Emojis are here!

Do you understand what the little guys up top mean? Could you teach Emojis as a second language at your local university? Have you been pining for the day you could send smiley faces to your boo?! Well now is your day! Emoji support is here!

Emoji_FB 2Emojis have become an integral part of texting and communicating in today’s smartphone world. It took some special doing on our end, but our engineers were up to the task! Initially, our infrastructure was limited to only 128 different characters and just plain didn’t support special characters like Emojis. But, we’ve upgraded all systems to support smilies, exploding confetti, little kitties, and even more special characters including other languages! With this change we support all characters that Android supports. So text! Text like the wind! Use the appropriate little running guy paired with a hurricane to emphasize your speed! Emojis are here, ready and waiting at your fingertips! Enjoy!

emoji ex
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  • Doug McGraw

    about time (1.5 years in the making) 😉

  • Jamie King

    That means we can send the poop emoji to anyone in our contacts. Yes.

    • http://www.republicwireless.com ajmaphone

      Yes. Yes it does. Poop away!

  • https://twitter.com/calebnauman Caleb Nauman

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  • ICDogg

    I might have to wait 45 seconds for the phone to dial, but at least I can make a poop emoji. Now that’s progress!

    • Misty Sellars

      You only have to wait 45 seconds? I have to wait up to 3 minutes!

      • ICDogg

        Yes, it can get that bad.

        Experiment you can try: uninstall all updates to the Republic Wireless app. Don’t re-install them. Just use the ancient version that came with your phone. See if the delay goes away.

        • mstd85

          Thank you I will try that. The sad part is, when I sent a ticket in on it I was given the blow off, “it is a known issue.” and they gave me a few tips to try. They were the same things I told them I had tried before placing the ticket.

  • Lilibeth MacLean

    So, my daughter can send emojis but an iPhone emoji doesn’t show up on her Moto X 1st gen phone. Is anyone else having this same issue?

    • Robb Ebright

      Yes we’ve had the same issue with our MotoX 1st gens, we can send them but we couldn’t receive them. Is this fixable ?

      • Lilibeth MacLean

        My daughter updated her phone twice within the same few minutes and that fixed it for her.

    • Amanda S.

      I have a Moto X 1st gen and I can both send and receive from both Android and iPhone. Hmm.

      • Lilibeth MacLean

        I should have followed up – my daughter updated her Moto X phone twice and now can send AND receive emojis even from iPhones. Yay!!!

  • Lilibeth MacLean

    So, my daughter can send emojis but an iPhone emoji doesn’t show up on her Moto X 1st gen phone. Is anyone else having this same issue?

  • akua_yambusie

    I had them, now they’re gone. Is it me? Or is there a specific set of conditions where they work? This is not super important, lol, just puzzled. I should say some are still there, but I know there were more because my daughter used my phone and sent some

    • Markus

      Try holding down the enter button to reveal the emojis on certain keyboards. Usually they show up then.

      • akua_yambusie

        Thanks! I forgot I posted this, I finally had my daughter show me, lol, I think it was just me being stupid!

  • drew

    been using SMS over hangouts for a LONG time, it has had emojis since i started