Extend Home Review – SomeGadgetGuy on Republic Wireless Home Phone Service

Have you heard about our Extend Home Kit? Good thing we’ve got an amazing review from SomeGadgetGuy that can help you learn more. First and foremost, Extend Home is our version of home phone service, directly tied to your Republic Wireless phone number. Feel free to check out our full Extend Home breakdown here on our blog. 

At no additional monthly cost, our My Choice plan gives you the ability to add Extend Home service. For a one time cost of $49 ( currently on sale for just $29, now through 12/31 ), get high quality home phone service with your Republic Wireless phone number. It’s simple – one number, multiple ways to stay connected. 

Perhaps you’ve lost your phone, or the battery is dead. With Extend Home, you can use your Republic Wireless phone number to get in touch with friends and family. Yes, even if your cell phone isn’t nearby. Many members have reported increased quality of calls, as well as finding more uses than they realized they needed before setting up their Extend Home. 

“We have children at home that are old enough to stay home alone when we run a quick errand, but we really didn’t want to purchase a cell phone/device for them; When we learned about this one-time purchase that enables me to call home and check on them, or them to call me (not to mention 911) it gives us tremendous peace of mind.”

If you’re a current My Choice member, learn more today and add
Extend Home to your Republic Wireless service!

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