Top 5 FREE Apps to Organize Your Life

If you could find a simple way to make your life 10x easier, why wouldn’t you do it? After months of feeling like I couldn’t keep up with my busy lifestyle, I decided something had to be done.  I never expected that organizing my life could be SO EASY and, better yet, save me so much money! Getting organized AND saving money? Yes Please!

So how did I do it, you ask? Good question. FREE Apps! 

From a personal assistant to a cooking instructor to a coupon clipper, the organizing apps I discovered have everything I need to stay one-step-ahead in so many aspects of life.

In this 6-part blog series, I will walk you through some of the greatest scheduling and organizing apps for Android that have made my life a whole lot easier.  Before I got on this “getting organized kick”, I didn’t even realize how much of a difference it could make to plan out even the simplest of tasks! For example, I had never considered organizing my recipes or the articles I found online, or how useful an app organizer could be!

Over the next few weeks, I will share the most helpful apps in these aspects of life:

  1. Daily Planning and Organizing
  2. Financial Organization/ Expense Tracking
  3. Shopping Apps that Save You Time and Money
  4. Organizing Your Recipes to Cook Meals with Ease
  5. Organizing Your Health and Fitness Goals
  6. Apps to Organize Apps


Everyday Planning and Organizing (for you and your family)!

If you’re like me, you have a pretty crazy life that is hard to keep up with. With places to go, people to see, things to do… it seems never ending! Keeping up with my own schedule is hard enough, I can’t even imagine having anyone else to take care of! Fortunately, I found a few tools that helped make my life a little easier – and hopefully yours too! If you’ve had enough of the daily struggle, these apps might be just the answer you’re looking for.

Personal Organizer and Planner Apps:

These first two apps are specifically designed to help you keep track of your schedule and remind you when you have a commitment. In essence, they’re like your personal assistant. They even consider traffic to tell you what time you’ll need to leave your location in order to be where you need to go on time (a personal favorite as I, admittedly, am always running late).

  1. The Any-Do App

•Easy to use to-do list maker
•Daily planner
•Reminders of upcoming tasks and events
•Syncs across all platforms so you can always stay on-task
•Ability to add tasks straight from your inbox
•Makes planning a breeze with its ability to easily share tasks and lists with contacts



2. 24me

•Takes care of things automatically
•Easily allows you to enter the location of something on your to-do list
•Watches traffic and lets you know when you should leave so you are on time
•Allows you to pay bills, call, send a text, and so much more with just the touch of a button



Personally, I have always been a journal/planner kind-of-person. I needed that tangible agenda so that I could cross tasks off as I finished them throughout my day. When first considering an app to keep my schedule organized, I was skeptical that completing tasks wouldn’t have the same satisfying feeling if I couldn’t physically cross it off my list. (I know, I’m weird.) However, including all the qualities a great daily planner app should have, these apps also allow me to swipe tasks off as I complete them, leaving me feeling just as fulfilled as if I had done it with a pen. With an app like one of these, I can get that feeling of satisfaction while avoiding carrying around an extra notebook.

Both of these apps are very similar in functionality and both are extremely easy to use. Try one (or both) out and see how it works for you. I promise you’ll thank yourself for it.

Family Organizer and Planner Apps:
These next two apps are tailored to fit the needs of a busy family.

3. Cozi Family Organizer

•Family calendar so that everyone can see when a family member’s schedule changes
•Reminders so that no one forgets when to be where!
•Grocery lists that the entire family can access so you can get everything you – and everyone else – needs (Oh, how I would have abused this as a child… 18 packs of Oreos, anyone?)
•Recipe box that makes it easy to add ingredients to the list.
•A notebook to share photos and write messages


4.  Family Shared Calendar: FamCal

•Helps families connect easily
•Connects all members of the family, so even those without an e-mail address can easily stay up-to-date
•Set reminders
•Keep track of calendars, events, tasks, notes, contacts, birthdays, easily in one organized place



Having an organized way to communicate with family when you’re not together is one aspect that my family struggles with. Having a mobile family calendar app where everyone can make and see schedule changes immediately keeps miscommunication down and everyone up-to-date.

Cozi Family Calendar App and Family Shared Calendar are two great family planning apps that help families easily stay organized and connected. With the ability to make and share lists, these apps are a great alternative to keeping calendars and shopping lists up on the fridge. Plans constantly change and, let’s face it, a calendar that stays stationary on the fridge won’t do much good to anyone when plans change on a whim and no one is home to fix the calendar.

The final app I want to share with you is one that my family and I use to help make and keep plans. Doodle provides a much more organized way to find out what everyone has going on during a particular day of the week and easily decide on a convenient time to get together.

5. Doodle

•Easily create an event
•Conveniently mark your available days and allow others to do the same
•Shows what days and times work best for everyone involved in that event
•Makes planning and organizing events hassle-free



Being connected with my family has always been a core value for me. After moving away from home, staying connected with my family became even more important than ever. With two sisters and two working parents, it is hard to find a time for the whole family to get together.. Having an app like Doodle makes staying connected simple and easy, so we can spend more time doing the things we love as a family and less time confusingly talking about who’s doing what when and where.


Stop the everyday chaos. Check out these awesome apps and start implementing them in your daily life! Have your family download them too and let me know what works well for you by commenting below! Did I miss any really awesome apps? Tell me! I can always use more help getting my life together and I’m sure plenty of others will benefit too!

Keep a lookout for next week’s blog to see which apps are best to help you budget your money and act as a financial planner!


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