Go Republic. Keep your phone. Get 6 months FREE.

Get 6 months of FREE service with Republic!

If you’re considering a switch to Republic Wireless, or enticing a family member to do so, here’s something to keep in mind: 6 months of savings!

That’s right. New members can get 6 months of FREE service (up to $30 a month, taxes and telecom fees not included), plus a free SIM card, and you can keep using the compatible phone you already love.

Or if you’re adding a family member to your Republic Wireless account, you can get 6 months of FREE service for the new service line when they activate a Republic SIM on a new phone number―plus a free SIM card and the ability to keep a current compatible phone.

Here’s how you get it:

1. First, make sure your existing phone is compatible with our service. Check yours here.

2. Order your FREE SIM kit. Act fast while supplies last.* Discount will be taken at checkout. All you pay for is shipping and taxes.

3. Activate your phone by June 6th, 2017, and pay for your first month of service—then enjoy up to $30 off your bill for the next 6 months.

That’s how easy it is to save on your wireless bill, while getting great service, and keeping the phone you already love.


Who is eligible for the 6 months FREE service promotion?
This promotion is for new and existing Republic Wireless members who order a SIM card from our online store between May 16 and May 22, 2017, and activate that SIM on a new service line by June 6, 2017.

If I’m an existing Republic Wireless member, can I keep my current phone number?
No, this promotion only applies to new service lines. Swapping numbers with an active service line will make you ineligible for the free service offer.

Can I choose a plan other than the 2 GB, $30 plan?
Yes! However, you will only receive a discount of up to $30 per month. Any additional costs will be charged to the credit card we have on file for you.

I thought the offer was for 6 months of FREE service; why do I need to enter my credit card information?
During checkout, you will still have to pay for shipping and any applicable taxes and fees. Also, your 6 months of FREE service will begin after your first full month of service with your new service line. You must pay for your first month of service and then the next 6 months are on us, excluding taxes and fees.

Why do I see an error at checkout saying the SIM kit doesn’t have coverage in my zip code?
If you receive an error message saying that the SIM kit doesn’t have coverage in your zip code, that means that our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) service is not available in your area. While it’s still possible to order the SIM kit and activate it, your experience is likely to be very poor.

If I’m not already a Republic Wireless member, can I switch to Republic and keep my same phone number?
In most cases, yes! Most numbers can transfer, but there are some that can’t for various reasons. Check to see if your number can be transferred to Republic using our Number Transfer Checker. If your number can be transfered, follow our Number Transfer guide for instructions on how to do so.

If I was previously a Republic Wireless member, can I switch back and receive this offer?
Yes! We’d love to welcome you back to the family!

Is there a limit to the number of service lines on my account that can receive this offer?
No, as long as the service lines are new and all other terms of the offer are followed, you can receive this offer on as many lines as you’d like. However, only 4 SIM cards can be purchased, per person, during the offer period.

Learn more about a few of our compatible BYOP options. 

Terms and Conditions:
Each SIM card purchased between May 16, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. ET – May 22, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET (the “Offer Period”) on www.republicwireless.com entitles the purchaser (herein referred to as either the “customer” or “you”) to (i) up to six (6) consecutive months of (ii) up to Republic Wireless’s Talk and Text plus 2GB of cellular data service plan free of charge (taxes and telecom charges not included) subject to the following conditions (the “Offer”).

Conditions of the Offer:
You must activate the SIM card on or prior to June 6, 2017, 11:59PM ET on a supported Republic Wireless phone, chose a valid Republic Wireless service plan, and agree to the Republic Wireless Terms of Service (a “Valid Activation”). The Offer is only valid on (x) new customer accounts and (y) a new service line for an existing customer account. If you are an existing customer and you use the SIM card to upgrade or transfer a current service line on your current account, you are not eligible for the Offer. The Offer is valid only while SIM card supplies last. SIM card supplies are limited and once they sell out, no other SIM cards will be eligible for this Offer. The Offer is not valid for purchases of the SIM card prior to May 16, 2017 or after May 22, 2017.    The Offer has no cash value, is not valid for payment of any kind other than as a service credit for a Republic Wireless service plan, not transferable, and not valid on the service plans of any wireless carrier other than Republic Wireless.

