Engineered to Save: Cell to WiFi Handover is Here!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that cell to WiFi handover will begin slowly rolling out to our members over the next week!

Here at Republic, we believe in the power of engineering as a means of delivering remarkable value to our members. Our second Lab effort, dubbed “Salsa”, tested cell to WiFi handover with the help of 1,800 incredibly devoted participants. Their feedback helped us refine a feature that improved voice offload (Translation: The percentage of call minutes going over WiFi) by at least three percentage points!  

Three points may not sound like a lot, but every minute of additional time spent on WiFi helps us continue to offer services like our more-popular-than-ever $10 Talk & Text plan. How? Because it costs us more to power your calls on cell than your calls on WiFi — and we are committed to maintaining great pricing for our members, however we can.

Cell to WiFi handover is also part of our ongoing pursuit to optimize your phone to find the best network possible. Our engineers put a ton of thought and effort into the timing of handovers, triggers, and the achievement of seamless switches to make sure you’re always on the best network available.

Case in point: After work, you walk into your home where you happen to have spotty cell phone coverage. Your call will now switch from cell to WiFi — keeping you connected and ultimately providing you with the unprecedented smartphone experience we strive for here at Republic!

So how do I get it?

Just wait for the feature to be enabled on your device! It will be slowly rolling out to everyone over the next week. (DEFYs and 2nd Generation Moto Xs running KitKat are excluded; you also must update to the most recent app version to get the feature.) To check if you have cell to WiFi enabled on your device, check out the instructions here

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8 thoughts on “Engineered to Save: Cell to WiFi Handover is Here!”

  1. > services like our more-popular-than-ever $10 Talk & Text plan

    Uh, its the only service you offer and it doesn’t even work. So many missed calls.

  2. So every time we go by a wifi signal with a captive portal our phone will drop the call?

    What is Republic Wireless doing to address this issue?

    Sure, we could always go back to our wifi list and “forget” connections with captive portals, but that’s not realistic for many users who log into them occasionally.

    1. The feature is easily disabled in the RW app settings. Go into settings and choose advanced settings… you will find the option there.

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