April: What’s New and What’s in the Works

In April we told you all about our big plans for 2016. While we know everyone is most interested in what new phones we’ll be offering we’re excited to have launched two big pieces of the 2016 puzzle already.

1. Device Financing

We launched device financing with a partner called Affirm. This will allow well qualified buyers to spread the cost of a device over 6, 12, or 18 months (10-30% APR) if they don’t want to pay it all upfront.

2. Adaptive Coverage™ enabled with  Bonded Calling™

We announced and delivered our next generation of WiFi Calling Technology- Bonded Calling™, as part of our broader portfolio of calling technology called Adaptive Coverage™. You can read more about it here, but the takeaway is that this tech improves call quality by weaving together WiFi and cellular networks simultaneously.

Additionally, we made customer requested improvements to our new account portal capabilities with number transfer and downloadable calling and text records.  Finally, we’re still working with our partners to update the Moto E (1st Gen) device to Android Lollipop. We’ve been posting our updates here. We apologize for the delay and we’re working hard to bring this last device up to date.

We’re really excited about the coming few months for Republic and we’re eager to share more details with everyone. Stay tuned to our blog, email and social channels as we’ll be communicating on a regular cadence about new developments!

New in April

Phone & Service Related:

In-Progress Items to Improve your Experience:

(due to the more complex nature of these items, no official timing is set nor is delivery guaranteed, but they are being worked on regularly):

Smaller Scope Items:

  • MMS Interoperability with Cricket

Larger Scope Items:

  • Multi-Device Experience
  • Next Generation Device
  • New Carrier Experience
  • Android Lollipop 5.1 Moto E (1st Gen.)
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57 thoughts on “April: What’s New and What’s in the Works”

  1. This is getting comical (to me at least). I am limping along with my old moto x and now I have all these new features: 1) I can finance a new crappier phone (how about them rates 10%-30% APR WTF) 2) I can have improved phone quality on a phone that just barely works (I am already making most calls from google voice from my computer anyways) and 3) I can download phone records for my almost dead phone. I literally bought a backup moto x from a friend who jumped ship to google fi so that when my phone dies I am not dead in the water.

    So, where are the new phones? I had a friend ask about what phone service I had and if we liked it last night. I told him, yes, we like our phone service, but if I were to make any switch right now, I would not recommend RW. I told him to check out google FI.

    1. until customers can use apple phones on republicwireless, I see the company imploding and going out of business.

    2. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your phone, have reached out to our help team? We understand the anticipation of new phones, we’ll have more information in the near future.

      1. Thank’s for replying to me Shannon. I just opened a ticket with the help team. I am totally fine with complaining to a real person. I do tech stuff for a living and feel I have tried most avenues of extending the life of my phone, and am happy to talk to someone in help to see if there is something I have not yet tried. The over arching point remains, whether my phone is working or not, if I WANT to upgrade or if I NEED to upgrade, I should be able to upgrade. I purchased my phone on November 18, 2013. As a customer, I should have options to upgrade after 2.5 years. RW messed up on this. They are losing new customers, old customers, and soon to be current customers.

        My family bought 4 moto x’s in late 2013. 1 is completely dead, 1 stopped taking a charge, 1 got dropped and the camera stopped working, and 1 is still working. I was able to pick up 2 used RW phones from a friend that got fed up and went to google FI to extend the life of the remaining phones in my family. Of the original 4 phones, there is only 1 that is fully functional still. I am not sure how much loyalty I have left in me as a customer. My 2 spares have replaced the 2 non-functioning phones. I have 4 mostly working phones. . . but no more spares. This is dumb and I am pissed.

        1. Wow that is pretty insane. Both of our original Moto Xs are working near perfectly still. I wonder if the Otter box just protects them that much.

          1. We have otter boxes on all of our phones. The USB connector broke from the circuit board on my phone and now it’s hit or miss if it takes a charge. The otter box was awesome, I just think the phone is nearing end of life.

            We live in Colorado and try to support Colorado business when possible. . . otter box is out of Ft Collins Colorado

          2. Also, my wife and I have twin toddlers, so I presume our phones see a lot more abuse (also the reason for the otter box). My point in all of this is that the 4 phones I am responsible for are starting to die off (mine, my wife’s, mother and father in laws). I SHOULD have a desirable replacement option.

          3. Ahh… I somewhat understand your pain. I am terrified that my cats will break my port. The evil little demons like to use it as a surf board when they jump off my book shelf onto my desk.

            You definitely should have a good replacement option. I don’t understand what happened to the Moto X line of phones. Sure the newer Moto G’s are roughly as good as the first gen motox x, but about doesn’t mean as. I feel your pain in the wait. At the very least something like discontinuation warnings or temporary disruptions in supply warnings would be nice. As it stands there are a few phones, but none are really the option a power user is looking for. That’s a real shame too.

        2. I’m in the same boat. My Moto X died and I was forced to buy a substandard Moto G with an insufficient one gig of RAM. I’m tired of this now it’s just a choice between Google, MetroPCS, or T-Mobile. Anybody have any suggestions or have family or friends using one of the services that actually have phones?

          1. I had a friend switch to Fi on the Nexus 5X last week from an iPhone 6 on Verizon (cost cutting measure) and has been pleased with the service and the phone so far. No glitches noted as of yet. As far as the direct comparison to the Moto X Gen1, I’ll update next week.

          2. Ron, after using Google Fi for a week now I’ve been really pleased with the service. It’s very comparable to RW just minus a few of the quirks. For instance, I couldn’t send MMS messages over WiFi at work (some ports not turned on or something), and now on Fi I can. WiFi call quality is better on Fi. I would definitely recommend getting the Nexus 5X at a discount from Google Fi ($200). If you want to bring it back to RW in July when they open up BYOD, you can get the cheaper RW service with a $150 discount courtesy of Google. I will consider switching back to RW after BYOD is open and the dust settles a bit.

          3. Same here got the Google Nexus 5X with 32GM so far so good just porting the phone number now. Phone looks good around $265.81. Playing with it a lot nicer then my moto-E with 4GB. But all I use it for is Phone calls when I get them and surf the web on wifi and sms when the wifi goes down. With the new phone I can use the data if I need it at $10.00 a GB cheaper then here that’s the reason I got Google, I checked the plans we have here and then there.

      2. @disqus_LZlGLb0s4R:disqus , This is the reply I got from RW help. So, now I am even more pissed because it is the same outcome I was already 99.999% sure of. So, now I have it from RW – I NEED A REPLACEMENT DEVICE. Dear RW, could you please help me with a replacement device.

        RW Help response:

        “At this time, we believe you are in need of a replacement device. Unfortunately, it appears your device is currently out of warranty. In situations such as this, your device may be able to be repaired (however, this is not a service that Republic Wireless offers at this time).

        Motorola may be able to repair this device for you, but you would need to contact them directly for help.”

      3. Shannon, thank you for responding. I just want to know, can you ballpark when we might see new phone info? May,June, July?

    3. Announcement after announcement, us 1st Gen Moto X users are expecting a new phone but…. it is just the same regurgitated announcements of the past. Its getting old! RW, please stop releasing announcements and getting our hope up. My phone is 2.5 years old! Im ready for an upgrade, not a downgrade. Is that so much to ask after being a loyal customer for 2.5 years?

    4. Good luck to RW customer service. Reading this post makes me cringe. What a complete whiner. Looks like David and some others need a few years in a place where there are Real problems to deal with. A change in perspective IS needed. BTW – RW is an awesome service that keeps getting better. If this is not obvious to someone then it is basically hopeless. Please – Go straight to a Verizon shop and have at it – lots of great phones with wonderful 2 year contracts!!! Then you can do your complaining to the Verizon community.

      1. DRM, thanks for calling me out on the whining. Was I being complain-y pants? Sure, a little. Should a customer of any cell service ever be forced to downgrade their phone because their phone has reached end of life? Nope. I have put up with a lot. I actually sought out temporary phones so I could STAY with RW until they offered new phones. I do live in a world with real problems that I deal with and implying that I don’t have real problems just because I want a working phone that is not worse than the one I already have is a stretch. You’re right, RW is an awesome service and I love how they have disrupted the typical cell service market, however, I believe they messed up this time by giving customers no options if their phone’s reached end of life. This was not due to me wanting the latest and greatest gizmo to play with. We had 3 phones that just wore out. One would not turn on, one got dropped, and mine stopped taking a charge. All 3 phones were in otter boxes for protection. We truly needed a replacement and I thought downgrading or side-grading was nuts given it’s been almost 3 years. Now we limp along until July. . . and if our phones die before then, we will go to Google FI – which is basically the same price as RW and no where near your crazy Verizon-2-year-contract comment.

  2. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! I’m almost ready to drop these clowns just for the hilarity of these “updates”. Everyone and their brother is waiting for the new phones to drop and all we want is a legitimate time frame (hell, an estimate would be fine!!), so we can assess for ourselves whether you’re worth the wait or not. As of now, you’re making the decision much easier for folks. You are pissing us all off!

