Day in the Life: Rachel W. – A Girl’s Gotta Instagram!

How much data does a lady need in a day? About 180 Megabytes, it turns out!

In this feature, we take you through a “Day in the (Data) Life” of Republic team members and customers to help you better understand how much data daily activities actually consume.  Follow along below and check the chart at the end to see how I stacked up. These are the actual events of my Thursday as they played out!

  • 6:45 AM:  I wake up at my place in downtown Durham, NC and check email and Facebook in bed until I’m thoroughly convinced the coffee I programmed the night before has brewed. (Hint: Wait for the smell.)
  • 7:30 AM:  Shower, hotroll my hair (you can take the girl out of Georgia…), dress for the day.
  • 8:00 AM:  Make breakfast, take a picture of it and send to my sister on Instagram for no good reason.  Track calories via MyFitnessPal (gotta keep up with that New Year’s resolution!).
    Hanging in my cubicle before our office Christmas Party!
    Hanging in my cubicle before our office Christmas Party!
  • 9:00 AM:  Arrive at work, and like every day, my phone “automagically” signs in to Bandwidth’s Secure WiFi connection.
  • 11:00 AM:  Snack time!  Adults can still call it that, right?  Track calories on MyFitnessPal.
  • 12:00 PM:  I’m training for my first-ever half marathon (!) and hit the trail around this time with my Drill Sergeant, I mean colleague, Katelyn.  We use RunKeeper to track our runs – awesome way to track your pace and share your progress on social, if you run faster than me…
  • 3:00 PM:  Field a few phone calls, check email on my phone in between meetings.
  • 5:00 PM:  Head out of work, likely hit an accident somewhere on my 40 minute commute.  Google Now directs me to an alternate route and saves me 10 minutes of time and sanity.
  • 6:00 PM:  Meet a girlfriend for drinks at a new bar in Durham, check email and Facebook on cell for 15 minutes until I realize the bar has open WiFi.  Score!
  • 7:00 PM:  Head home to make dinner.  Grilled chicken and sauteed spinach tonight.  Browse recipes on my phone until I find one that sounds Amelia Bedelia-proof.
  • 10:00 PM:  Bedtime = Watch “When Harry Met Sally” for the 999th time, shop on Amazon from my phone until I start dozing.

Now, peep my graph!  If my usage looked like this every day, I’d use 5,094 Megabytes of WiFi data per month and only 339 Megabytes of Cell.

Tune in next time when we might feature one of you! If you’re interested in sharing, let us know in the comments below.

Daily Totals: WiFI = 169.8 Megabytes, Cell = 11.3 Megabytes




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5 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Rachel W. – A Girl’s Gotta Instagram!”

  1. Would be happy to share my story … a retired software techie who over the last 12 months took a 1,500 mile self – supported bike tour, chased and photographed the Northern Lights across the frozen lakes of northern Minnesota, cross-country skied and raced in regional loppets, and just finished a 365 day photo project where I took a picture of a bird every day. During this entire year Republic Wireless was my constant companion. While on my bike tour I adjusted my plan to include unlimited cell data, but once home sent back to a limited WiFi plan. During one good burst of the Aurora Borealis, I increased my data plan for a few days so I could monitor Aurora conditions at 3 am while out on photography jaunts at -20F! My blog is Time to go hang out and try to photograph a Northern Hawk Owl in the Boreal Forest!

  2. This phone / plan works quite well, BUT needs a lot of supervision.

    I was originally on AT&T 3Gb Internet service. While the phone worked on WiFi MOST of the time, I frequently found it disconnected. It also could be expected to disconnect if anyone started a download.
    I moved to a Cable provider, with a download speed of 10Gb. The phone(s), yes there are 2 in my house, immediately became more reliable, and would even survive heavy downloads.

    However, there are still issues that I have not been able to resolve. Several times a week I will find one or the other phone (Moto-G) disconnected from WiFi while the other is still connected. The disconnected one can be reconnected, infrequently be power cycling the Moto-G, more frequently by power cycling the WiFi router, and sometimes by power cycling the cable modem (in that order).
    I have used WiFi from 2Wire, Linksys, Netgear, and Buffalo – they all show the same issues. Would be nice to have some information as to what is required for the connection, so I could maybe provide more information as to the status within the router.

    I sometimes have WiFi “call” access, attempt to make a call, and the phone drops WiFi makes a cell call, and upon completion of the call shows good WiFi “call” access?

    While the phone has WiFi connected, the phone will occasionally report the combination of “call, message, and data” as a mixture of WiFi and cellular. When the “Call” is on cellular, but WiFi is connected, I have observed the phone constantly attempting to reconnect without success. If I do not catch this reconnection attempt when active, I can expect the battery to drain to empty within 4 hours. A solution to the battery draining would be to attempt no more than 5 times, and set a notification to the user.
    Same occurs when the WiFi is “not connected” but the phone sees the SSID. Keeps trying after failing to obtain an IP address.

    I perform tech support, and my clients are all over town. The WiFi / Cellular phone is most welcome, as many of my client live in cellular-poor-service areas, BUT they have WiFi, so I spend my day moving from WiFi to WiFi.

    When I first got the Moto-G 10 months ago, I took a road trip from NC to Arkansas, and Nebraska. I had an AT&T cellular phone to make comparison. While both phones had cellular service most of the time, occasionally one of the other had service while the other did not. It appeared that the Sprint service was more reliable.

    Also, on the trip, I used the GPS. The included MAPS app was of little use (I did not have a data plan), but I did have the Navigator app which was preloaded with all the maps of the uSA. As a result my Moto-G was a reliable GPS over the entire trip (plugged into auto power) even on back roads out in nowhere.

    I like the Moto-G. It is a handy computer, GPS, and even a phone!!!:)
    RW may contact me at

  3. Once upon a time I used to have an iPhone 4 with Sprint and was paying $85 per month (my first smart phone <3). I heard about Republic Wireless from a blogger named Mr. money Mustache and converted. It was scary at first since I was a sheep like most people paying high priced cell phone plans under Brand Name companies. Now that I'm with Republic Wireless I have complete FREEDOM. I can control how much I pay and spend more time appreciating life around me because I am not hooked on my phone. As a bonus I save more money on my bill than everyone around me. I LOVE it! Especially when I tell others how much I pay ($10 plan) lol! THANK YOU RW!

  4. This service works perfectly with cable internet and working at home. I use the phone for conference calls, etc throughout the day and there is no cellular usage when at home.

  5. This service works perfectly with cable internet and working at home. I use the phone for conference calls, etc throughout the day and there is no cellular usage when at home.

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