Check Out Our New Look

Hi guys! We’re amped up for 2016 and have been working hard to bring you a swagged out new look for P.W.K. We’ve updated the navigation, sort & filter features, and lots more. We can’t wait to show you our new design. I’ll take you on a tour of the new layout and highlight some of our favorite additions, let’s go!

What’s Changed:

Updated navigation:

  • PhonePhone and Tech
  • WalletWallet Conscious
  • KeysKey Features

We’ve made the top level categories more descriptive of the content you’ll find under each one. We’ve also included a drop down menu that lists each subcategory to help you get where you want to go.

New blog nav

Lots of Color:

Phone & Tech = Green, Wallet Conscious = Blue, Key Features = Orange, all to help you better navigate the blog and know what type of content you’re reading. You’ll notice these color patterns in the header, images and text of posts.

PWK colors

Filtering and Sorting!

Now you can find what you want to read directly from the homepage. Only wanna read Product Recaps? You got it. Wanna see our first Tips & Tricks post ever? Sort by oldest. Boom. You can sort by category and author, and sort by newest or oldest.


Our graphics got style

We plan to keep this fresh look going with a consistent graphic style for each post. We want to make the content look as awesome as it is. We’re also working hard on making your reading experience the best it can be in each post, with a more readable font and responsive layout. Shrink and expand your browser to see what we’re talking about!

About PWK

And last but not least, we tell you what this blog is all about. This page provides information on each category and links to other Republic resources.

So What’s the Same?

We didn’t mess with the feature slider or grid of posts. Just snazzed it up a bit. And, as always, the posts will be the same Republic stories and updates you know and love!

It may take some getting used to, but we think you’re gonna like these changes. Click around, search for articles, read a post. We hope you find the blog much more accessible and a little more fun to visit. Cheers from the Republic Marketing team and happy reading!

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5 thoughts on “Check Out Our New Look”

  1. Good news. I know what ‘amped up’ is and can guess at ‘swagged out’ (though don’t have to like it). But P.W.K. is unknown and, lacking the interest to look it up or read beyond the first paragraph, unknowable. It’s not easy being a grumpy old foggie. I probably miss a lot.

    1. You aren’t an grumpy old person .. maybe a lazy minded one.. but not grumpy. P.W.K. is stand for Phone & Tech = Green, Wallet Conscious = Blue, Key Features = Orange which is in the article highlighted by bullet points. You didn’t even have to read.. you could have skimmed.

    2. Swag; 1.

      arrange in or decorate with a swag or swags of fabric.

      “swag the fabric gracefully over the curtain tie-backs”

      So young people took this word and turned it into slag, now you can have swag, the blog can have swag, even Charlotte the shih tzu has swag.

      “swag the blog gracefully with new navigation features” 🙂

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