Battery, Camera, and Value: The Moto G (3rd Gen.) Proves Itself to Be a Triple Threat!

So, we’re a pretty excitable bunch here at Republic. Can you blame us? We get to work with amazing team members everyday, work on industry-shaking new technology in Republic Labs, and help our awesome members save money on their phone bills! What’s not exciting about that?!

Lately, we’ve been fired up about the new Moto G (3rd Gen.). But, while we can talk about the phone Engadget calls “the best budget smartphone all day, we wanted to hear what you think – openly, honestly, and totally impartial. So! We turned to our social networks to find members who each had different phones, different usage habits and (most importantly) had never worked with us before. Ambassadors? Nope! Related to employees? Nada. Just like in a 90’s teen movie, we were looking for the people who had been there the whole time…

…to review our new phone! Five lucky folks were shipped a new Moto G (3rd Gen.) and over the course of three weeks, Bryan, Bob, Marsha, Esther and Michele tested those puppies out as thoroughly as they could with two rules:

  1. Be honest
  2. Seriously, be honest!
  3. Don’t talk about Fight Club

Okay, so that’s three rules, but we’re getting side-tracked. We want to hear from these amazing guys and gals and see their reactions! Without further ado, here’s our grand experiment that we like to call: “Seriously, Our Members are A-mazing!” Subtitled: “A review in seven acts:”

1: Physical Aesthetics

“My phone is here! It is BEAUTIFUL!” – Michele B.

“I like the feel of the phone. The screen is very sensitive. I like that.” – Michele B.

BobMarshaPhone“I added a 32 GB card to my phone. Easy peasy!”  – Michele B.

“Good size: Large enough not having to squint to gaze, but small enough to hold in one hand.” – Esther M.

“Just received the new, attractive Moto G phones!!” – Bob and Marsha G.

“Out of the box. I love the slightly larger size. Fits my hand great. At first I thought the back felt like plastic, but it seems to grip so I now like it. LOVE the screen touch response when opening apps. I noticed the LCD screen would be gray when active display lights up, but I don’t mind that.”  – Bryan H.

2: Cell and WiFi Call Connectivity

“The call quality is flawless! Even my sister told me it does not sound at all like a cell phone. (She is normally very critical of cell phone quality.)” – Michele B.

“I left home walking in a drizzling rain today with my Moto G. As soon as I left my WiFi zone (a good walk), I placed a call.  Then I started back home. I could not tell at all when it changed over to WiFi again.”  – Michele B.

“Fewer dropped calls (compared to the issues I’ve had with my Moto E phone). Calls could not be made in some WiFi facilities (specifically, from a local YMCA – located at 2900 Sepulveda Blvd., Torrance, CA). There was a solid arc (indicating presence of WiFi) but when attempted to make a call, the prompt, ‘No Signal’ came up. Caller quality seems better (than that of Moto E) but sometimes the person on the other side of the line sounds like he/she’s under water.)

…a day later and following some troubleshooting…

I followed your advice and the phones (both Moto G (3rd Gen.) phone I’m testing and Moto E (2nd Gen.) phone my daughter is using) seem to be working better now in terms of call quality and roaming through the businesses with open WiFi.” – Esther M.

3: Battery Life

“Normally I stream to Chromecast, but I am checking battery life so I am watching Netflix and Crackle on my phone. I charged it yesterday morning. My Moto X would have had 30% battery or less this morning. My Moto G still has 42% after 3pm. Great battery life!” – Michele B.

“I forgot to mention Battery life. I fully charged my phone and then used radio, streamed a couple videos and checked email. Plus Facebook and Twitter. Made calls and text all day long. Lollipop has been said to be a battery drainer, but this battery lasted all day.” – Bryan H.

4: Apps & Operations

“I have been streaming Netflix on my Chromecast and it is working perfectly.” – Michele B.

“The 360 degree Google street view is incredible!”  – Michele B.

“I got my Bluetooth synced with my car yesterday. I am really enjoying playing with it. It also seems to be easier to keep it from using cell data when I leave home.” – Michele B.

