Meet Republic Anywhere : Our FREE Texting App is here!

Hey Everyone,

We’re pumped to bring you the latest service we’ve been testing with our members. Starting today, Republic Anywhere, our new product that allows you to send messages from any device* is available for all Republic members…for free! You read that right, Anywhere is absolutely FREE if you have a phone number with Republic. We’re sticking to our commitment to provide remarkably simple ways to keep in touch with the people who matter most to you without breaking the bank. Get started with Anywhere by downloading the app below, or read on to find out more about this awesome new service.

Download Anywhere

Here’s how it works

With Anywhere installed, you can:
  • Send and receive text messages from your computer, using your phone number, just like you do on your phone.
  • Sync all your messages & contacts across devices, so all your messages are with you…no matter what device you are using.
  • De-stress those moments when you don’t have your phone. Since Anywhere works like another phone, you can stay in touch when your actual phone is lost (out of battery, or flew off the roof of your car…which has happened 🙂 )
View a walkthrough of the app:

Why we built Anywhere

We built Anywhere because it solves a common problem, one that most of us don’t think about.  When you use Gmail, Facebook, and Netflix, you expect it to be the same on every device, but there isn’t a good way get your calls and messages on any device. For something as important as your calls and messages, we thought there should be a solution. We tried some of the apps on the market, and most were unreliable, complex, or served up ads.  That’s why we built Anywhere, to solve this problem.

During the BETA, we found even more reasons people love this idea:

“Being able to communicate through desktop using my phone contacts lets me stay in better contact with people than I’d imagined.” – Mike
“I’m able to respond to texts more quickly—I don’t have to worry about having my phone on me all the time.” – Aaron
“The Anywhere app has been much more responsive because it’s not going through the additional layer of an outside application.” – Daryl
“Sometimes when I’m working I’m not able to have my cell phone with me. Being able to have it on the computer, and being able to identify when someone sends me a text has been an awesome benefit.” – John
“Sometimes I find that, even if I’m originally on my phone, I’ll intentionally switch to my computer so I can type out longer messages.” – Javier
“It’s very intuitive and offers everything you can do on a phone, with a little more freedom—plus access to a keyboard and all the files on your computer.” – Mike
“My phone went amphibious a few days ago. Republic Anywhere app has been a lifesaver allowing me to keep up with various text threads as well as giving me access to thread histories.” – Chris

What’s coming up next

  • Support for Android Tablets, iPads & iPhone, so you can install Anywhere on more of your devices
  • Calling and voicemail within Anywhere, so you can make/take calls on all your devices, just like you do with your smartphone.
  • More feedback, so we need your input to help drive upcoming releases of anywhere.

Lastly, I want to give credit where credit’s due – to the over 1,000 Republic members who have helped us make Anywhere better during our BETA.  We couldn’t have done it without you! We took your feedback to our (awesome) Republic Engineering team, who turned the ideas into reality.  We’ve already begun making Anywhere better in future releases.  Questions? Visit our Community or comment below.

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*iOS and Android tablet support coming soon

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70 thoughts on “Meet Republic Anywhere : Our FREE Texting App is here!”

    1. This looks almost exactly like Signal, though Signal works with Google Voice and is end-to-end encrypted when talking and texting with other Signal users. Is Republic Anywhere a fork of Signal?

  1. We use Linux exclusively. Google Voice and Hangouts use a web-based interface, so they’re OS agnostic.

      1. It just seems like a web interface would have allowed a unified implementation with less development resource.

    1. I didn’t realize this was such an old article. I found the link below for the “app” for Linux and had no luck with the installation. I might try un-installing and re-installing the “app” to see if it will work.

      I would prefer a web based messaging system as well instead of having install something else on my computer.

  2. Anywhere–just another attempt to divert attention from your almost non-existent cell service. Instead of adding these virtually worthless toys, why don’t you just improve your cell and customer service (also almost non-existent).

  3. Terrific idea; I want it! I especially look forward to being able to make phone calls using a desktop or laptop. I’ll have to download and install Anywhere on my phone and desktop later because I’m on my *Chromebook* now. I *really* hope you will develop a version for Chromebooks soon.

      1. 2nd the request for an extension. (i.e., plug-in) At work the IT folks prevent an downloading of an .EXE let alone the ability to install an .EXE. Make it like WebEx install.

  4. I use Google Voice on my phone. I have never given my real number to anyone, I don’t even know what it is. Will this program allow me to utilize my Google Voice number rather than the phones assigned number?

    1. I am with Gerry. This is useless to me and very confusing to my contacts. Now I can’t respond to messages until I get on a computer and use Hangouts and Google has screwed the pooch here as well.

  5. Definitely also need a web-only version, with persistent state on the server! (like slack, hangouts, spotify, etc ,etc) Then it would work on iOS, Linux, and any other platform already…

      1. Thanks for the response Shannon, hope you have a web version in the works or plans to do so. On the plus side, Anywhere has been working great for me so far on Windows – left it running overnight and it’s still responsive, and doesn’t seem to be a resource hog. Keep up the good work guys!

    1. I think that’s a great idea Jeff! AirDroid has both a local client that you can install and a web-based version. Something I’m sure the team at RW is aware of.

      Either way…this is a great addition to the awesome service they provide.

  6. As another happy beta tester I think it would be good to make the text update process happen a little more in the background so you don’t get a ton of notifications when you turn on the computer.