The free service (taxes and telecom fees not included) will begin at the start of your second month with Republic Wireless. Put another way, you will need to pay for the first month of service and then beginning with your second month, you will receive free service (taxes and telecom fees not included) for the next six (6) consecutive months. If the Republic Wireless service is terminated before the expiration of the consecutive six (6) month period (an “Early Offer Termination”), any and all remaining months of service credits expire.  The Offer cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or any other amount. Under the Offer, the plan you will receive six (6) months of service free of charge for (excluding taxes and telecom fees) will be the plan you chose upon the Valid Activation, so choose wisely! If you chose a plan of greater value than Republic Wireless’s Talk and Text plus 2GB of cellular data service plan, any additional service plan cost above the Talk and Text plus 2GB cellular data service plan is not included and must be paid for by you. Republic Wireless reserves the right to cancel the Offer at any time with respect to any customer for any actions, that Republic Wireless determines in its own discretion, are fraudulent or dishonest.  You can purchase no more than four (4) SIM cards that are eligible for the Offer during the Offer period. In all cases, the last month of free service available under this Offer will be January 2018. Once the Offer expires, you will be billed monthly for your then current service plan pursuant to your terms of service with Republic Wireless. We hope you love our service and stay with us a long time. We’re excited to have you join!

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114 thoughts on “Go Republic. Keep your phone. Get 6 months FREE.”

  1. – I used to be a republic wireless customer on plan 2.0. Will I be eligible for this 6 months free offer (on 3.0 plan)

    – will two lines each be eligible for this 6 months free offer? or does it apply to only one per account?

    1. Hi there! Yes, you will be eligible for this offer. In regards to the two lines, yes! You are able to activate more than 1 new service line on an existing account, and each new activated line will benefit from this offer. As long as all other terms of the offer are followed, those 2 lines should be good to go!

      1. To piggyback off of the last question. I understand two lines are eligible for the promotion but does that mean each individual line is eligible for 6 free months up to $30? Or does that mean $30 is the limit for both lines in total?

  2. Will I be able to port in my number from another carrier to keep my existing number if I am not currently with Republic Wireless? I recently left and would come back if that is possible with this deal. You made it sound like we have to get an entirely new number.

    1. Additionally, I have a family member who would like to give their RW phone to a different family member. Will they have to leave RW and then activate the phone with RW again instead of “upgrading” to a new number? Will the other family member be able to port in their old number, or will they have to take the number on the SIM to get the free service?


      1. Hi Taylor! Thanks for reaching out with these questions. Yes, you are able to port your number from your current carrier to receive this free service! In terms of the family member receiving the RW phone, which specific phone are they receiving?

    1. Hi Carl! Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately since those taxes and fees fluctuate from state to state, we are unable to give a reliable estimate for that cost.

      1. Hi Sarah,

        May you provide the estimated taxes and fees for a $30 plan (unlimited talk text/2gb data) in California? Thanks

        1. I live in North Carolina. I am not asking for a specific number but an estimate. Should I expect to pay around $5 a month, or $10 or $20?

          1. Thanks, Sarah. But what about the “Telecom fees” mentioned in the article above? What’s its estimate for California?

    1. Hi Jon! If you purchase a compatible phone for our BYOP program that operates in your coverage area and port over a current number of yours from another provider, this offer will apply.

  3. Will the SIM purchased outside republicwireless.com, still qualify for the free 6 months? lets say from Amazon.com?

  4. I just joined RW a week or so ago and so far I am loving it! My boyfriend wants to try as well, but his phone is not compatible. If we purchase a phone from your website, will this offer apply to his line? Thanks!

