A Little WiFi Can Go a Long Way

From Raleigh to Berlin

I recently caught up with an old friend who lives in Berlin, Germany, all thanks to Republic Wireless.


From one Republic phone to another, all the way across the Atlantic.

A span of 4,384 miles separates Raleigh, N.C. from Berlin, Germany. For Alexander Frank, 20, Republic Wireless helps make that distance seem a little shorter.

In 2009, Alex left his home in Hamburg for a year at Laney High School in Wilmington, N.C. He still keeps in touch with the friends he made almost every day and has made a trip back to the US every year since the program.


“Being an exchange student and visiting a new school where you don’t really know anybody can be quite challenging sometimes,” Alex said. “As soon as I made my first friends, everything got so much easier and I had so much more fun.”

Alex had to adjust to a bit of a culture shock during his first visit to the US. He missed German bread a ton and wasn’t used to the humidity, but valued how friendly Americans were.

“Everyone always asks you, ‘How are you doing?’” he said. “Everywhere people greet you in a kind way. I like that.”

Alex used to keep in touch with his American friends through Facebook and email. He even risked the international charges on his German cell phone (yikes). When he learned about Republic from a coworker, he decided to make the switch.

“It was appealing to me because of the low prices and unique offering,” Alex said. “I finally have the chance to just grab my phone and send a text or make a call.”

Alex’s Republic phone runs solely on WiFi, making international communication not only possible, but affordable. He still uses a German cell service for local calls and texts. While public WiFi is easier to find in the US than in Germany, he can always count on a connection at home, work and when visiting friends and family.

“I like that WiFi makes cables pretty much obsolete,” he said. “I love that Republic Wireless uses WiFi.”

His Republic phone really came through during the holidays and made wishing his friends Merry Christmas a lot faster and easier.

Alex Frank and three American friends on their trip across Europe during the summer of 2012.
Alex Frank and three American friends on their trip across Europe during the summer of 2012.

After the exchange student program, Alex finished high school in Germany in 2012. That summer, he traveled across Europe with three American friends, visiting seven different countries and 14 cities. In October 2012, he started a corporate study program in Berlin that alternates between studying International Business Administration and working for IBM every 12 weeks.

He spent last summer living with his friends in the US and working abroad for IBM in Research Triangle Park. Now that’s he’s almost done with the corporate study program, he’s ready for the next big thing.

“My current plan is to start working in a sales position,” he said. “Also, I’m planning on flying over to see my friends in the US this summer. Until then I’ll be relying on my Republic Wireless powered phone to do the job!”



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