Bringing Your Phone to Republic: It Couldn’t Be Easier

Here at Republic, we stay on the cutting-edge of the cell phone industry so we can offer you, our members, the latest and most advanced cell phone models on our network. But it isn’t always possible or realistic for us to carry inventory for every compatible phone. In 2016, we added the bring your own phone (BYOP) program to our service to give you the ability to bring a phone to our GSM carrier partner. This allows us to react quickly to the newest phones on the market, and it allows you to bring a compatible device to our network—it’s a win-win!

I personally love our BYOP option because I really wanted to upgrade from my Moto G4 to a Google Pixel—but, of course, I wanted to stay on the Republic Wireless network and keep my excellent service (not to mention, support my team!). Getting a SIM Card Kit and installing the SIM card could not have been easier (even for a non-techy person like me,) and I was up and running within a few minutes. And, because I was staying within the Android operating system, transferring all my contacts, photos, apps, etc., from my Moto G4 to my shiny new Pixel was quick and easy.

We have many members who’ve brought phones from other carriers to save money on their cell phone bills, and still others who’ve purchased new compatible phones from retailers like Amazon or Best Buy. The choice is yours! It’s not important to us whether your phone comes from our store—what’s important is that you find the cell phone that fits your needs and your budget. Aside from the awesome value of our My Choice Plans, BYOP offers us yet another way to make your cell phone experience remarkably simpler and more affordable.

If you’re wondering how we choose our compatible phone models, James T., one of our Software Developers in charge of Quality Assurance, can tell us about how we test and certify phones that will work best on the Republic network.

   James T. is our resident phone compatibility expert “All our approved phones go through rigorous testing to ensure your phone works exceptionally well with our WiFi-first approach to wireless service. But blazing a different path doesn’t come easily. We always consider how our Republic Wireless app integrates with the phone’s hardware and software to ensure our combination of cellular and WiFi service works without a hitch, while at the same time maintaining the phone manufacturer’s intended experience.

Before a phone can be used on our network, we ensure all traditional cellular calling and texting work as expected. We then work to make sure the Member experience is seamless over both WiFi and cellular networks. In the end, we only approve devices that will offer an unmatched experience.

We always work closely with our device partners to be sure that the cell phone you choose to activate on our network will provide the best experience possible, without compromise. This rigorous testing can be challenging, but it’s a critical step to make your experience with Republic the best it can be!”

I’m not the only one to get the phone they want on the plan they love—many of our Republic team members have gotten to use BYOP devices with Republic! Here’s what they have to say about their experience and the phones they chose.

Raschelle N. switched from iPhone to Google Pixel and is loving it!

Rachelle N is loving the Android life with her new Pixel 2 XL

“I did it! I made the bold move from iOS to Android. I’m one of those people who grew up on Android, then hopped on the iPhone bandwagon and thought I’d never look back. But after trying to cut some spending, I asked myself why I really needed the iPhone. Sure it was easy to use, iMessage was awesome… But what did I really NEED my phone for?

My answer: texting, camera, social media. That’s it… If that’s all I needed, I couldn’t rationalize paying $100+ bucks a month for unlimited data when I only use 2-3GB/mo—there were perfectly good Android phones out there that work with Republic’s service.

So… I started to search for my next phone. I asked friends, searched tech blogs, watched YouTube reviews, etc. Because of the camera specs, the software, and the Google integration, I chose the Google Pixel 2XL. I placed the order and obsessively watched the tracking information until delivery.

The phone is gorgeous. I love it. I popped in the SIM card, connected my iPhone and Pixel with the included data transfer tool, installed the Republic app, and was up and running within ten minutes.

The camera on this thing is a BEAST. I take so many photos with my phone—having a reliable, accessible camera was my number one priority. The Pixel does not disappoint. I also love how clean the software is with the Pixel 2XL. I’m a big Google fan, so being able to use all my Google Apps without extra downloads is awesome. Plus, Google Assistant will open ANY app for you (cue my most common request: “Ok Google, Play Today’s Top Hits on Spotify”).

Google Pixel on the beach
Photo taken with Google Pixel – no editing or filters required!