“I love the FM app. I will be able to listen to radio stations at night that are not available on my radio at home.” – Michele B.

“Video quality (when streaming from Netflix and other streaming sites) is ok except the feed freezes and plays frequently. I’m playing video from my home Wi-Fi (Verizon Fios 50/50).” – Esther M.

“It has been interesting to see the changes in the new Moto G phones and our Moto X (1st Gen.) and the Android Lollipop update on them. Our daughter has the Moto X (2nd Gen.) and the phone’s operations are very similar. Learning how to turn the flashlight on and off is a plus and, well, like a new toy.” – Bob and Marsha G.

5: Photos

Michele B – Cornbread the cat:

“I did a couple of videos, but they are too large to upload. The quality is fantastic!” – Michele B.

Bryan H. and some foliage:

“Photos…I love this camera. I took great photos and videos and not just great for Motorola. Both cameras are good and video is clear. Sound is nice too. I will continue and update soon.” – Bryan H.

Bob and Marsha go hiking!

“I went to the Shenandoah National Park with my daughter and granddaughter on Monday. We had a picnic at Big Meadows and then hiked down to Lewis Falls and back. Right at a mile and kind of a rugged trail which we didn’t realize before hand. The Appalachian Trail crosses right at the top where we started and we met a young man on his way to Georgia. Hoped to be there in a month. Anyway, I wanted to see if I could share a couple videos and pictures from the Moto G. I think the pictures are very good… And the battery life was amazing.” – Bob and Marsha G.

6: Audio Quality

“The speaker is really loud! I love it!”  – Michele B.

“I played many different types of music and only a couple of songs sounded ok everything great. Streaming videos was fun looked and sounded great. Radio was a nice surprise. You need to plug in headset to play radio, but I have Bluetooth. That’s not a problem. I did not have to wear the headset because sound plays in Bluetooth.”  – Bryan H.

“I do have one concern. The speaker phone volume is low. Anyone else commented on this? Thank you…

…a day later and after some troubleshooting…

I think it is my friend’s Bluetooth on the other end, I tested it with someone else and speaker is fine. I will continue. I do want to let you know. The wobbling sound I previously mentioned was my Bluetooth… Also about the music sound the songs with heavy bass do sound just on Bluetooth and plug in headphones. So it’s the music not the speakers.” – Bryan H.

7: Bottom Line

“My phone’s new ‘dress’ arrived today. 🙂 You should have heard me bragging to the workers at the polling place. I showed them my phone and told them how great Republic Wireless is. I think they will be looking for the website. One woman told me she is paying $200 a month for her service.” – Michele B.

“This phone was easy to setup. I love the Moto Migrate feature. That is easy for anyone! This phone helps save cell data and is awesome on battery life. I had to charge my Moto X everyday! The Moto G is holding a charge for 36 – 48 hours.” – Michele B.

“I have tried hard to think of a negative, but I can’t. I love this phone.” – Michele B.

“As I think about that, just know that we have been happy. Two years ago we were finding out about saving money on our monthly phone charges and then ordering the Moto X on November 18. In December, we ordered the DEFY, and in June of 2014, took advantage of the Jellybean rebate and ordered the 32GB Moto X. We also have a Moto E (1st Gen.), my daughter has the Moto X (2nd Gen.) 32GB, and of course now the 2015 Moto G phones. We had trouble porting a number that seemed to be portable, but not from the regional phone company, so we ported the number to TracFone, and then the port went through smoothly. Has to do a little exploring to get that done. So a little bit more happenings and here we are! The more we use the new Moto G’s, they seem to be responding to rolling over to cell better. They do still like to hold onto that WiFi signal a little more, but seem to be learning, maybe you all are still tweaking. Oh yes, how aggressive should they be. I have enjoyed testing the manual handover back and forth. It makes me happy to come in from a drive and switch over to WiFi during a call.  I was kind of frustrated two evenings ago when trying to talk with my daughter while we were traveling. I was on Sprint towers, and she was at her home and connected to WiFi. We kept losing the calls and I was worried it was the Moto G’s fault. She had a not so good Internet with a good WiFi signal and was having to turn off WiFi to make the call. We realized her phone was set to switch automatically to WiFi if available, and her phone was switching back and forth, and then we were losing the call. I have had her turn that function off so she can manually switch if needed. That is probably enough for now. Again thanks for letting us review with you.” – Bob and Marsha G.

