Unlimited Home Phone Service added to Republic Wireless Cell Phone Plans at No Extra Cost

Here at Republic Wireless, we’ve created a new innovative spin on an old school product that just might be right for these times. With our new Extend Home service, your mobile number extends to home phones at no additional monthly cost. Yes, Republic members will get free monthly home phone service bundled into their My Choice plan. We are bringing back the home phone and a lot of benefits you may have forgotten or never known.

Remember the home phone?

Most Americans have cut that cord by now. Less than 40% of US households currently have home phone service, and less than 25% of Republic members still have it. Younger generations may never have even experienced one in their homes – skipping straight to cell phone service.

Look what they missed out on!

And this actually used to happen…

Before they went cordless, of course….

A Modern Home Phone Service

Well, there were some advantages that you may have forgotten, and Republic added new benefits those old home phones never had. First of all, your Republic mobile number will extend to your home phones. This lets you talk with better sound quality, use the more robust speaker phones in a home phone, and gives you the ability to put down your cell and never miss a call.

“Making and receiving calls from any phone becomes seamless. If you are charging your cell phone, lose it, or leave it in the car, no worries,” explained Extend Home product engineer Jesse Stimpson. “Plus Republic has exclusive spam-blocking that extends to your home phone.”

When your contacts receive a call from either your cell or home phone, your contact information will appear on their phone. You can even call your own number when you’re away, and your kids can answer on the home phone. My 16-year-old never answers her cell phone, but she runs to get the home phone if I call when I’m away from the house.

Republic’s General Manager John Barbacci adds, “Our research showed that people liked having additional phones around the house and also being able to take a ‘digital detox’ from their cell phone. As more people join the wave of cord-cutting their landline phone service, we wanted to develop a product that would help ease the transition and maintain the benefits of having a home phone. Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to save money. Only Republic bundles Extend Home at no additional monthly cost for an easy way to cut the budget quickly.”

What Do I Need?

The Extend Home service requires a simple home phone kit with a one-time cost of $49. Just plug a home phone that you may already have into the device, and it will network with any other phones in its set. If you are a Republic member you’re good to go. If not, you will need to sign up for Republic Wireless cell phone service. The monthly home phone service will be included in Republic’s My Choice cell phone plan starting at only $15 per month.

Plus, Extend Home allows for additional phones in your home to be used for 911 emergency calls, and you can check voicemail from any phone. Not to mention, home phones have better sound quality and speakers. It’s often just more comfortable to hold the contoured form of a home phone than a thin cell phone.

Our Members Love This Free Feature!

Personally, I love being able to use the handset when I’m charging my [cell] phone. And I also don’t get distracted by notifications. Much less, “Wait, why did I pick up my phone again?” moments.
– Tori G.

It’s much easier and nicer to call grandparents from the extended handsets for kids. I can still use my cell for other things and the child doesn’t accidentally hang up because the phone screen turned on.
– Courtney M.

So dig those home phones out of retirement and bring back the convenience and quality you once knew. If you don’t have a home phone on hand, you can also get a new affordable one on Amazon. Most will work with Extend Home. Vtech makes great basic home phones like this model that comes with two phones at a good price.

(Republic is an Amazon Associate and will get a small fee if you purchase one of these phones on Amazon).

*Promotional price of $29 for the Extend Home on republicwireless.com is valid through June 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET, or while supplies last. Taxes not included and Extend Home must be purchased from www.republicwireless.com. No redemption code needed. Limit two Extend Home devices per customer. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases or redeemed for cash. Returned devices will be refunded at the promotional price. Republic Wireless reserves the right to modify or terminate the offer at any time without notice.

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Notable Replies

  1. Two clarifications needed.

    1. Do you need a $49 box and a network cable for EACH home phone or will your entire old home phone system work off one box?

    2. Can you show a cable and wiring diagram? As described, I have an extra cable or not enough holes.

  2. Hi @HBoyter,
    Welcome to our Member Community.

    You can use only one Extend Home adapter per My Choice cell phone number that you want to have ring to a traditional household handset.

    If you want multiple handsets to ring, there are two ways to accomplish this. Either
    Use a cordless telephone “set” that has one base unit and multiple handsets
    If you don’t currently have service that uses the traditional wall jacks wired in your home, you can plug the Extend Home adapter into a wall jack, then plug a telephone handset into other wall jacks throughout the house.

    There are only three jacks on the Extend Home adapter. One connects the adapter to your router with an ethernet cable. One accepts the phone line cord to connect to the telephone handset. The third is for the power supply.

  3. A little confused here…this home phone plan is first described as being at no extra cost, yet farther down says $15 per month…please to explain…

  4. Hi @reillyr.h2loo8,

    Extend Home is a free add-on service available to My Choice members. The My Choice plan for your cellular service starts at $15 a month. There is no additional monthly charge for the Extend Home service.

  5. When making and receiving calls using the handset, would calls go over WiFi then? Could the calls handover like they do on my cell phone if I go out of WiFi range?

  6. Hi @amandan.xvudns,

    Because the Extend Home adapter is wired with an ethernet cable to your router, calls use the internet, but not WiFi, which is wireless. The call quality is surprisingly clear and as reliable as your internet service.

    Since the adapter is also wired to the telephone handset, there’s no way to go out of range, unless you’re using a wireless handset and it goes out of range of the base unit. Then the phone would behave the same way it would if it were receiving phone service from the local phone company.

    There is no cellular functionality with Extend Home, so there is no handover.

  7. any wired phone recommendations that have a dedicated RJ9 port for a headset? They are out there but I am only seeing very cheapy type phones getting very mixed reviews.

  8. joel says:

    Steve, Let me check some options that have been tested by the team and get back to you. We have have seen compatibility with Vtechs and Panasonics, but I want to check model numbers to be sure.

  9. joel says:

    I would be wary of this one, as we certainly have not tested this brand or model. There is no reason that Vtechs, Panasonics, and AT&T-branded phones should not work with Extend Home, if you can find one with the desired port. We can just not guarantee they will work because we cannot test them all.

    Over 1,000 members are using Extend Homes right now. I would think someone in Community has one with the port you need.

  10. Hello-

    Would I be able to use this feature with an old rotary phone that has a modern-day jack on it?

  11. Thank you very much!

  12. Just transferred my old land line home phone number to my cell and also hooked up an Extend unit. This allows me to keep my old home phone number and get calls to that number when I am out and about, even out of the area. Sometimes transferring a former land line number to a cell provider can be a bit of a problem, this was not. (to be clear> my old cell number goes away and will use my old home number for now on)
    As normal I had some sequence of events questions, these were answered by customer expert David C., expertly I might add. Thanks David C.! All went as outlined.

  13. Hi @joel I’m fairly sure you weren’t responding to me and if you were responding to @edwardg.mi73pl I believe he was asking about two Republic phone numbers which would require two Extend Home devices, which is why he as asking about dual line capable Grandstream devices (which exist but don’t work with Republic).

  14. Hi @frankv.7rdbla and welcome back to the Member Community. Here’s a link that might help answer any questions you have about the Extend Home Adapter –

    Suggest you review the FAQ and then come back if you have more questions.

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