Best Home Wifi Solutions & How to Utilize Them

Your home Wifi network is something you likely rely on more than you realize. Everyone has something they need their in-home internet connection for on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps it’s working from home, streaming your favorite TV shows and movies after a long day, or browsing the web in your free time. No matter the reason, the Wifi connection in your house should always be up to par. We’re here to offer solutions that improve your cell phone experience as a whole.

Does your entire family avoid that one room in the house where the Wifi connection just isn’t cutting it? This can be quite frustrating, as you don’t want to potentially eat up any unnecessary cell data when there is a perfectly capable network you’re paying for. Having to disconnect, then reconnect time and time again until you realize it’s not your device, but rather your router. This is less than ideal.

Another very important use for your home network is simply staying in touch with family and loved ones through things like video chat and calls over Wifi. No one likes to set up time for a video chat date with the grandparents only to realize it’s a bad connection. There’s no reason a spotty network should get in the way of those special moments.

What if there was an easy solution to the all too familiar problem of home Wifi reliability?

Introducing Google Wifi

Google Wifi is an advanced home Wifi system that replaces your old router to give you fast, seamless coverage throughout your entire home. No matter the size of your home, Google Wifi is there to simplify and improve your web-browsing experience. With this system in place, you’ll always be getting the most out of your wireless network.

If you have kids who are also on your home network using it either for their own tablet or smartphone, there is a feature with Google Wifi that every parent will instantly fall in love with. With the ability to utilize family-friendly controls, using the Google Wifi companion app allows you as the parent to stay in control of how and when your kids are connected to the network. You can turn off access during important times such as family dinner and bedtime. With a little bit of help, having your kids put down their device doesn’t have to be too difficult.

Other solutions to consider

On this topic, many Republic Wireless members have also collaborated on this very subject and other common Wifi router issues. Here is a very helpful thread from our online Community that outlines those issues, and even specific router suggestions from members: What Wi-Fi Routers work with Republic? Find out, or tell us!

Here at Republic Wireless, we’re all about the amazing benefits that Wifi brings. Being that we’re founded on the principles of Wifi calling through our patented technology, it only makes sense to turn that into both useful knowledge and phenomenal savings for our members. With our service, having a reliable network connection in your home directly turns into savings for you. The ability to make calls over Wifi while also offloading data is what makes us unique.

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