Device-Free Dinners are Coming to a City Near You!

Dinner Bell is calling – will you answer?

Back in December, we announced that we would be taking Republic on the road this year to share our mission of inspiring a better phone-life balanceTM for everyone. Our first two Dinner Bell device-free dining experiences opened our eyes to our amazing members and got us even more excited about the remaining events this year. We made memories and new friends, and some folks even discovered they were neighbors!

At each event, our dinner guests chose to try something new and potentially uncomfortable—they silenced their phones and “unplugged,” putting their phones in dedicated phone baskets we had on each table. By devoting dinnertime to the people around them (and the delicious 3-course meal they would share), they enjoyed an awesome real-life experience and made meaningful connections with fellow Republic members, as well as with our team. It was incredible to experience the flurry of conversation and connections being made over dinner, and we were honored to be a part of it.

Provo, Utah

At our first stop in Provo, Utah, we kicked the evening off with an unparalleled dance performance by BYU’s mascot, Cosmo the Cougar, and the Cougarettes. Some of us were tempted to join in the fun, but spared everyone else the discomfort.

We then headed up to the President’s Loge, enjoying breathtaking snow-covered views of LaVell Edwards Stadium, where our members were treated to the surprise of seeing their names on the jumbotron!

Over dinner, we discussed our families, our jobs, and our favorite travel destinations. We got to know our Utah-based members on a new, more meaningful level, and even connected with a couple who had recently relocated from our home state!

Durham, North Carolina

Our second Dinner Bell event took place in Durham, North Carolina, right in our own backyard. And it didn’t disappoint! We treated members to a private tour of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, home to our very own Triple-A minor league baseball team (and namesake to the iconic movie Bull Durham). We got to tour the locker rooms, check out the weight room, learn about the history of the stadium and surrounding warehouses, and discover more about Bermuda grass than we thought possible. We even enjoyed a surprise visit by the beloved Wool E. Bull!

We enjoyed conversations with a self-described “cryptocurrency day-trader,” an eclectic and intelligent university student, and a retired couple who’d never owned cell phones before getting their very first ones with Republic Wireless a few years back.

After a delicious Southern-inspired dinner served family-style, we ended the night together with a private fireworks show over the field.

Watch our video for an insider’s peek at the Durham Dinner Bell event…

…and get excited for what’s to come!

What’s Next

Connecting with you, our members, helps us develop better solutions to support the lifestyle you love! And what better way to connect than through quality food, family-style dining, and good conversation? We’re fueled by member feedback and channel it to drive us to do better and be better every day. We can’t wait to see who we’ll meet and the stories they’ll share at our next Dinner Bell events. Here’s where we’re headed next:


Denver, CO – Saturday, June 23
Portland, OR – Stay tuned!
Austin, TX – Stay tuned!
Minneapolis, MN – Stay tuned!


Members and friends in these cities, get ready—official invites to follow! Our first two Dinner Bell events filled up quickly (one in less than 30 minutes!), so have your babysitters on standby and your calendars up to date. We can’t wait to meet you!

What do you hope to learn from us at Dinner Bell? We can’t wait to meet you and learn about how you achieve a phone-life balanceTM in your life. Tell us about your device-free experiences in the comments!

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Notable Replies

  1. Looking for a Dinner in Memphis TN!! :grinning:

  2. Nothing could be finer if you could bring the road show to South Carolina

  3. How about Dallas, before or after Austin?

  4. kmac says:

    Would love to see Republic (definitely a purpose-driven company) to visit the town of the original purpose-driven company - Hershey, PA! Certainly a shared goal of strengthening families and caring for children (Republic with Relay, Hershey with the Milton Hershey School). Find out more here:
    and here:

    Hope to see you soon!

  5. Any chance these awesome dinner experiences might be coming to Orange County, CA??!!

  6. What about dining out in the Northeast? Arlington, MA in particular is my suggestion.

    Would love to see you and can cook you up some nice lobsters.

  7. I am looking forward to the Minneapolis, MN event and my youngest son is looking forward to the Portland, OR event. I have a daughter & son-in-law in DC on Republic. Any plans for that area?

  8. amien says:

    We look forward to meeting you in Minneapolis, and your son in Portland! A whole family of Republic users- love it! No plans for DC currently. Any tips from you and/or your son for the cities we will be visiting? How do you achieve phone-life balance in a busy city like Minneapolis?

  9. amien says:

    @daveg.7uplja, @jeremyl1019, @claytonwtx, @kmac, @michaelg.49xhyk, @wingmaherma-- we’re not booking new cities currently, though if we were, you guys have some good ones!! I’ll list a few of my favorite screen free moments in each of them:

    • Memphis, TN: Elvis’ mansion seems like an obvious choice, though I’m sure there are less touristy destinations. What would you recommend, @daveg.7uplja?

    • @jeremyl1019, I agree, nothing could be finer than to be in South Carolina. Specifically, Charleston, eating at any number of the fine establishments there. What’s your favorite?

    • Dallas, TX has THE BEST stone crab I’ve ever had at this diner looking place near downtown. I sadly don’t remember the name of it (I should got look that up), but it was AMAZING. @claytonwtx are you familiar with the place?

    Anyone else seeing a trend with my favorite screen-free activities? :fork_and_knife::shallow_pan_of_food:

    • @kmac :open_mouth: I haven’t been to Hersey, but learning about the history in the links you provided makes me interested in more than just the chocolate! It sounds like the company culture is every bit as sweet as the product. And yes, very much like the one I’m a member of today. Republic, like Hersey, is a family.

    Did I hear something about the west coast waves and east coast lobsters??

    • @michaelg.49xhyk, surfing waves is a hobby I would love to dedicate more time to! Do you shred the gnar?

    • @wingmaherma um… is that a standing offer??? :wink: Do you have a “no phones” policy at your dining table?

  10. I’m in Minneapolis. Would be cool to met some R.W staff.
    I see date for my location hasn’t been released yet.

  11. In Minneapolis, I recommend the University of Minnesota, (where 3 of my children attended) with at least a half-dozen suitable venues (contact: Conference and Event Services @■■■■ At Portland State University there is a new events center called Viking Pavillion. Contact: Conference & Event Services @■■■■. Otherwise I recommend Univerity of Portland (smaller sibling to University of Notre Dame, my Alma mater & my eldest son’s). Hope this helps.

  12. Wow had I known this I would have loved to attend the Durham dinner. Sorry I missed it sounds like it was a lot of fun

  13. amien says:

    We think it’d be cool to meet you too! Stay tuned-- we have one more date to secure before we announce the others. What do you think is the best time of year to visit Minneapolis?

  14. amien says:

    @ruthw.pfxkoa sorry we missed meeting you at Dinner Bell. If you’d still like to meet some of our team memberes (and maybe receive a little member appreciation) we’d love to host you at our pop-up shop in downtown Raleigh!

  15. Are these events listed in order?
    Denver, CO – Saturday, June 23
    Portland, OR – Stay tuned!
    Austin, TX – Stay tuned!
    Minneapolis, MN – Stay tuned!

    Meaning Minneapolis would be last?

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