I highly recommend this phone for:

  • people who are highly integrated with Google applications
  • people who are camera-obsessed like I am
  • people looking to make a move from the iPhone


My favorite part of Republic Wireless is hands-down the customer service. Raw from the experience of trying to get help from my previous provider’s customer service, I cannot speak enough to the empathy and passion that Republic’s team provides to their members. Thank you to Republic for making everything so easy! I don’t even miss my iPhone (seriously!).”

Mike O. has found a way to get all his tech needs covered in one slim design

The Samsung Note 8 fits Mike O's lifestyle“When researching phones, I do what many do—I look at camera specs, screen size, and online reviews to narrow down my options. When I researched the Samsung Note 8, the advanced features stood out to me, especially because they were all packed into a slim design. I read about some unique features for the stylus pen and felt I would like them. I’d never paid that much for a phone, so the expectations were high.

I have to say, after 5 months, the phone has not disappointed at all. The vibrant display, large battery and a great feel in hand have been great. It is a large phone, sporting a 6” display, but it hasn’t been an issue.

Call me an old-fashioned techie geek, but I like the ease and convenience of a handwritten note. While not a feature I use daily, I love the stylus on the Note 8. As you remove the stylus with the screen locked, the phone automatically opens the Notes app and you can start free-writing and save the note.

Of course, I had reviewed the online information about the great rear dual cameras on the Note 8 as well, and that has been incredible. I get great pictures in all lighting conditions.

There are plenty of surprise and delight features that I didn’t research, but I love the health monitor for tracking heart rate. If you like technology and want great features, you will not be disappointed with the Samsung Note 8.

I have been with Republic Wireless for nearly 3 years, and the value I get is tremendous. Even though I travel a fair amount (thus without access to WiFi much of the time), I find I easily stay between 2-3GB/mo of data usage. With the recent addition of one-time data purchase for only $5 in the My Choice Plan, I have the added security that I’ll never run out of data, and I can still save a lot over many unlimited data plans that would at least double my monthly costs.”

BYOP is perfect for Jonathon N., who upgrades his phone more often than anyone else we know!

Mr. Cofax and Dakota look great under the S9+ lens!“I had been using the Samsung S8+ for almost six months. It’s a great phone, but like all tech enthusiasts, I am always looking for an upgrade. I love taking pictures, especially of my dogs, so picture quality is very important to me in a phone. After doing some research online and watching some YouTube videos, I learned that I could get a major camera update with the Pixel 2 or Samsung S9+. Both of these newer devices are compatible with Republic’s service, and after considering the positives and negatives of each, I finally upgraded to the S9+.

Bring your own phone is perfect for Jonathon N.My positive experience with the S8+ gave me confidence that I would enjoy Samsung’s newest offering. I also find that the S9+ provides more features than the Pixel, including a best-in-class screen, waterproofing, wireless charging, headphone jack, and SD card slot. Not only does the S9+ have more features at a better price, but Samsung also offers 0% financing and a trade-in program.

Once I received my phone, the activation process was straightforward. I inserted the SIM card from my old phone into the new S9+ and downloaded the Republic app from the Play store—a few minutes later, my phone was up and running. I’ve been using the phone for about 2 weeks now, and I absolutely love it.

I would recommend this phone to anyone who:

  • doesn’t mind splurging to get the best of the best
  • uses their phone for more than just making calls
  • will appreciate the beautiful Infinity display, impressive new stereo speakers, phenomenal camera, and convenient wireless charging.

Republic Wireless is great for upgrade junkies. Not sure if it’s time for an upgrade? Never fear—Republic Wireless gives you the freedom to change phones anytime without having to switch plans or pay activation fees.”

Interested in bringing a phone to Republic?

Got your eye on that perfect phone? Love the phone you have but not the plan you’re paying for? Republic Wireless wants to make your cell phone experience flexible, simple, and more affordable. Whether you love the phone you have or want to comparison shop for a new device, we support your decision—and your budget!

To get started on your BYOP journey, check your phone’s compatibility by clicking the button below. Take it from us—bringing a phone to Republic Wireless couldn’t be easier!

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