    1. Hi Ben, as much as we want to spill the beans now, we have legal contracts to finalize. It’s not a quick and easy process, it’ll be worth the wait.

      1. I appreciate your reply, Shannon. I will be buying a new phone this month and it remains to be seen whether it will be a Republic Wireless phone or not. Best of luck getting rolling out this month, if not I’ll be switching to Google Fi.

        1. I forgot that I’m a millennial and crazy impatient. I switched to Google Fi last night. Sorry RW. I waited as long as I could.

          1. I’m an old GenX lady and I’d still bet, @ben_yorke:disqus , that I outdo you in both crazy AND impatient. 🙂

  3. Piling on. My phone no longer holds a charge for more than 90 minutes. Two charges in the house (we have dozens) work with it. Have been waiting to upgrade for more than four months. Have to constantly tell friends and family: sorry, didn’t get your text; my phone died and I had to get home and charge it for three hours. When they tell me to get a new phone and I explain what’s going on, I sound like a crazy person. Even I think I am an idiot for waiting this out, at this point.

      1. we just want to know how long me have to wait… its hard to be loyal when you have been a customer with the same MOto X 1st gen for 2.5 years, and have been ready for a new phone for months, and your provider has no upgrades for you. is that really so much to ask?

      2. Worth the wait? Wait, wait, hurry up and wait. Republic was wrong for letting the supply of Moto X phones run out thinking a new option would be available. Going to cost you far more in the way of lost customers. I was steered towards Republic 3 years ago by Calark Howard. Emailing him today to report on the customer no service and to steer people clear of this debacle.

      3. Saw the announcement today. Please pass on to the Powers That Be that I really do appreciate having a date attached to the “please be patient” message.

        I generally agree with everything that’s been said—it was a strange business decision to leave such a long period when only subpar phones were on offer. But I’m grateful to finally know when I can fire up my minivan and drive over my stupid, broken, POS phone and replace it with an actual upgrade! 🙂

  4. My 2013 Moto X is still going strong, now with Android 5.1. While I miss the more general battery-saver function of KitKat (Lollipop is much more “run down normally until emergency level is reached” by comparison, which means that a memory-clearer app is needed to knock off background-running processes), I’m very pleased with Republic’s work in bringing the new OS to this older device. And if I want a spec bump, the newest Moto G is a better phone, with the option for more memory because I can use a microSD card with it. The plan changes to date have all made my phone better, and cheaper to use.

  5. I had 3 barely working and supremely irritating RW phones in the family and switched 1 line to Project Fi a few weeks ago. Yes, it cost around $10 more per month, the call stability and voice quality are superb and I have experienced 1 dropped call so far – I was talking to another RW phone!

  6. My wife has the latest version of the Moto G and I have the latest version of the Moto X. We get great service when we are on Sprint but sketchy service on Wi-Fi even though I have excellent Wi-Fi service and an Apple 1GB router and two Apple Wi-Fi extenders in the house (One network).

    I can be 4ft from the main Apple router and have my conversations break up continuously. Sometimes I go outside so that I can get a Sprint signal instead. It’s possible that things got better after the new feature was introduced because we don’t notice the problem as much now.

    It was too late to stop my purchase of a MagicJack for the house. I can now use the MagicJack for IP phone service at a cost of $40/year approximately. Problem solved twice.

    I still like the RW approach. It’s a great price and the data refund is a great idea. I still smile when I tell friends that I pay $10/month for service and my wife pays $25 with refundable unused data charges. Typically we pay about $26/month for both phones. She uses data on her phone and I use data on my iPad. As retirees we are very happy with the costs. Most people seem to be paying close to a $100/month. Thank you RW! Now for reducing TV costs!

  7. 2013 Moto X here, battery still works just fine. I have always charged my phone every night and it has rarely run dead. Once in a while I notice the battery dropping fast due to cell standby… a restart fixes that.

  8. The importance of new phones aside, I really wish the MMS issue with Cricket would get fixed. Probably a non issue for most but annoying to those it impacts. I know there’s workarounds but it shouldn’t be necessary.

  9. “We’re really excited about the coming few months.” I’m not a technical person, but upgrading the older phones to a new operating system seems like a bad business decision rather than putting every available person working overtime on getting out new phones yesterday. Maybe you are and maybe it’s really difficult, I have no idea. When the flagship Moto x2 is sold out and the moto x 1st gen is the best offering, even the hardest core Republic Wireless fans are tempted to switch. Even Mr. Money Mustache has left. I’m holding out, but not for much longer.

