Channeling Our Inner Morken: The Muddy Souls Run/Walk/Hike Challenge

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When asked to describe myself, you will never hear me saying “Hi, my name is Rachel and I like long walks on the beach.” Why? Because 1) C’mon I’m more original than that and 2) I hate walking. No really, I’m lazy and would rather drive everywhere. That is, up until a few months ago, when Republic HQ launched an awesome new program open to all team members: The Muddy Souls Hike/Run/Walk Challenge.

Muddy Souls is not like other fitness challenges we’ve talked about in past blog posts (here and here). It’s more of a lifestyle-shift challenge. The idea is to be aware of your movements and push yourself to be active on a more consistent basis. But what does it actually entail? Every team member who chooses to participate must run/walk/hike at least 20 miles a month.

Not too bad right? We started back in January and I just barely made the 20 mile minimum. Then I really got into it. And every month, I’ve been averaging almost double the required minimum. Yeah, I’m an overachiever, deal with it 🙂 But, my miles are nothing like some of my colleagues. The top of the leader-board is averaging 145 miles per month!

The Republic Muddy Souls Leaderboard! (See me at number 9?!)

So, how would I describe myself? Someone who’s always up for a challenge. Since I signed up for Muddy Souls, I now walk everywhere (full disclosure, I live in Downtown Raleigh, so walking around is very accessible). Before this challenge, I would come home from a long day at work and just lay on my couch being lazy, now however, I download a podcast (on WiFi, of course) and head out for daily strolls around town. I love looking at the weekly leader-board on Strava, the app we use to keep track of our miles, to see how I stack up. Humble brag, but I made the Top 10 least week 🙂

Want some motivation? Run with Republic! Challenge yourself to 20 miles a month. You can do it! See you on the road!

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