Announcing Google Pixel and Pixel XL BYOP Support at Republic, Right Now.

Did someone say “Google smartphone?” If you missed the news, Google announced today all-new smartphones called the Pixel and Pixel XL.  But, perhaps the bigger news, is that Republic is supporting “Bring your own phone (BYOP)” of the Pixel, starting right now.

The Republic Difference:

Google is currently taking pre-orders for the new Pixel phone, which comes ready with Android Nougat, and expects delivery starting late October. Once in hand, just pop a new Republic SIM card into your Pixel and let the monthly savings roll in.  With a Republic SIM, you’ll unlock the power of Adaptive Coverage on your Pixel, which helps catch dropped calls before they even happen.


Exclusive Google Tech:

Available in three colors (Very Black, Quite Silver, Really Blue), two storage options (32GB and 128GB), and starting at $649, Google’s new phones are loaded with the latest tech made by Google, like Google Assistant. Let Google Assistant help you book your dinner reservation, play some new music tracks, or find a picture you took of your family. It will continuously learn and help you manage your life more effectively.


The main camera on both the Pixel and Pixel XL is the highest scoring camera in the market as rated by benchmark DxOMark Mobile.  At 12.3 megapixels, it is built to allow more light into every shot.  If you’ve ever taken a “burst” shot on your Android, you’re familiar with how the camera rapid fires to collect dozens of images that it can turn into an animated GIF. With the Pixel, the camera will automagically fix lighting, stabilization, and exposure – picking the best shots for you.

Virtual Reality:

Pixel also is optimized for Daydream, Google’s new virtual reality service. For those that pre-order a Pixel, Google will also ship a Daydream View VR headset for free.

Unlimited Storage:

Ever run out of storage on your device? No more thanks to Google! With Pixel and Pixel XL you will have unlimited high resolution cloud storage for your photos and videos.

Help, Anytime:

Need help with your new Pixel? Google has also added the ability to call their support staff directly, where a technician can actually take control of your phone remotely to help out. And of course, Republic is also always here to help out with anything you might need.

Fingerprint Reader:

Google has even taken a new approach to the fingerprint reader. In addition to unlocking your phone, now you can swipe down on the fingerprint reader to display your notifications with new gesture support.

Specs Overview:


Customize Your Look:

Make your phone all your own with a customized Live Case or pick one designed with Google Earth and Google Trends.


pixel-2If you want any of the cool features mentioned above, keep in mind they are Google Pixel exclusives. And, if you’re thinking about ordering yourself a new Pixel or Pixel XL, made by Google, don’t forget to grab a Republic SIM card today!

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10 thoughts on “Announcing Google Pixel and Pixel XL BYOP Support at Republic, Right Now.”

  1. Time and time again! Republic has blown my mind again! I came to the site intending to ask if I could be in a beta program for when I get my Google Pixel later this month, lo-and-behold they beat me to it! I love the savings of mind and money this company nabs me! /EndFanboy

  2. This is nice and all, but so $$$! Furthermore where are the options for compact phones? These and so many others are huge relatively speaking – all phablets! iPhone has released a high performance & compact phone — this is the type of product (Android of course) I’d like to see offered through RW. Compact but with a good camera and fast processing.

  3. If I have a republic phone already with a republic sim card, can I just use that sim in a new phone? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  4. Starting at $649. Why?
    Thats half of what my car cost and I bought that four years ago. Does this phone have alien technology?

    I’ve got the most basic Moto and that works fine for me.

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