Republic Wireless Is #1 In The World!

Republic has been rated #1 in the world – yes, IN THE WORLDout of the top 1,000 telecoms for quality of customer support through email. Republic was recognized by support platform Netomi as reported by Email Insider. We took the gold with a near perfect 99.8 out of 100, well ahead of the silver and bronze medal winners from Indonesia and Malaysia.  This was based on personalization, response time, thoroughness of the answer, as well as showing we care.

(Source: Customer Service Benchmark report by Netomi)


Unfortunately, our fellow American telecoms did not represent the good old USA so well.  They averaged only 49.9, and most of them charge a lot more for their service than Republic’s average $20 per month. Republic just works harder to treat our members right.

Email support across the globe was pretty dismal. Only 53% of the 1,000 telecom firms had an email that was easy to find, and, of those, 66% ignored the email request. Only 28% responded about opening a new account, as if they did not want your new business.

Despite the overall performance in this category, email is used by over 4 billion people in the world with over 300 million emails sent per day (The Radicati Group). When it comes to marketing and sales, more people prefer Websites, Phone, and Video. As for customer support, Email has become the preferred form of communication.

When it is done well, email support is superior for many reasons. It works on your time and, therefore, is more convenient. You can send an email, get up and do something else, and check back for a response when it works for you. No one likes to wait on hold for a customer service agent who may or may not have the information you need, and many do not like holding a real-time conversation which can drop or get interrupted. Unlike a call or many live chat platforms, email keeps a record that can be referenced later to save time or verify important information. 

At Republic we look at 99.8 and say, “We can do better.” We obsess over treating our members right. That’s why we keep measuring, surveying and listening to our members about how we can improve. 80% of our member support requests are solved with one or two emails, and these resolutions get a 93% satisfaction rating in our member surveys. According to the research from Netomi, only 6% of telecoms cared enough about their email communications to survey their customers’ satisfaction with their efforts. 

If you’re currently a Republic member, always let us know how we’re doing, and please join our community. We will continue to obsess about improving our member support, and we’ll continue innovating new ways for you to save money for better things in life than your cell phone service. Our average member pays only $20 per month, and all plans include the award-winning customer support you just read about in this study. You deserve to be treated better than you probably are now and to save a few bucks while you’re at it. 

A Look Inside Our Member Community

The Republic Wireless Member Community provides member-to-member support with fast, accurate answers to questions about Republic Wireless phones, service, and policies. No matter whether you are already a Republic Wireless member, or think you might one day become a member, our Community is a great place to talk to experienced Republic Wireless phone owners.

Community post example
Before I became a Republic Wireless member, I started reading questions and answers being posted in the Community as I tried to decide if I wanted my next phone to be a Republic Wireless phone. I started participating, learning as much as I could about what was then a very new company, and answering questions whenever I could.  Now, as Community Manager, my job is to make sure you get the answers you need by maintaining a friendly, safe space where you’ll know you are welcome and appreciated.

My job is made easy with the help of our Republic Wireless Community Ambassadors. These Republic Wireless members give their time to help their fellow members. They keep the Community in good shape with light moderation tasks like flagging forum SPAM and marking correct answers. Our Ambassadors live up to their diplomatic name; their role is not to “sell” you on Republic Wireless, but to make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your phone and service.

Community Ambassadors

Our Member Community isn’t all questions and answers, though. Other Community activities include:

- Interesting discussions

- Product reviews

- Tips and Tricks to help you get the most out of your phone

- Opportunities to test products before they are available to the public

- Monthly challenges for fun prizes

- Opportunities to offer feedback and stories about being a Republic Wireless member, sometimes for a chance to win.

Our Member Community also provides a unique gathering place where our company and our members can interact. We don’t view the Community as a stage from which Republic can broadcast information to an “audience” of members. Instead we think of it as a true Community, where the company and the members can come together to hear each other’s voices.

Community Post Example

If you have questions about using your Republic Wireless phone, or if you think you can help someone who does, why not visit our Member Community and join a discussion? If you’ve found an app that whitens your teeth, makes the perfect cup of coffee, and removes stubborn stains, come tell your fellow Republic Wireless members about it. Drop in once a month and enter our Community Challenge for your chance to win a prize. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know your fellow Republic Wireless members, and we look forward to getting to know you!