An Easier, Simpler Republic App

We’ve rebuilt our app from the ground up to make it as easy as possible to use your phone the way you want on cell and WiFi and it’s rolling out today (v2.0 in the Google Play store – rolling out in batches starting with 20% of members)! Today’s release will be the first of many new features we’ll be introducing. Some to give you as much – or as little – control as you want. For the super tech savvy, control more aspects of your phone than ever. For those who want simple peace of mind – set it and forget it!

Don’t want YouTube to be accessible to your bored six-year-old? Shut if off. Only want access to Gmail or Maps while you’re in a rural area with roaming coverage? Shut ‘em all off except those. Need a moment of relief from app notifications in the public park? Use our new Data Saver Mode to shut ’em all down. Our new app will guide you along the way to help you save as much as possible each month on your smartphone plan.

When we created our new app, we thought it was important to give you the opportunity to control things to the extent you desire. On the other hand – if you don’t want to think about it – you don’t have to! With our newest app release, we’re arming you with as much or as little of the knowledge and awesome new tools you want to navigate your service as you see fit. For far too long wireless carriers and app providers across the entire mobile industry have assumed they understand, can manage, and can ultimately price appropriately the way your phone connects to and uses cellular data. The big carriers want you to use more and understand less about the data your phone is consuming and many app providers are blissfully unaware of the data-appetite their little apps have. We’ve taken all the guess work out so you can have the most easy to understand experience and an affordable smartphone plan to go with it.

Let’s do a quick summary of the new look and features you’ll get to experience:


4c5a6a8cd8a9aSo there you have it. We’ve equipped you with the information and tools you need to easily understand (and more tightly manage, if you so choose) your cellular and WiFi connectivity. Our brand new app let’s you know how you stack up anytime so you can have the best smartphone service possible. The new app starts rolling out today, so be on the lookout for an update! Drive safe and stay WiFi my friends. Let us hear from you!

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23 thoughts on “An Easier, Simpler Republic App”

  1. Okay, but here’s the most important question – is the green bar now supposed to be white? Because mine turned white after I updated the app, and it really bothers me. Green means go, white, means…?

    Otherwise, I like the changes so far. Or I think I will. Once I get over how different it looks.

    1. Never mind, I see now. It’s white due to lollipop requirement. Boo. I suspect this will make it harder to tell when it’s properly connect to wifi, but I guess we’ll see.

      1. I agree, I liked the green bar better. I was easier to see. It’s funny, it isn’t really a big deal, but the green bar WAS republic wireless, their symbol. Wonder how everyone with one of those green bar t-shirts feels.

  2. I love this concept. But when I use the new app, it looks like I don’t have the control I’m expecting.

    Is there a way to turn off roaming data for individual apps? It looks like I’m completely turning off ALL cell data for that app, roaming or not…

    This would be great since I live in an area with weird Sprint coverage. Smoky Simply crossing the street makes me go in and out if “roaming.”

  3. I also would like to see the green bar come back. It was quick easy way to insure my phone was connected to WIFI.

  4. why change the green bar? Much more visible and it has always been associated with “things are connected”. Plesae bring it back

    1. Check out my comment above, the newest version of Android makes it mandatory. I linked to a screen shot in the community.

  5. We’re having issues with our modem right now and the green bar would get a triangle next to it if our internet went down. The new one doesn’t show that so we can’t tell if we’re having a problem without trying to go into a website.

  6. My contacts and messaging continue to quit. The messaging I am assuming is from any SMS. I cannot open any message with an attachment. I’ve unupdated, reupdated, and power cycled the phone multiple times. I am frustrated.

  7. Re: the no-longer-green bar. If Android mandated a change to put the symbol within a dark-background icon, is there any reason why Republic can’t put its “little green macaroni” within that dark-background, instead of white?

      1. OK, thanks; I get it now. That said, I think it would be good form for programmers to give the icons a dark background and let any insert within them have a black or dark border, so that if a developer has a green background, a green macaroni symbol would still show up.

  8. Re: the no-longer-green bar. If Android mandated a change to put the symbol within a dark-background icon, is there any reason why Republic can’t put its “little green macaroni” within that dark-background, instead of white?

  9. Re: the new app overall. Nice added functionality and a nice, crisp facelift, even though the material look’s flatness isn’t a personal favorite. Thanks for the helpful walk-through introduction.

  10. What would be awesome is if republic opened the program up to more phones. Motorola is garbage and we all know it. Get apple and samsung so we can atleast have 3 decent options instead on just Motorola.

    Issues with motorola, makes calls when it wants to whomever it wants. Overheats severally when roaming. Unable to run two apps at a time. The list of problems goes on.

  11. I suppose that would also assume republic actually did something right and got a competent programmer to write for them. Phones are not terribly complicated, it is android running ontop of linux. Not very difficult.

  12. Interesting – some of the screen shots look like they were on Lollipop — what device were they taken on? an updated X1 or X2? or some new yet-to-be-announced new phone?

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