Engineered to Save: The New Republic App

A few weeks back, we rolled out our powerful new app and showed you some of the new functionality (like app cell data controls) our devs built to help you save even more data, and therefore, more money, each month! Today, we’re pleased to unveil even more features that help you stay better connected like the ability to schedule a plan change and the option to add extra cell data on-demand. It’s all designed to give you as much (or as little) control over your service as you want, so you can use your phone how you need. Check it out: 1a 2b 3a


4a 5a6a7a8a 9a10a11a 12bThere you have it. We’ve equipped you with the information and tools you need to easily understand (and more tightly manage, if you so choose) your cellular and WiFi connectivity. Our brand new app let’s you know how you stack up anytime so you can have the best smartphone service possible. The new app features are rolling out today!

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4 thoughts on “Engineered to Save: The New Republic App”

  1. It is exciting and very satisfying to be a customer of a new and innovative company, especially a company who respects its customers and treat them as partners and with dignity.

  2. I like what you’re doing with this engineering to save it probably needs to be put on the republic Wireless green when you open it up so that especially the new people because you get a lot of new people they can see how it works that’ll be like an index and you played it out beautifully and explains it beautifully now you have to have a link to it on your page

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