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Everyone isn’t the same. So, why pay the same?

We don’t pay a lump sum to the grocery store each month and then lose out if we only buy $500 worth of groceries. Why should your phone bill be any different? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pay for what you use? Because, hey – nobody knows you better than you, right? That’s where Republic comes in…

WiFi + Cell is a winning combination.

Have all the coverage and capability of a normal smartphone, with the added power of WiFi for talk and text too. You can stay connected in more places, for less money, and get paid back each month for what you don’t use. We call it…

The Republic Refund Plan.

We’ve taken all the thinking and worry out of plans because now, they fit you. At the end of the month, we’ll pay you back for however much cell data you didn’t use. Like, in money. Actual dollars credited back to your account.

It’s a Refund – just for using more WiFi – the largest network you use already.
Neat huh?


So, what the heck is “Breakage”?

Breakage is a mobile industry term. It’s what happens when you get a bunch of people on mobile phone plans with tons of cellular data that ends up not being used. So, you end up paying for something that just goes to waste, but why?

Breaking Down “Breakage”:

Breakage works kind of like a gift card that you forgot to use. Or, the dreaded expired Groupon. We’ve all done it, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you never had to worry about losing that money ever again? We can’t do much about how gift cards or Groupons work (sorry you missed out on those hot air balloon ride training courses), but we can sure tackle your phone bill!

How low do you go?

Essentially, the other guys want you to buy in way up high in the cell data usage range, but really, most folks average way WAY lower than where they get you to buy in. Why? Because of all that sweet, money-saving WiFi that’s out there, just waiting to be tapped into! Take a look:

WiFi vs. Cell Data Usage

So, we’re excited.

We hope you’re excited too, because we aren’t settling for the status quo and don’t believe you should have to either. Think of this as your golden green ticket to what’s next in the wireless industry. Our chance to actually put people first and treat them fairly. Get paid for using more WiFi. Have options and a fairly sized plan at the right price. No funky math. What you pay in, is what you get paid back. Dollar for dollar. Fair is fair.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

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Want to know even more about Breakage? Hear from Jon, SVP of Product Management: