Announcing Email to SMS for Your Phone!

The new Republic app update (version is available in the Google Play store! With it, comes the standard bug fixes and MMS download support for Google Hangouts. But perhaps the bigger announcement is Email to SMS messaging!

Another idea out of our Think Tank and voted up by our members, Email to SMS is a great way to get quick alerts to your phone. With Email to SMS you can receive texts from Paypal, banks, E-mail, and other Internet sources. It’s great for college students who need to sign up for university campus alert systems, parents who want school announcements sent to their phones, or anyone wanting to sign up for weather and emergency response notices for your hometown.

To turn the Email to SMS feature on, follow these simple instructions within the Republic app.

It’s just one more way we’re helping you stay better connected! Enjoy! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Announcing Email to SMS for Your Phone!”

    1. In contemplating the objectivity of this reviewer, consider how common it is to use the word “love” not once but twice in a seemingly raving review of a relatively unimportant product feature, and an implementation of that feature that is blighted with shortcomings unique to RW’s email gateway (like long emails are cut off rather than parsed into following messages, and emails cannot be replied to via SMS–this is highly non-standard stuff; only RW customers face these bizarre constraints).

  1. This was critical for me. Now I’m just waiting on the new Moto X to come out on Republic and them I’m coming over from AT&T

    1. Know the shortcomings really well before you sink $400 into this company’s service. Do not think you’re going to magically save almost the entire cost of AT&T service without sacrificing almost the entire value of the AT&T calling, messaging and networking experience. With Cricket, on the other hand, you’ll save half the price and maintain 90% of the AT&T experience….

  2. Another half-working service from RW. You can receive texts via the email portal, but the rest of a lengthy one won’t come through as another message–and you can’t respond.

      1. Used to be. It was the most expensive handset by a mile that I’ve ever purchased, and nothing on it worked right. People complained about the sound quality, calls and text messages wouldn’t go through, the mobile data experience was made miserable by constant attempts to latch onto fleeting WiFi signals as I moved through traffic, finding a voicemail message was a nightmare buried in the call history, the texting app was loaded with emoticons and foreign language keyboards but RW replaced what you typed with little squares on recipients’ screens, etc., etc. etc…..

        For a long time I stayed with RW even as the dialing delay issue got worse and worse and as they stripped roaming data out of the plan without even reducing the price commensurately. I stayed because I couldn’t bear the thought of not realizing the value of my huge handset investment. In the end, they announced a “savings” initiative that was going to keep my price at $25 per month (really $30, after taxes) but reduce my data allocation from 5GB to 1. I looked to greener pastures like Metro PCS (T Mo) and Cricket (ATT) where the same money buys fully functional service and a customer support hotline staffed with actual human people who can tell you more than “try a factory reset”, and am so happy I did. Boost too is now offering much better deals and service via Sprint than RW.

        I would encourage people to contrast the “Plans” tab on RW’s Web site and its competitors, and consider that RW doesn’t even show you a menu with prices. Move on, and be glad the handset you buy from the other guy is as cheap and portable across networks as it is.

        1. Looks like I deleted my first comment….
          I am having a different experience. For the price, $10 plus data I’m not expecting as much, it seems. Certainly if you want cell tower streaming this is not the plan for you. For plain phone stuff, I like it. Voice and text work well and if you are out of cell range calls will still come in via WiFi. Choosing to stream when using WiFi, works well for me. I bought the Moto e 2nd gen for $130 and like it better than my iPhone4.
          I have phones with Verizon, StraightTalk, and Republic. Its like golf, I pick the plan that works for the use. I do think that Republic is becoming a better “golf club” though. The phone price is a barrier but I’m thinking about switching the ST iPhone to RW. Again I don’t stream from towers much. Have you tried ST customer service? It will frustrate you greatly if you have any technical knowlege.

          1. First it’s a mobile phone. The fact that it works when you’re not mobile like when you’re at home on Wi-Fi doesn’t make it a good mobile phone or a good mobile phone plan since mobile phones are supposed to work when your mobile.

            Secondly substantially all phones on the market over the past several years also can make Wi-Fi calls and can receive calls over Wi-Fi when there’s no cell signal so please don’t delude yourself. Please don’t delude yourself into thinking for a moment that this is some innovative new breakout technology that RW uniquely brings to the market.

          2. I don’t feel deluded. I just notice that a cell call won’t find me on wifi on Verizon or ST. So I like that difference. Skype and others are nice but it is great to have your number ring through instead of doing gymnastics for the connection.

          3. Go to the store and tell them your issue. They’ll change the setting for you. Trust me, your phone can receive a call via WiFi.

            But the big picture problem is that you think you’re saving money but you’re wasting it. You’re paying mobulr money so you can use WiFi (home) calling and data. That makes no sense. Call using your landline and get yourself a tablet for the WiFi. You’re throwing money away on a mobile arrangement that isn’t even reliable. You’re so worried about a Verizon call not making it to you via WiFi even though VZ has excellent cell coverage everywhere (Sprint on the other hand is horribly limited); you’re on an RW service that very likely will fail to place a call over WiFi or cellular (see dialing delay issue on RW support page).

        2. Glad to see I’m not the only one who’s disgruntled with RW. As I’ve told people; if you work at home. work at a coffee shop, work at a place with wifi and have a short commute or don’t care if you don’t get calls, RW is for you. The rest of us, we get the emails with the community footprint comparison that we chuckle at…

          1. Why are you still with them?

            Also, if you work at home there’s no reason to buy cell phone service. So we can scratch that rationalization off the list for doing business with RW. I suspect most who remain with them do so, as I’ve said, because they cannot face up to writing off their loss on the hugely expensive handset investment.

          2. My wife likes the savings and she doesn’t use data as much as I. I do work from home but I’m on the road often.

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            Among the warmest, most tolerant and intelligent people I’ve ever met are Muslims, and among non-Muslims we have you calling yourself “Islamophobic and proud”. Quite a contrast.

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  3. I have yet to be able to send myself an email to sms text. Part of the problem may well be that fact that the hostname does not resolve to an ip address. In other words the service CANNOT work since your email will not be able to find a server to go to. Any suggestions on an email address that WILL work?

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