A Military “Moto Mom” Story

Meg H. and her son, both Republic members.
Meg H. and her son, both Republic members.

Many Republic members are in active service in the military. For a lot of them, they love that they’re able to use their phone overseas when connected to WiFi and save money by using our $5 WiFi only plan.  It provides peace of mind for our brave troops and their families being able to keep in touch and call back home.

Our Founder and CEO David Morken is a Marine and an all-around outstanding guy. So, naturally, we are incredibly grateful for the service these men and women provide and are truly proud to help make their lives a little easier if we can. Stories like the one we received from member Meg H. make our day.

Meg recently let us know that she is able to stay connected with one of the most important military service members with a little help from Republic…her son.

Many emotions have flowed through my mind since I received the news that my son will be deployed to the middle east. Mostly worry. I received a text from him that he arrived safely to his duty station, even though he was halfway around the world. I am very grateful for your service, Republic Wireless! And yes, my son also has Republic Wireless.

No problem Meg! Thank you for all you and your son do for us. We sincerely hope you have the happiest of Mother’s Days. And for all you other Republic members who are able… Call your moms today! They worry! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

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