Easter Egg: Find the Hidden Game of Flappy Bird on Your Phone!

Remember all the hype about Flappy Bird back in 2014? If not, let me fill you in real quick. Flappy Bird was a highly popular Android app game whose success ultimately led to it being removed from the Play Store for being “too addictive,” according to the game’s creator. So you’re wondering, how does this relate to my Android smartphone in 2016? Well, as you might already know, each version of Android operating systems has a fun little “Easter egg” hidden within the settings app. And on the Lollipop operating system, that Easter egg is Android’s rendition of Flappy Bird! Pretty cool, right?

Now I must warn you, the “Android Flappy Bird” game is significantly harder than the original. The most points I was able to score is 1, but I heard someone in the office got 3 points once. So, if you’re interested in trying to beat my (abysmal) score, here’s how you get to the mini-game:



Open your app tray and tap Settings. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap About Phone.


Rapidly tap Android version five times. This will prompt a giant lollipop animation to appear.

flappy bird2
flappy bird3


Once you are on this screen, tap the lollipop to change its color! When you’re ready to take on the “Flappy Android” challenge, press and hold the lollipop.


Quick taps on the screen will make the little Android man fly! The goal is to “thread the needle” through the lollipops that appear from the top and bottom of the screen.

flappy bird4
flappy bird


Tell us how far you are able to get in the comments! Happy flapping!

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31 thoughts on “Easter Egg: Find the Hidden Game of Flappy Bird on Your Phone!”

  1. Damn you…. very addicting! Got one time and time again. Spent an hour trying for 2. I’ll be back trying again…. There goes my afternoon.

    1. That’s good! You’re almost to the Flappy Android game. If you tap and hold your finger on the lollipop, it should open the game for you!

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