At Home With Republic: 5 Apps My After-Hours Can’t Live Without


FB_athomeAs much as I use my smartphone at work, I turn to it even more when it’s time to unwind. Below are the top five apps my “smart apartment” just wouldn’t be home without!

  1. Amazon: I can’t live without the ease of a Prime membership.  Open the pantry and out of peanut butter?  Two clicks and it’s there in two days, no grocery run required.  I rely on Amazon for all kinds of grocery dry-goods in addition to beauty products, books, movie streaming, and more. “They’ve got it all figured out,” as my father might say!
  2. Epicurious: I’m a budding chef (okay, “home cook” might be more accurate) and the Epicurious app is an awesome place to get  recipe ideas.  Search by ingredients, meal type, ratings and more; prop it up on the kitchen counter and I’m ready to go!
  3. OpenTable: When #2 fails, this is my go-to for finding a spot within walking distance at just the click of a button.
  4. Universal Remote: I’m constantly losing the remote control in my living room between couch cushions and who knows where.  With this app, I turned my Moto X (2nd gen) into a remote control!  No more late night searches underneath the coffee table with the smartphone flashlight.
  5. Songza: Just when you thought jamming out to Pandora and Spotify while spring cleaning couldn’t get any better, Songza enters your life.  Songza creates and suggests playlists based on the time of day, with “like” and “dislike” buttons just like Pandora to tailor your selections over time.  I love it at home because it so often matches playlists to exactly what I’m doing: unwinding after a long day, cooking a Southern brunch, chilling with friends on a Friday night.
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