Budgeting Apps for the Whole Family: Kids, Teens, and Families

Get excited – we’re about to talk budgeting apps for the whole family! Whether teaching your kiddos the basics of spending, helping your teens learn how to save, or taking the apprehension out of your own finances, these apps are a few of our favorite financial tools.

Budgeting Apps for Kids



Help your kids learn how to manage a bank account with Bankaroo! Pairing goal saving skills with spending, Bankaroo lets you schedule allowance payments and start a “matching” campaign (savings account). Once a goal is set, Bankaroo animations show your kids how their money increases or decreases. Parents can make virtual gifts while kids learn Banking 101 in an engaging way. (Android, iPhone).

Allowance & Chores Bot

The perfect way to teach your kids about the relationship between work and reward, Allowance & Chores Bot keeps track of your children’s chores while showing them the reward they will receive when a related chore is completed. Incentives can be added by parents for a job well done – or punishments implemented for cutting corners. Additionally, older kids can use the app to manage their saving and spending. (Android, iPhone).


Budgeting Apps for Teens


A debit card with parental controls, Greenlight lets both you and your teen monitor accounts. Select the stores where your teen can spend money, while empowering them to make their own purchasing decisions within the selected stores. Unique to this app are Greenlight’s two different interfaces – one for parents and one for teens. The parental interface allows you to set an interest rate for your child’s account and arrange automatic allowance payments. Interested in reading more? Check out this review from Forbes. (Android, iPhone).

Tip Yourself

Based on the idea of a tip jar, this budgeting app allows you to reward yourself financially for a job well done. Geared for older teens or adults, Tip Yourself helps your teen (or you) learn how to save money while building good habits. Set goals – your teen can tip themselves $10 for every college application they complete or preset a percentage of their afterschool paycheck to go into savings. (Android, iPhone).


Budgeting Apps for the Family 


One of the best personal finance apps available, Mint does it all. From accounting insights to budget setting, credit card management to investment accounts, Mint is a free app with a variety of applications. A strength of this app is the ability to see all of your finances in one location. Your household can have a single view of where your money goes, how you are investing, and what you are saving towards. (Android, iPhone).


PocketGuard is designed to keep you from overspending. A more simplified app than Mint, PocketGuard shows you exactly how much “pocket” money you have available to spend at any given moment. Custom settings allow you to set a single account overview or track specific spending categories for groceries, clothing, or family outings. (Android, iPhone).


Take the intimidation out of investing with Acorns! Named by Fast Company as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2019, Acorns invests your leftover pocket change from everyday purchases into the stock market. But what really sets this app apart is the financial literacy it offers with approachable investment articles and video tutorials from experts. (Android, iPhone). 

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Notable Replies

  1. May I add to the list EveryDollar? This is a free app and is a great tool for creating and managing a monthly personal budget month after month.

  2. swall says:

    Welcome to our community @jamesg.nm0ws5! Thank you for noting an additional app suggestion :slight_smile: I’ll have to look into EveryDollar! Any free app that will help with my budget is of interest to me for sure :wink:

  3. I’m a little late to the party here, but I will give a second to EveryDollar. It’s free to use, and is from Dave Ramsey, and well thought out, easy to use, and helps you totally crush your budget!

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