“… I was telling a friend about the Moto G I do believe this phone is the best phone in the price range by far and better than many priced higher… I really believe that!” – Bryan H.

“… when I was first asked about testing a Moto G white 16GB I quickly answered yes! Then, thinking it was not a Moto X, I wondered if I would even like it. There are so many $700 phones on the market. Could a $230 phone be worth my time? I don’t use my phone for work. Most of the time I’m on social media or I’m taking pictures and listening to music, books, and YouTube. Out of the box I was impressed with the phone except the back. I thought at first it felt like plastic. After holding this phone for a couple of hours. I now like it. Plastic feel still there, but it fits like a glove. The groves in the shell help grip this phone and I love that. The slightly larger size is perfect. I noticed the LCD screen would light up on active display, but I don’t mind that. It’s just different. The touch response when opening apps is fantastic, very responsive. I have very eclectic music taste and tested them all. Very good sound quality on most. A couple songs from the eighties with heavy bass sounded good. Great sound on all videos and YouTube. I love the fact that I can add microSD card for added memory. When I slipped and dropped the phone in water it never stopped and it still sounds great. Let’s talk about the camera. I am impressed with this camera it takes great pictures and not just for Motorola. Flash has been improved and colors are much better in many different lighting situations. Over all, I think the Moto G (3rd Gen.) is excellent. It’s sturdy, water resistant and a great design. Moto G (3rd Gen.) is a great phone for the whole family because it can fit many different needs. Pair that with the great phone plans from Republic and must have phone of the season. Thanks for the opportunity to test this phone and contribute to the future of Republic Wireless. If I can help with this or any other phones in the future I will be glad to in any way.” – Bryan H

So, there you have it! In their own words and edited only for space. Feel free to share your own experience with the new Moto G (3rd Gen.) in the comments!

And, full disclosure, while we didn’t pay anybody for their reviews, we did send out some awesome care packages as a surprise at the end. Blame our love of the holidays:

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7 thoughts on “Battery, Camera, and Value: The Moto G (3rd Gen.) Proves Itself to Be a Triple Threat!”

  1. Nice to see the recipients of the free phones were happy. – Then again, that’s exactly what I’d expect to see.

  2. Nice to see the recipients of the free phones were happy. Then again, that’s exactly what I’d expect to see.

  3. The new moto g is a very tempting phone. I have a first gen right now, so I’ll upgrade maybe only next year or the year after.

  4. The new moto g is a very tempting phone. I have a first gen right now, so I’ll upgrade maybe only next year or the year after.

  5. The new Moto G is not that great for $200. I’m disappointed in the two weeks I’ve had it. Other than the somewhat better battery life, it doesn’t work very well. The keyboard is laggy, the phone audio studders when multitasking, and the available storage (4.5gb of 8gb) is atrocious — I constantly get the message that I’m out of storage. I thought having an SD card would help but the memory card is almost useless as most apps won’t install there.

    I picked up my 1st gen Moto X and it’s far snappier but its battery has worn out.

    1. Sorry to hear that about your Moto G. I have the previous version. I was hoping the 3rd gen would be better. How’s the call quality? I’m really getting frustrated with mine as it constantly cuts off the call, no matter how strong the coverage.

      If you must go back to your Moto X with its worn out battery, I’d try the Clean Master (Boost & AppLock) ap and the Clean Master battery ap. I got it because my 7 month old Moto G went from lasting about 22 hours to 8 hours on a full charge- CM Boost and CM Battery aps brought it back to about 20 hours again! I also use their CM Security ap but would not recommend that as it caused my notification bar at the top to blink on and off. One last plug: I like CM’s battery widget and the flashlight in the notification toggle.



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