically detects and scans your item… you don’t even have to press a button or tap a screen
•Scans and reads all QR/Barcode types (text, URL, product, location, etc.)
•Ability to scan in stores and compare store prices with prices online to help you save time and money.

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7 Best Price Comparison Shopping

•Compares product prices in just one simple tap
•Alerts you when prices drop on your favorite items
•Access to product user reviews
•Shows you the best deals, offers, and coupons when you shop specific stores

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All of these have proven themselves extremely useful to me. As much as I love shopping, I love saving money even more. I spend less time trying to save money (thanks to my handy coupon-clipping apps), and more time actually browsing through stores. It’s also a great way to keep your grocery list organized, while never having to worry about forgetting it at home again.

Although I didn’t mention specific brand apps in this blog, don’t forget that nearly all your favorite stores’ apps can be found in the Google Play Store!! Add their app to get exclusive offers and save even more money by targeting the places you love.

If you’ve tried any of these apps in the past, comment below about your experience! Do you know of any other retail apps that save you money? Post it here for others. The best part about apps is how easy they are to use and share. Share the savings by sharing your favorite apps!

Don’t forget to look for next week’s blog to find the best apps for organizing your recipe books to cook meals with ease.

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    Doesn’t anyone value privacy anymore? Why would you be so willing to give up your privacy to save a couple of dollars? The more information you give these data miners, the more easily and more frequently they use your own personal and private information to manipulate you. You have no idea…

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