9 Best Budgeting and Financial Planning Apps

In essence, these 9 apps are built to do very similar things: help you budget your money, make paying bills more convenient, and remind you what needs to be paid when.

1 Mint

  • Money manager and financial tracker from the makers of TurboTax®
  • Bring together your bank account, credit cards, bills, and investments, net worth, free credit score, and more!
  • Save time and money by keeping track of your finances in one place
  • Bill pay reminders so you don’t have to worry about late fees again!
  • Get your credit score for free along with tips on how to raise it

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2 Mobills: Budget Planner

  • Create customized monthly budgets that work for you
  • Track spending and be reminded of it
  • Adjust budget when necessary
  • Add expenses, income, and make transfers on the go
  • Credit card management

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3 Monefy – Money Manager

  • See spending distribution in an easy-to-read chart
  • Get detailed spending info from the records list
  • Manage categories
  • Synchronize using your Dropbox account
  • Simply insert expense amount… no other data necessary

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4 AndroMoney (Expense Track)

  • Easy-to-use personal finance tool
  • Multiple accounts and support account balances and account transfer
  • Sync with other devices
  • Simple, custom budgets
  • Trend, pie, and bar charts for expense and cash flow

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5 Home Budget Manager Lite

  • Track expenses, incomes, and bills
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Bills Reminder
  • Set budgets for categories
  • Statistics graph to see where your money has gone categorized by incomes, expenses, budget vs. expense, etc.

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6 Money Manager Expense and Budget

  • Financial planner, expense tracker, and personal asset manager
  • Record personal and business transactions, generate spending reports, review daily, weekly, and monthly financial data, and manage your assets
  • Credit/Debit Card management
  • Instant statistics
  • Budget and expense management

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7 Money Tracker

  • Advanced personal finance manager
  • Flexible reports with drill-down capabilities
  • Ability to schedule, enter, analyze, and project your expenses months and even years ahead
  • 8 powerful fully customizable reports with tables and charts
  • Photo attachments
  • Data synchronization between 2+ devices

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8 Expense IQ Money Manager

  • Serves as an expense tracker, budget planner, checkbook register, integrated bills reminder, and more!
  • Track your daily expenses quickly and easily
  • Detailed and interactive reports
  • 12+ reports and charts to analyze spending patterns
  • Set monthly budgets to accounts categories and check their health bars
  • Get warnings if you exceed your budget

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9 My Finances

  • Will help you manage and control your home budget and expenses
  • Ability to create color-coded categories and subcategories to make the data clear
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts
  • Pay recurring flat-rate bills with ease by setting repeated operations and frequency
  • Predicts your total income and expenses based on your planned operations
  • Tracks your history and follows your earnings and payments
  • Tells you which category(ies) you spend the most in to help you better prepare and save.

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I hope that these budgeting apps will help make your life a little more organized (hopefully get rid of some of the awful paper clutter). Bills are just another one of those things to keep up with. Let an app do it for you so you can spend less time worrying about when your bills are due, and more time doing what you love (in my case shopping… which is why I need a budgeting app).

If you’ve tried any of these apps in the past, comment below about your experience! Do you use a life-saving financial app that I didn’t mention? Post it here for others. The best part about apps is how easy they are to use and share.

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Notable Replies

  1. We have used the app called Goodbudget. It follows the envelope principal for managing your money month to month.

  2. I haven’t heard of that one, I will have to try it out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Here’s a 12th: Every Dollar from nationally syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey. It’s available for both iPhone and Android.

  4. You have all missed the best app out there for budgeting, You Need A Budget (YNAB). Madison, you said it yourself, “In essence, these 11 apps are built to do very similar things.” That’s the problem with most “budgeting” apps. They don’t actually help me stick to a budget. They do a great job tracking activity, but YNAB has is designed around 4 budgeting principles which actually help me follow my budget. I do not work for them, but their app is sure working for me.

  5. Great call out, Jonathan. It really is hard to stick with a budget, no matter how well an app may track it. I will definitely look into this app and perhaps create a new blog with all the great budgeting apps that have been suggested. Thanks for adding another one to the list! If it does as you say and helps you stick to your budget, I can see this app becoming my new best friend in the near future.

  6. Nothing is better than YNAB (You Need a Budget). It’s life changing! I’ve tried sooo many until I came across YNAB. I’ve saved thousands of dollars, paid off student loans, etc. using this tool and they’ve recently updated their app to be more mobile friendly.

  7. With how great you and @jonathans.7xbtv7 make it sound, I’m amazed I’ve never heard of it before… even with all my research! I’m excited to try it out!

  8. thanks for the YNAB tip, I am excited to give it a try.

  9. seanr says:

    Here is the link to YNAB

  10. I have heard that that is a great app as well. We follow the Dave Ramsey plan for our budget as well and his methods are pretty solid.

  11. Agreed, YNAB is the best budgeting app out there. There is no principle more freeing than living on last months income

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