  5. Can I use any GSM unlocked phone for this offer? I have galaxy s7 from sprint but it is gsm unlocked and currently using it in mintsim( tmobile mvno). Also my wife has LG G5 and it is working in mintsim now. Can We use this phone for this offer? Thank you.

    1. After the 6 months, you are free to either stay with Republic or leave our service. Of course, we prefer the first option! If you choose to stay on with us, you will have the option to choose whichever plan best fits your usage. We have no contracts, so it’s up to you!

  6. Hi! My wife and I are currently on separate 2.0 Republic Wireless plans. If we terminate her current plan and add her onto my plan, is she eligible for this offer and will she be able to keep her number?

      1. In my situation, I’m adding a new service line, but not with a new customer. So my question is, does my wife still apply for the promotion because she’s upgrading plans and being added to my account?

        1. If you are adding a new service line to your current account, and that new service line will be attached to a BYOP compatible phone, then yes! That new service line would have to have a new number in order to qualify for the free 6 months of service. You are unable to swap a number with an active service line.

  7. I already have a sim card I purchased a while back but never activated am I required to buy a new sim or can I use the old one?

    1. If you have a BYOP compatible device and are looking to open a new account or new service line with us, we would recommend that purchase a new sim from us to receive the benefits of this promo.
      Please feel free to take part in our community discussion taking place in regards to more detailed information and to ask any additional questions: https://community.republicw

    1. Hi Michael, unfortunately yes. Our BYOP is limited to GSM at the moment. We are working very hard to make it an option for CDMA!

      1. Thanks for the reply. Would you offer the 6 months free to those willing to buy a CDMA phone from you (eg. the G5 plus you sell ) or only to GSM SIM card transfers?

        1. This current promo is limited to that of GSM SIM purchases on a BYOP device, but with that being said we are always crafting new promos for our members that cater to their service and coverage. Thank you for asking us these questions! It helps us know what our members want to see here at RW.

          1. I would also be interested in this. We were going to wait a year to buy a phone for our daughter but this promo would push me to do it sooner. Thanks.

  8. Hi, as I sign up, a message pops up that I will not get good reception at my address, but I get T-Mobile great here? It’s there a reason I am getting that message

  9. Hi. I’m a current Republic Wireless customer. I want to buy a sim card to upgrade my current phone to a better one–keeping the same phone number. (I will buy the phone elsewhere; yes, I’ll make sure it is the compatible model.) As I read this, this deal doesn’t apply to me. However, when I try to buy the $5 SIM card it seems to be applying the discount anyway. Should I just go ahead and buy?

  10. I ordered a RW SIM card kit back in August ’16 but I have yet to activate and switch to RW yet. Could I use that SIM card I had ordered and take advantage of this promo? Or do I need to purchase this particular one?

  11. I have a Motox 2nd gen that was a Republic phone… do I need to buy a sim card for it? And
    can I pick an area code to my liking?

      1. Well I currently am with republic and would be cancelling that account and porting my current number over at the end of my 6 months of free service, if it’s possible?

  12. I just got this email promotion, and my phone is compatible when I verified its model number. However, when I was looking into the BYOP option on your website it said that BYOP was not an option when I typed in my zipcode. So can I bring my own phone or not??

    1. If you receive an error message saying that the SIM kit doesn’t have
      coverage in your zip code, that means that our Bring Your Own Phone
      (BYOP) service is not available in your area. While it’s still possible
      to order the SIM kit and activate it, your experience is likely to be
      very poor.

      1. Three more questions please: So why won’t it work in certain regions? What about the experience will be poor? Do you have any other promotions for those who have to buy totally new phones?

        1. It won’t work where there’s no signal from the networks they use, As far as experience, your mileage may vary significantly but no signal=poor experience. Customer service is not good at all

  13. Is it possible to activate the SIM prior to June 6, 2017, 11:59PM ET on a new number and schedule a port of my current Google Fi number over at a later date in the month? I have some overlapping international travel and need to keep the Fi SIM active for the travel.

