Be Better Than The Family Plan

Something doesn’t quite add up… Average family phone plan prices have risen 36% in the past five years, but the US inflation rate has only risen 7%?! Why does staying in touch with your loved ones have to cost so much? It doesn’t. As our month of financial fitness continues, we break down some of the myths about family plans to show you, and your wallet, how to come out on top:

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4 thoughts on “Be Better Than The Family Plan”

    1. Hi Robert, the WiFi only plan is $5, talk, text, and data only work over WiFi. The $10 plan includes unlimited talk and text (over cell network) and data only over WiFi. However with the Refund Plans, you are able to buy data in increments as you need. if you don’t use the data you buy, we credit you account for the unused amount.

  1. Shannon, I looked at the prices twice and I have to agree with Robert. On the price page I’m looking at there is a $10 / month wifi only plan but it has cell phone data for sale as needed. Please tell me which plan has unlimited talk and text over cell network for only $10.
    I have 4 kids and I would love to be able to do that!

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