  7. The concept is great! App was not compatible with my Republic moto e1stgen, what are min requirements for phone app?

    1. Hi Navin, we are aware of an issue where the Anywhere app is not showing available on some Android devices and are working on a fix, thanks for your patience.

  8. Downloaded on Windows 10, sent link to my Moto X Pure edition and it’s telling me my device isn’t compatible!!!!!

    1. Hi Pauline, we are aware of an issue where the Anywhere app is not showing available on some Android devices and are working on a fix, thanks for your patience.

  9. I installed Anywhere on my PC, Win 10, logged in and then it gave me:
    Not quite ready yet.
    Code: RA-401 Unauthorized service line.
    It never gave me a chance to select a telephone line.

    1. Hi, we are aware of an issue where the Anywhere app is not showing available on some Android devices and are working on a fix, thanks for your patience.

  10. I used this app for about 2 weeks, and had many issues with the Windows app and the Android app. Windows app would not connect or sync with phone at times. Android app would not send messages at times even after multiple re-sends, yet when I switched back to my original message app it sent with no problem. I feel like it wasn’t really ready for prime-time. I’m hoping it will be get better. I am now back to my original texting app and MightyText on my laptop 🙁

  11. Chrome/Firefox support is essential. Linux support would be a bonus.and shouldn’t be hard to port from Android.

  12. I also use Linux and Chromebooks. (I wonder whether there’s a correlation between cost-conscious Republic Wireless users and cost-conscious Linux and/or Chromebook computer users?)

    With the Pushbullet Chrome extension, I can already send and receive text messages on all my computers, and they continue to be stored in one place (on my phone). Pushbullet also supports SMS attachments, inter-device messaging, file transfers, and more.

    A softphone allowing calls to be placed and answered from the computer would be interesting, but with the current feature set I don’t feel I’m missing anything compelling.

  13. need to have it upload photos to pc like mightytext. until that feature is available i’m sticking with mightytext

  14. I love the new Anywhere app. I have it on my phone and desktop. Having all my texts synced where I can access them on my desktop is import and a great time saver. No longer do I have to reach for my phone to answer a client’s text. I can do it quickly from my desktop. And, suffering from Quadriplegia, sending and receiving my client’s texts on my desktop makes it much easier for me to quickly respond to them. I probably have them baffled as to how I respond so quickly now. 🙂

  15. I just installed this. I’m replacing MightyText.
    Several advantages:
    1: Access to my full texting history. Including back past my latest reset! MT only would go back a little while.
    2: I don’t have to have my phone on! I shut off at night.
    3: no message limit! MT was 200 a month. (free version)

    No problems, so far.
    Thanks RW! You’ve done it again!

  16. Is support for Chromebooks planned? My wife’s MotoX on the refund plans is on it’s last leg but we love the $10 phone bill so not planning to upgrade to clear choice plans at this time. SMS never seems to work quite right and the ability to use her Chromebook (her primary device) for SMS would be excellent!

  17. Will there be a version in development for the kindle tablets since they do not have access to the play store?

  18. I like the app. Very handy. One thing that I’m puzzled about, though, is that it seems to be impossible to delete conversations on one device and have that change then sync on others. e.g. If I delete a conversation on my phone, the conversation still shows on the Anywhere app on my laptop. Unless I’ve missed something, this is a feature that would make it more convenient…

  19. It would be great to sync Messenger too…. probably not possible, but I have some people I can only contact via Messenger, some only via text. It’d be wonderful to have them all centralized

  20. Few questions:
    1) Why am I not getting images but links to them on both phone and anywhere?
    To test you can send a text to 57251 and write: send me clouds to receive an artwork or photo with clouds (see the story here: While all other phones receive the image in their respective texting app, I always get a reply with text and a link like this:

    Send me clouds
    Wed 11:18PM
    Ansel Adams, ‘The Golden Gate Before the Bridge, San Francisco, California’, ca. 1932; printed ca. 1972
    Wed 11:18PM

    2) Why no button to show emoji or better yet an emoji inline interpreter (where one could write for instance :heart: or 🙂 etc. and get a set of related and relevant emojis?

    3) Why no option to send images, video or audio notes?

    4) Why doesn’t anywhere allow to make calls much like a VoIP service would let users via sip account? (I have Voipo and can user a softphone with the sip credentials provided for on my Voipo control panel).

    Thanks 🙂

  21. I was excited to install and try this out. Problem is every phone number in my household showed up but my own. Tried to log a ticket and that didn’t work from the app. Oh well. I will try again some other time.

  22. It’s interesting that you call the app Anywhere but I can’t download it onto my Android phone while I am travelling internationally. I use my Republic phone while I am travelling and I will have to wait until I return to the US before I can download it? Seems like an unnecessary and arbitrary restriction.

  23. Anyone know how to have notifications show up on the main screen like other notifications? All I can get is a sound notification but doesn’t show up on the main screen.

  24. This seems like an awesome idea. But lacking features that other third party apps (Pushbullet, Mighty Text) offer: inter-device messaging, SMS attachments,, file transfers, and much more. Until Anywhere offers up those features, I will have to wait to switch over to it. I will keep watching for when that happens. Go Republic!!!

  25. I hope that one of the coming features will be autocorrect and the ability to add words to a dictionary as with the other Messengers. Not sure if that’s possible since the dictionary repository would need to be synced between phone & PC. But it’s a very useful tool that I would like Anywhere to have.

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