August: What’s New and What’s in the Works

Last quarter, we brought back a data notification feature on our Clear Choice and Refund Plans, improved the look and searchability of our Help page, and launched two new devices.

We’ve kept up that momentum this quarter making progress on several projects. Read below to learn what we’ve been up to!

Republic Anywhere Launch

Republic Anywhere is a new product that allows our members to text and send messages for FREE from a variety of supported devices (Republic phones, PCs using Windows or Linux systems, and Mac computers).  It’s synced to your phone number so you’ll always be able to stay in touch with people and places that matter most to you. Republic Anywhere exited a closed beta in June and became available to all of our members.  If you haven’t tried it, download Republic Anywhere today!

New Ticket Wizard

We developed a new interface that makes submitting help tickets much easier and intuitive. Specifically, we’ve built a step-by-step guide to help you throughout the ticket creation process, ensuring that the relevant information is attached to your ticket. Additionally, you will also notice that we built a section in the desktop account portal so you can easily see the status of your help tickets.

Early analysis shows that tickets created through this new ticket wizard are being solved 15% more quickly than those created through the main Help page.  This is a big step in the right direction.

We’re excited by the early results here and would love to know what you think and how you think we can make it better.

Community Forum Launch

We redesigned and switched underlying providers to bring you a new and improved member Community Forum.  This change not only updated our member discussion forums but also improved our knowledge base content.  You can visit our Help Center and witness its new look and feel.  We’ve made it easier to browse and we’ll continue to iterate to improve search and discovery functionality.


New Devices & Deals

The new Moto E4 became available on June 30th.  This is an outstanding value phone that retails for only $99!  The Moto E4 Plus, a slightly larger more powerful version, launched on August 14th for $199.  Two new phones joined our bring your own phone program, the modular Moto Z2 Play and the budget-friendly Alcatel A30.  We also ran promotions on the spectacular Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge taking $100 off the regular price.

Subscribe to our blog and follow our social media feed to learn about upcoming promotions.

System and App Upgrades

We’ve continued to follow through on our promise to deliver faster upgrades to your devices and apps:

  • The Republic App received three updates that included:
    • Fixing Email to SMS
    • Displaying a notification after a plan change
    • Bug fixes and stability enhancements.
  • Republic Anywhere received four updates that included:
    • Split window capability
    • Enabled contact cards
    • Better image composing
    • Bug fixes & stability enhancements
  • The Samsung S6 received an upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat & a security patch
  • The Google Pixel & Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 & 6P all received two security patches a piece
  • The Moto Z, Moto G5 Plus, Samsung S7 & S7 Edge all received a security patch

As always feel free to leave comments to let us know your thoughts.

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Notable Replies

  1. I’m all for tooting Republic’s horn, but isn’t including the S6 Nougat upgrade, the Pixel & Nexus security patches, the Moto security patches and the Samsung security patches a bit disingenuous? The only things that Republic did to “deliver faster upgrades to your devices” in these cases is allow the devices on the network.

  2. cb1 says:

    And what is the split screen feature on republic anywhere?

  3. I’m looking for IPv6 on Republic. I’m deploying IPv6 only services and they are only reachable from my work cell phone on ATT. I can get on WiFi or VPN and access them that way but it is tedious at the least.

    At least give us IPv6 addressing to our devices.

    Long term, go IPv6 only like other mobile providers and win the Internet.

  4. seanr says:

    Actually, a lot more goes into this. I wish we could do so little. We do test the updates in advance, when possible, and add them to our supported list for new activations. The updates do not always pass and sometimes require us to work with our partners, carriers, and manufacturers to resolve.

  5. seanr says:

    The joy of being a Messaging app. It touches a lot of the capabilities of the phone and we need to be granted those capabilities to work. Android’s rules not ours. It should not be a security concern, I would hope you trust our app is working as other messaging apps do.

  6. We compete for people who think that unlimited is a waste and that they want the opportunity to save if they use less.

    I’m not saying this to be snarky–If you’re serious about this segment, then bring back the refund plans. My Moto X 2nd gen is in its dying throes, and I’ve been on a refund plan since my Defy XT and find it a fantastic value and am pretty ticked that I have to give it up. My average bill is ~$24/month on the 2GB plan.

    I don’t buy that refund plans are “too complicated” because all the hard work was already done on the back end to handle the billing cycles.

  7. If your bill is about $24 a month on the refund plan, that means that you’re using about $14 of data, or just under 1GB. On the new plans, you’d be paying only $20! Welcome to Clear Choice Plans.

  8. Not quite as seamless, but it really is very fast. You can buy the 1GB plan, and on months where you don’t exceed, you’ll save a few bucks. When you need the extra data, it takes 30 seconds to move to the 2GB plan, and yes, on those months it’ll cost a couple of extra dollars.

  9. I would also LOVE to have the refund plans available on the newer 3.0 plans. For me 1 GB of data is a lot and I would mostly only use it for driving directions and maybe googling something when I’m at the store. If no refund plans than at least having a 0.5 GB plan would be nice. I know it it is only $5 more per month but I really don’t like paying for something I am not going to use. I thought the refund plan was really cool and made Republic stand out in comparison to other companies in terms of affordibility and flexibility. Thank you!

  10. I am on the 0.5 GB Refund Plan, and my average bill is less than $16 including taxes and fees because I almost never use more than 0.1 GB, even when traveling and hitting the GPS hard. I have been nursing along my old Moto G2 phone, now excruciatingly slow, because the cheapest Clear Choice Plan now available is $20 plus taxes, which is about $25 all in. Republic could make me a happy camper and avid referrer to the other cheapskates I know by offering a 0.5 GB Clear Choice Plan.

  11. For what it is worth, 0.5 GB, if used, on the refund plan would cost $7.50. 1 GB on Republic’s Clear Choice plans is $5.00. Even if more than half is unused, Clear Choice would be less expensive for cell data.

    It’s true the base for talk and text on Clear Choice is $15 rather than $10 for Republic’s refund plans. For what it’s worth, I don’t think we’ve have access to as many phones or the option to choose between two cellular partners were it not for the higher base cost.

  12. While there was indeed an increase, I challenge anyone to find a competitive plan at $15.

    Cricket offers unlimited calling/texting for $25 AND NO MMS. NONE.

    Consumer Cellular’s $17.50 plan gets you 250 minutes and 300 texts.

    Google Fi $20 for unlimited talk/text

    and it doesn’t get better from there.

  13. I’m coming from TPO Mobile, who also operates on the same GSM provider as Republic. I was on their “Kind” plan:

    $16 per month
    500MB data
    1000 minutes
    unlimited text (MMS included)

    More info here: [link redacted according to our Community Guidelines. Folks can search it. :wink:]
    One thing that is unique about Republic though is the community. I’ve been with multiple different MVNOs, always trying to find the best bang for buck, but RW is truly one of a kind in this regard.

  14. beachb says:

    If TPO Mobile were giving it’s customer 500GB of data for $16, I dare say they wouldn’t be in business for very long. No mobile plan is that “Kind”.

    The TPO Mobile “Kind” plan gives you 500 MB (megabytes) of data. That’s half of one gigabyte.

    Moderator’s note: Link removed in accordance with our Community Guidelines.

  15. Good catch – edited.

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