At College with Republic: 5 Apps I Wouldn’t Graduate Without

Although my classes in college are challenging, it’s safe to say that my smartphone makes life a lot easier. Below are the top five apps, which I could not pass my classes without!

1. GroupMe – I use this application for every group project I am involved in to stay organized and connected. Everything is in one place and nothing gets overlooked like it might in email chains or social network messages. It can also be used to chat with friends, roommates, teammates, family, vacation groups – you name it!

2. FindMeCoffee – Late night study session? Early morning exam? No problem. No matter where I am, I can always find my nearest caffeine fix. It suggests everything from small mom and pop shops to big brands, such as Starbucks, which is my favorite free WiFi spot. It’s also great for travel and finding a place to meet up with people.

3. Google Calendar – Between school, my awesome internship at Republic, and my social life, my days can get be a little hectic. That being said, I would be completely lost without notifications telling me when to go to class, when assignments are due, and when to go to my club meetings.

4. TransLoc – Tired of waiting for the bus or wondering when it will come? TransLoc gives you real-time vehicle tracking and estimates of when the bus will arrive at your stop, so you can arrive right on time. No more waiting in the cold! See if your school uses this app for their bus system or has a similar app.

5. Pandora – I am one of those people that hate silence and need to study with something in the background, but Netflix is too distracting. Music is the perfect fix for me, and Pandora gives you the option to create personalized stations based on your music preferences. I discover so many new songs by using this app!

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