David & Stephanie’s Debt-Free Journey

David & Stephanie’s Debt-Free Journey

David and Stephanie’s debt-free journey always had a greater purpose: to build a better life for their son. Less than a year later, Republic Wireless has helped them transform their life and reach their savings goal.

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Inspiration to Save

David and Stephanie first committed to Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball plan in 2013. Plans changed, however, when they learned Stephanie was expecting their first child, Benjamin. After struggling with infertility for three years, they said the blessing of a baby encouraged them to work towards a better life for Benjamin.

“Being able to conceive was a big deal for us and a big part of our story,” said David. “In a lot of ways, it made our debt journey easier because I’m willing to sacrifice for Benjamin.”

“It gives you something to work for outside of yourself and you see life differently.”

Later that year, David and Stephanie learned about Republic Wireless. After a 30-day trial, they switched from Verizon, cutting $100 from their phone bill. The money they saved during Stephanie’s pregnancy helped offset the hospital bills and kick start their savings plan.

“Joining Republic was definitely one of the first things we did that really helped us make headway when we wanted to get into the [debt snowball] program,” said David.

david and stephanie at table

Cutting Back

In February 2015, David and Stephanie went full speed with the Debt Snowball plan. By cutting out cable, selling their SUV, cooking more at home, and using our service, they planned to be debt-free except for their mortgage in early 2016.

“We’ve paid off about $22,000 over the last 11 months,” said David. “Our main motivation for starting that back up has been Benjamin and wanting to model that for him.”

“If you think about the money we’ve saved [with Republic] over the last two years, we’ve put $2,400 towards our debt, which is 10 percent of what we’ve paid off,” said Stephanie.

David and Stephanie chose the Talk and Text plan for the added savings and said they’ve actually grown to appreciate not having a data plan.

“We’ve learned that it’s good to not be connected to everybody all the time,” David said. “We really try to put our phones away during supper and just focus on Benjamin and us.”

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Setting a better example

For David and Stephanie, a debt-free lifestyle is all about setting a better example for Benjamin. As he grows up, they hope to teach Benjamin lessons they’ve learned on their savings journey.

“When I was growing up, debt was a way of life,” said Stephanie. “We want to be different. We want to make smarter choices.”

“You can make a different choice and think outside of the box without sacrificing quality. We want to teach Benjamin to think outside of the box. Republic is thinking outside of the box.”

“We’re looking forward to teaching him to be financially responsible, teaching him to enjoy life, to enjoy using his money and be generous with it,” said Stephanie.

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Since they’ve switched, David and Stephanie have also influenced their friends and family to make the switch.

“When you find something good you want to tell people,” Stephanie said. “It’s such an easy and smart choice to make.”

After reaching their financial goals, they’re not letting go of their Republic phones.

“We won’t always shop at the thrift store, we won’t always have cheap stuff, but I don’t see why we would change our Republic phones,” Stephanie said. “That’s something we plan to keep.”

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