Better Controls for Open WiFi Prompts

OK. Raise your hand if you’re sick of seeing open WiFi prompts for HP printers and Xfinity networks, or any network that you know you’ll never, ever, connect to. Everyone with a hand up, it’s your lucky day.

The newest version of the Republic app offers open WiFi blacklisting — the ability to say that you never want to be notified about certain open networks again. The dialog also has a fresh coat of paint for easier navigation and interaction thanks to our super awesome design wizards (yes, we have wizards).

As before, if you’re in range of a strong open WiFi network for three minutes, you’ll see a dialog similar to the one below appear to notify you of the connection opportunity.

open network dialog 1


Simply tap on the network name to connect. If there are other networks in range, you can select “View all available networks” to see the entire list. If the network we’re suggesting is something you’d like to permanently ignore (i.e., blacklist), like a printer or “Xfinity”, click on the overflow menu (the three dots, menu shown below) and select “Always” under “Ignore this network”. Selecting “For Now” will ignore that network for four hours. You can also just dismiss the dialog by hitting the back button or tapping outside of the window, which will prevent any prompts from appearing for at least 30 minutes.

open network dialog 2

For those of you who never want to be bothered by these dialogs, simply tap on “Disable these notifications” in the dialog’s overflow menu … but don’t be surprised when all of your missed connections start showing up on Craigslist.

We know that some people turned this feature off because we didn’t have a great solution in place to ignore certain networks. We’d like to kindly ask that you give this new and improved feature another try! Go to settings in the app and check “Ask to join open WiFi networks” to enable the feature.

There’s a discussion already going on about our new app feature in our Community. Feel free to join in the conversation here!

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