Ditch the Data: How to Use More WiFi on Your Apps


As part of our ongoing effort to help you use more WiFi, I thought it’d be a good idea to show you how to update the settings on some of the most heavily used, data hungry, apps in the Google Play Store. A few quick clicks can make some big changes! You may soon find that you don’t even need cell data to get by at all.  Here are some quick tips on how to save data:

The most popular mobile web browser in the Play Store.  Google provides some settings in this app for compressing data and reducing the total amount of data used.

Open the Chrome App to your favorite website (republicwireless.com, right?):

Over time, Google gives you an updated score showing you how much data has been saved.  I’ve saved 39% since I set this option a few weeks back.

Youtube is obviously the biggest video site on the Internet and comes pre-installed on your device.  This is a streaming app that’ll use as much cell data you throw at it, but there are ways to reduce Youtube’s data intake.  Google provides the option to control the video type when on mobile networks, therefore reducing the amount of cellular data being used as the video files are typically smaller while on the go.

Open the YouTube app.  Oh hi, Blue!

This will make sure that HD quality video is only streamed when in WiFi areas.

Anyone using this? Oh right, virtually everyone with a smartphone or computer. With the increase in images and videos popping up on Facebook news feeds, how can we optimize this app for optimum WiFi usage? Facebook provides a couple of ways save your mobile data while not compromising your overall experience.

Open the Facebook app.  Pottery Barn knows my weakness…

Another streaming app that loves cell data.  Not much we can do here really, but Netflix does provide the option of only streaming over WiFi.

Open the Netflix App… ooh, Black Mirror awesome.

Does Instagram use data? Of course, it does! The last of the big five apps, my favorite, Instagram.  This app also gives you the option to reduce cellular usage.

Open the Instagram app. Food pics, yum!

And for bonus points…

This is becoming one of the most popular apps in the mobile ecosystem. Don’t burn through your data or battery life playing with filters.

Open your Snapchat app.

There you have it! It’s always interesting to take a look at how much data your apps are actually taking up, which you can monitor right from the Republic app on your phone.  I’m always surprised to see how much of both WiFi and cell was used where.  The tips listed in this post will help you cut down on cell data and save even more without interrupting or hindering your smartphone experience.

Try them out.  See how much you can save!

As always,

Stay WiFi my friends

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