Easter Egg: Find the Hidden Game on Your Android Phone

As you might already know, every version of the Android operating system (since Gingerbread) comes equipped with a fun little Easter egg that developers hide within the settings app. On phones with Android Nougat, you are able to collect virtual Android cats by setting out bait and luring them to your phone. When I discovered this, I was *super* excited. I love cats, and have two of my own (so naturally I’ve already named two of my Android kitties after my cats at home). The Easter egg is called Android Neko and is reminiscent of the popular app Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector.

Current compatible Republic phones:

Moto G4Nexus 6
Moto G4 PlusNexus 6P
Moto G5 PlusNexus 5X
Google PixelMoto Z
Google Pixel XLMoto Z Play

If you’re using Android Lollipop or Marshmallow (versions 5.0 or 6.0), don’t worry: you still have a fun Easter egg of your own, “Flappy Android”! Learn how to play here.

Check out the steps below to learn how to start collecting your very own Android cats.

Step One:

Open your app tray and tap Settings. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap About Phone.

Step Two:

Rapidly tap Android version times. This will open a screen featuring the Android Nougat N.

Step Three:

Rapidly tap the N five or six times, and then long-press the N. You should see a little cat emoji appear below the N. [Note: if it doesn’t work, try tapping and long pressing again].

Step Four:

Swipe down your menu settings from the top and tap EDIT.

Step Five:

Drag the cat icon that says Android Easter Egg up to your main menu, then hit the back button to save it.

Step Six:

You’ll see a new icon that says Empty Dish in your Settings menu. Tap the icon and you’ll be given four options to add bait for your cat.

Now, you wait! It can take a little bit for an Android cat to appear. Some come faster than others, but the good news is you’ll know the moment you’ve found one! A push notification will appear alerting you of your new cat.

If you want to see your entire cat collection, just long press the settings icon. You can even rename your cats by tapping on them in this menu, or you can share them out to your friends and followers by long pressing on a cat.

Happy collecting! Feel free to share your findings with us on social media or in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Easter Egg: Find the Hidden Game on Your Android Phone”

  1. So, my Moto X Pure is on Marshmallow, but when I check system update status it says system is up to date. Are only certain phones upgraded with Nougat? (a recent iPhone convert)

    1. The Moto X Pure has not received Nougat yet, so you are currently up to date! Motorola pushes out updates to different phones at different times, which is why some of the Moto phones currently have it while others don’t.

  2. Yesterday evening, I let my 10 year old daughter take the actions on my phone while I talked through these instructions. Worked on my Moto G4! She loves it, which means it brings me joy. It took perhaps a few hours for my first kitty to show up. I named him Steve. I keep putting new bait out, but only Steve comes to get it. Hoping to find more kitties soon. Oh the simple pleasures in life. Thanks for posting up these detailed instructions.

    1. Love to hear this! I’m so happy it could bring some joy to you and your daughter. Steve must be a glutton 😉 I’ve had a similar experience; a few of my cats will come back again instead of new cats. Eventually, new ones do turn up.

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