  10. I love RW! I have a Moto X2 and it works pretty good. How can all these people be having issues with their Moto X??? Unless it’s a piece of garbage or abused, a phone should last at least 3 years. I hate this cycle of hating on RW (first few comments). When you get new phones it might pacify them for a while-until they start nagging you about the updates (even if it’s out of your hands). After you get the update, they will start getting upset about not having a new phone (unless BYOD is introduced). It seems like it is a never ending cycle. Republic Wireless, I feel for you guys. You handle the heat really well.

    1. Justin, my Moto X1 is 3 years old. You said it yourself. Now it’s time to get a new phone and their offerings are less than adequate.

      1. Yes. I agree. Their offerings are less than steller.Is complaining really necessary though? We all should know they are trying really hard to release a good one. Hey, it might even be BYOD!

        1. Don’t know what to tell you hombre. If you don’t like reading the comments, don’t read them. They’re not intended for you. They’re intended for RW to let know the flaws in their business model and if they value their business they should rectify the issue before they hemorrhage more customers. I want to support the upstart, but they are making it exceedingly difficult, and they should know why.

          1. Well said. If RW doesn’t hear both the PROS and CONS from their customers they really won’t know how their customers feel. RW in their early days had a great business model, but there is competition now and I’m afraid that RW has been rather slow to respond.

        2. No Justin, we should all shut up and soldier on. We should keep our frustration to ourselves so others can be deceived and buy into problems and get jerked around.

      2. If you want to complain, send Lenovo a memo. Motorola ended production of the 2nd gen. Moto X and the third iteration should have been released. Motorola builds SotA phones, but parent Lenovo have their pinguid hands all over it now. Moto by Lenovo… really? No, they are definitely NOT by Lenovo. Motorola engineers and designers are first rate in the industry, and/but they are bound by Google’s Android OS. Easily, the Moto X 2nd gen. was equal to the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy offering at less than half the price. Sure they could offer significant upgrades to the photo software to match the iPhone/Galaxy photo quality, but that is more of an Android setback, as Motorola does not bloat the Android OS with eyewash. I get the sense from searching around the internet, that Lenovo wants more of an iPhone design “look” with their name on it for the 3rd gen. Moto X. That’s unfortunate… for me anyways.

    2. Really? Ever break a phone? Drop it, kid throw in pool, ect. The mics stop working, the batteries die, technology doesn’t last forever! Don’t be naive! The problem is that I should have a legitimate option if I need a new phone. I should not have to go without or spend money on an inferior phone with 1gb of RAM that locks up constantly. These complaints are legit.

    3. I think you’ve managed to confuse Republic-Wireless-the-Business with Republic-Wireless-the-Religion.

  11. I have been with RW for 1.5 years. They have saved me 100’s of dollars, and I am extremely grateful. I have three family phones with RW and although I live in a rural area, we have excellent service. I have tried Fi and it really does not work in my area, which makes me even happier with RW. I understand the difficulty of not knowing the rollout schedule for new devices, but since my phones all work well I am enjoying the build-up to hear the news! Keep on rocking, RW!

  12. Same issues with my gen 1 Moto X as everyone else. Have been holding out for a new phone from RW for months without any follow through by them. Finally pulled the plug and placed an order with Google Fi. It’s sad to say goodbye to Republic Wireless as I have been a fan since the very beginning as well as an early beta tester, but the requirement for a reliable phone mandated the change…

  13. Well it’s official. I’ve jumped ship. Goodbye Republic Wireless! Hello Google Fi! I finally couldn’t take it any longer. When they’re weekly updates turn into a list of everything they’ve already said, it became clear they are just spinning their wheels. Although Google Fi will cost a bit more per month (I estimate $7/month), the $200 Nexus 5X promotion will certainly help and I would imagine that a comparable phone on RW will be significantly more as they look to capitalize on pent up demand. I’m very excited about the change. Thank you to Republic for their contributions to the telecommunication industry, but a failure to evolve and evolve quickly will make you go the way of Ask Jeeves. Best of luck!

  14. Can you help me make a decision about the upcoming RW 3.0 rollout? At my home T-Mobile and Sprint have poor signal strength which is hindering me from adding any additional RW lines. My ISP is satellite, so the lag times make WiFi phone use while home impossible. Are there other cell providers in the pipeline to help eliminate my cell reception issues?

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