  14. What happened to existing loyal customers? How about stay with Republic and Republic will give you a six month rebate?

    1. I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer for several years. We just were forced to switch from the original unlimited wireless plan to the new 2gb plan because the old plans don’t support newer phones. I’m seriously considering switching to T-Mobile. The unlimited wireless plan was a great deal, but the current plans are no longer very attractive. And now they’re offering six free months to new customers and leaving us loyal customers out in the cold. Thanks a bunch!

    2. Agreed with Chris and William. I have been a customer for 3 years with a Moto G 1st generation and now have to upgrade to the “Clear Choice” plan if I buy a new phone. If you use more than 2GB of data a month, there’s no longer any savings in staying with RepublicWireless or joining T Mobile. The smartphone options are in the same price range and the fact that other carriers also offer free Netflix, iheartradio, and Spotify streaming with $45 a month plans makes the switch a no brainer.

  15. What about new lines of service and phone purchased from RW that were ordered May 4th and activated on May 14th? Will this be allowed to qualify for this promotion?

  16. I bought sim cards for my wife and myself about a month ago and was going to switch over. Then I found out I am committed to my current provider until June 11. I was waiting until then to make the switch, but would like to take advantage of this offer. Any suggestions?

  17. What about phones that don’t get new sim cards like the moto X second gen. I just got a family member a new line and don’t need a sim card. Do they qualify for the 6 months?

  18. If I choose the 1gb plan, will the $30 credit cover the taxes and fees ( assuming they are less than $10)

      1. Perhaps my question was unclear. I know taxes and fees are charged. However if I opt for the $20 plan and my taxes and fees are $5 for a total of $25, does the $30 credit cover the full amount (I pay $0) or does the credit get reduced to $20 and I still need to pay $5?

        1. Our apologies for not understanding! If you would like a specific breakdown of the fees and taxes being charged, our billing department will be able to give more insight into this. Please submit a help ticket with us and our team can follow up with any additional questions you may have: http://republicwi.re/1Nmh74r

  19. Am I able to switch phones during that 6 months and keep the free service offer? I want to order a Google Pixel but they aren’t available until June 13 and my current phone is not compatible, but I’d like to start service with Republic at the beginning of June

  20. If I order a new phone from Republic for a family member, can I get the 6 months free for the

    new line if I already have another phone (Moto G) and plan from Republic?

  21. I have a Moto X (1st Gen) previously active with Republic. I want to reactivate this phone with a second line for my wife. Will it work with this promotion?

  22. Sucks that there’s no love for existing customers. I guess this means RW is officially a “real” wireless provider.

    You think could at least offer existing customers a free data upgrade or something like that.

    1. We definitely love our existing members! Don’t worry, we are always working on awesome promos for all of our awesome members.

  23. BEWARE !!!! Just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy 7s for my mom who is 76 years old with 1 gig of data ! She went to Jersey Shore ran out of data using Facebook ! in 3 days !!!

  24. Let’s say I don’t want my old phone and I want to buy a phone from here, Republic wireless. Would I still be able to get the six months free?

    1. Same question. I just bought a phone today off the republic wireless website.

      Do I need to return it, purchase it somewhere else, and put in the sim card I also purchased to get the 6 months free?

      Do I need to switch out the sim card with the sim card I just purchased to get the 6 months free?

      Will it just work with the 6 months free when i activate it with the republic wireless sim card it already has in it and I don’t have to do anything else?

      How will I know if I successfully signed up for the 6 free months?

      Will I get an e-mail confirming the offer?

      I’m very confused, and bad with electronics, so the more detailed answer the better.

      1. I’m not really an expert either. I think you could try to switch out the sim card it came with to the one you bought apart and it could work. What I recommend you to do is open a help ticket, which you could do on your account, and they should answer your question.

