Best Apps for Traveling this Holiday Season 

Do you have an upcoming trip planned during the Holidays? The excitement of traveling also brings the need to be organized and prepared. Good thing we have a list of apps that will help – from finding where to eat, all the way to occupying your boredom on those long car rides. Take a look at the top 10 apps we found to be best for this season of travel.


Enjoying your favorite shows on the go doesn’t have to eat up all of your cell data. Did you know you can download certain episodes from Netflix while still connected to WiFi? This is an especially helpful tool when flying on a plane and not wanting to pay for WiFi service.


For any upcoming road trips, you may want to give this GPS app a test drive. Waze is an alternative mapping app to Google Maps – including specific features like road hazards updated in real time and speed trap notifications. 

Toll Guru

Another great app for you road trippers is Toll Guru. Make sure you’re prepared for any tolls you might find on your route, and the specifics that come with that station.


You may already use Spotify regularly, but did you know that if you’re a premium user, you can download songs while on WiFi? You can also tailor your app settings to only download music over WiFi, so you never risk using any cell data while listening to your tunes on the go.


Another well known app, Yelp can help you prepare in advance for mapping out where you’ll be eating on the road, or when you arrive to your destination. With information like pricing and even pictures of certain meals taken by past customers, you’ll know what you’re getting into at a variety of restaurants. 

Gas Guru 

Take one less stress away on those long car rides. Make sure you know in advance where you can fuel up the car, while also fueling up your passengers with the essential road snacks. 

Now that you’ve got the logistics out of the way, it’s time to fill the rest of your time with some fun apps that are sure to keep the entire family occupied.


Heads Up

This is a simple, yet hilarious game that everyone will have fun with. You may have seen it on popular TV shows like the Ellen show. All you need is the app, a phone, and a minimum of two players (preferably not the driver…).  

Mad Libs

No need to bring the card game with you. This classic family favorite can be played right from your phone. Keep the entire crew laughing, without resorting to everyone just staring at their phones in boredom. 

Road Trip Travel Games

If you prefer to play classic road trip games that don’t involve a phone, this app is full of ideas. Many of these games will have you occupied for hours on end. 

Trivia Crack 

For those of you really looking for a challenge, go head to head with your travel partners and random online players with this classic rendition of trivia. 


If you have a trip coming up for the Holidays (or perhaps like to plan way in advance for future vacations), we hope these recommendations have been helpful. Please feel free to share any other app recommendations you’ve loved for your travels!

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