How to Choose the Best No-Contract Cell Phone Plan

When it comes to choosing a no-contract wireless plan, no one wants to break the bank with their monthly payment. Before choosing your plan, it’s important to consider a variety of coverage choices and prices. Read on to discover the best options for you and key factors to consider when looking for the best no contract cell phone plan.

What is the best no-contract cell phone plan?

Overall, the best no-contract cell phone plan is one that is simple, affordable, and flexible enough to suit your monthly wireless needs. The ideal plan’s terms should be straightforward, and its service should be able to be started or stopped at any time. In other words, the best plan on the market is one that is:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Affordably adjusted to meet your wireless needs for the month
  • Transparent with terms and has no hidden fees
  • Penalty-free with month-to-month payment

The best no-contract cell phone plan is affordable, will disclose all important information regarding its plan options, and won’t try to hide rules or fees from you. Be aware of cell phone providers that claim to have “no-contract” phone plans, but will keep phones locked onto their network until a certain amount of time has passed.

The most important things to consider before you purchase a wireless plan are:

  1. Unlimited talk and text coverage
  2. No contract
  3. Unlocked phone from the start of service
  4. Plan base price per month
  5. Plan offerings for under $30 per month

Republic Wireless Offers The Best No-Contract Cell Phone Plan for Your Money

No wires, no contracts, no regrets. Republic Wireless puts the power back in your hands with our flexible, budget-friendly plans that will make you and your wallet happy. By unlocking phones right from the start of service, Republic Wireless breaks the chains that other no-contract phone providers try to lock you into.

Below is a comparison of Republic Wireless with two other no-contract phone providers, TracFone and Consumer Cellular. See how our plan stacks against the competition on the key factors discussed earlier.

Based on the criteria listed above, Republic Wireless has the all-around best no-contract phone plan over TracFone and Consumer Cellular.

While TracFone also offers flexible data plans, they lock customers’ phones into their network for an astounding 12 months of service. Extra data per month also adds up quickly in that a 2GB data allowance per month is double the cost of Republic Wireless.

When weighed against Republic Wireless, Consumer Cellular also loses big in a number of areas. Like TracFone customers, Consumer Cellular users are locked into their wireless network until a lengthy 6 months of service for iPhone customers and 30 days of service for Android customers. Though an unlimited talk and text plan is offered, you need to buy data in order to access it, and their plans suffer from an overall lack of flexibility in the limited data options that can be selected.

With Republic Wireless, you are in control.  We offer a 14-day money back guarantee on any phone purchased from us, and our no-contract plan allows you to cancel at any time.

Find your perfect plan with Republic Wireless today!

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