  25. I have a republic moto e 2nd generation . havent been a member in years. can i activate it under this new plan? dont need a sim card unless there is a difference in the sim cards of old.

    1. Hi Donna! This promo specifically applies to any of our BYOP devices. Unfortunately the Moto E 2nd Gen is not compatible with our BYOP.

  26. I just bought a sim card before the 6 month deal. If I activate the card will I receive the free six mionths or do I need to order a new sim card?

  27. I’m confused. I have a Droid Turbo 2 version 7.0 currently with Verizon. My daughter has an LGL62VL, Android version 5.1.1 currently with Straight Talk. Are these phones eligible to transfer to Republic?

  28. I just ordered a Moto G4 Plus from Motorola which is listed as a compatible BYOP for this promotion, but when I tried to order the sim package from RW the error in checkout says its not available in my zip code. I have three other phones from republic Moto Xs and Moto G that are GSM and CDMA that work fine in our zip code. Can you please explain?

    1. Ok. I just found out from RW support that the sim card promotion is only good if you are in GSM network. If you are in a CDMA network you have to buy your phone from RW … BYOP is not an option.

  29. BOOOO, what sad for loyal customers. How many people have I recommended to use Republic, now it does not seem to be the best choice anymore!!

    I moved from Moto Defy XT ($15 unlimited all), to Moto X ($10 no data), now I wanted to move to Moto XT1103 and I have to pay $5 for a new sim and $15 per month without data?????

    Also the option of 6GB for $65 seems like excessive, for $40 p/m you get AT&T unlimited voice+text and 6GB (GoPhone, no contract, $5 discount with auto-payment from credit card, no risks of extra costs, data slows down if you go over 6GB, and leftover data rolls over to next month). https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/plans/voice/sku7420265.html

  30. I love Republic Wireless. Silly me washed my phone in the laundry last month and had to cancel my account. At the moment, I simply could not buy a new phone due to lack of money. Just bought 2 new phones on Amazon and ordered my SIM cards. I am one happy customer. Thanks for the great deal.

  31. This sounds like a very good promotion, but I have loads of questions before I commit. Do you have a customer service phone number to get those answers before the end of this promotion – tomorrow May 22?

  32. Is this a scam, having a sim that can only be used in certain regions? Seems to me if you offer this promotion, sim cards should be available for all regions, especially since the same phone can be bought from you with a preinstalled sim that works.

  33. Just making sure… this deal would still work if I bought a SIM card and a phone from you guys to use, correct? I don’t t have to bring my own phone, right?

  34. Can you advance schedule a change from the (free) $30/mo plan to the $20/mo plan so when the free $30/mo offer stops, you switch to the $20/mo plan? If so, how long in advance can you schedule it?

  35. i convinced my wife to get a good phone and transfer from Kroger wireless to republic wireless (actually we are keeping the Kroger, just passing it down to our oldest, and upgrading my wife to a much better phone.). We ordered the sim card and have it in hand, but the Moto G4 plus we ordered won’t be here till Friday, just a few days after the activation deadline. Is there any way we can have an extension on this deal or activate the plan without a phone? What are our options, or are we just out of luck on this deal? I have a G4 also, could I use my phone to activate a new account and still keep my number active until her phone arrives, then transfer the new account to her phone?

    1. Jeff – You must activate the SIM as a new line of service by 11:59 pm eastern today (June 6th). I suggest that you insert the SIM in the G4 and activate it as a new line of service with a new number in that device (you can then remove the SIM and put it someplace safe, and return your SIM to the phone). Then, when the new phone arrives, insert the activated promotional SIM in the phone (do NOT use the included SIM to activate the phone; you must use the promotional SIM).

  36. I’d like to add a new line (new phone customer into my account- Significant other).. I Just bought the sim card June 6th (not yet activated) and would like to get the 6 months deal on this new line. Currently i have 3 phones with RW… How do I get a deal like this right now (just saw this on the site) ? I’ve been a loyal customer for over 3.5 years…

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