Best Free Apps to Bring Families Together This Summer

Summer is here! The weather is heating up, kids are out of school, and it’s almost time to head to the pool. Only downside? Additional free time can tempt your family to spend more time on their phones. However, phone apps don’t have to increase screen time – apps can also be tools for planning family adventures and quality time. Take a peek at our list of the best free apps to help bring your family together this summer.

1. Get creative in the kitchen.

Summer is the perfect time for new family favorite recipes. Want to use food currently in your fridge or pantry? Yummly can help! Not only does it recommend recipes using ingredients you already have on hand, but it filters recipes to ensure every picky eater in your family is happy. A perfect way to stick to your food budget, while also trying out fun new recipes. Available for iOS and Android.

2. Practice mindfulness as a family.

Meditation and mindfulness exercises offer the opportunity to connect as a family. Breathe, Think & Do with Sesame’s collaborative interface teaches problem-solving, self-control, and focus for both children and parents. Plus, who wouldn’t want to practice a little mindfulness on Sesame Street this summer? Available for iOS and Android.

3. Take a hike.

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is to step outside. The Chimani National Park Guides app provides a list of 419 national parks along with content curated by local experts. Its mapping features can be used without a cell signal or Wi-Fi. No need to worry about eating up your data while you’re busy exploring the great outdoors. Available for iOS and Android.

4. Strike up a friendly competition.

Game night is the perfect low-cost way to have fun as a family this summer. Dust off old board games from your closet or design your own by using household items and junk-drawer finds. Track your scores with Scorekeeper XL. Available for iOS and Android.

5. Create a story.

Capture and share your family’s story with Storycorps. Everyone has an interesting story to tell – inspire your family’s future reporters with easy-to-use interview tools, quality recordings, and story archives. Available for iOS and Android.

family in fort

6. Turn your house into a hideaway.

Building an indoor fort is the perfect summer activity when it’s too hot to play outside. Use blankets, pillows, and other household items to transform a room into a cozy campsite. Complete your adventure with a virtual campfire from Relaxing Campfire Sounds or make shadow monsters using a Flashlight app. Available for iOS and Android.

7. Volunteer together.

Getting involved with a local charity is a great way to give back to your community and teach important life lessons to your kids. Not sure where to start? Check out ThatHelps, an app for finding volunteer opportunities in your community. Available for iOS and Android.

8. Plan an adventure.

Search for local family friendly activities each week on Yuggler. Discover and plan activities for kids of all ages in your own town. They’ve got something everyone will be sure to enjoy. Available for iOS.

9. Read to your heart’s content.

Visiting your local library is a fun, free activity for all ages. But did you know that your local library branch also has thousands of free audiobooks and ebooks available on Libby, by Overdrive? Just scan your library card to download. Available for iOS and Android.

10. Get crafty!

An oldie but a goodie, Pinterest is the perfect place to find your next family craft project. From scavenger hunts to slime recipes to outdoor games, Pinterest provides a range of ideas for inspiring summer fun. Available for iOS and Android.

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