Pass Down the Savings: How Your College Graduate Can Afford Their Own Phone Plan

It’s the time of year when students are graduating from colleges and universities across the country. While this critical transition period offers graduates more independence as they begin their new careers, it also creates uncertainty and new responsibilities.

As a parent of a new graduate, you probably have concerns of your own as your child begins this new life phase. “How will they pay their bills?” and “How long should I continue to support them financially?” are two important questions to consider during this time. You want to set your child up for financial success after graduation, while also providing them with the tools to become financially independent.

One of the best ways to help your graduate become financially independent is by helping them choose the right cell phone plan. Currently, the majority of teens are on cell phone plans in which someone else foots the bill and do not have experience paying for their own phone service.

As the parent of a recent graduate, you have the opportunity to help your child choose the cell phone plan that is right for them. Instead of locking them into a contract with a hefty monthly payment, consider steering them towards a low cost, no contract cell phone plan that can scale to meet their budget.

Republic Wireless is a perfect solution for financially focused parents looking to advise their children on the best cell phone plan to meet their needs. The benefits of switching to Republic Wireless include:

Not sure you’re ready to let your child take full control of their phone bill? You’re not alone, as 53% of millennials receive financial assistance from their parents, and 41% of millennials receive financial support from their parents for their phone bill. Our affordable service means that neither you nor your child has to overextend when it comes to paying for their cell phone.

If your child decides in the future to pay for their own cell phone, the transition process is a lot easier due to our low costs. Your child also has the ability to design their own plan based on the amount of data they need each month. This gives your graduate more control in designing a plan that complements their budget.

Ready to give your graduate the gift of financial independence? Check out our plans to get started.

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